Battle Kaiju as an Android in the Latest Slot Game by Elk Studios

April 13, 2018

Developer Elk Studios came up with a very rich backstory for their latest project, which goes by the name of Kaiju. Popularized in the west by movies like Godzilla and more recently Pacific Rim, Kaiju are giant monsters first seen in a number of Japanese movies and often portrayed as malevolent.

In the case of Elk Studios’ slot game, the Kaiju here are not necessarily evil but do come into conflict with humans due to strange crystals that grow on their skin and make them violent. To combat this threat, players take on the role of HA-42, a human android with special powers that hunts the Kaiju in an attempt to remove these crystals and make the beasts peaceful again.

The backstory is certainly pretty interesting and the visuals do a great job at making you feel like you’re fighting giant monsters in a futuristic cyberpunk setting. Even more interesting is the fact that Kaiju features actual boss battles, with HA-42 having to defeat a total of three Kaiju, each more powerful than the last. Each Kaiju has a unique pattern with various hot spots that the player has to hit in order to defeat the creature. Hitting these spots requires triggering identical symbols which generate a laser beam that expands the reel upwards.

Kaiju also features things like Wilds and Free Spins, however, the most unique mechanic is definitely the expanding reels. Thanks to this feature, Kaiju can reach up to a grand total of 7,776 paylines, which is certainly very impressive. Although it can be played on desktop, the game was designed with mobile in mind so it’s recommended that players try it out on their smartphones first. The game does look good on a PC too but the quality on mobile is overall better.

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