Habanero Tackles Chinese Mythology with Four Divine Beasts

March 9, 2018

Every time Habanero announces a new slot game we know we’re in for a treat. The company never disappoints when it comes to the quality of its titles or the uniqueness of the themes they choose, as is the case with Four Divine Beasts. Granted, many games offer far eastern themes, however in this case, the approach is quite special.

Four Divine Beasts is inspired by an ancient Chinese folk story involving mythological creatures that rule the skies. In the story, each of the titular Divine Beasts oversees a portion of the sky that corresponds to one of the four cardinal points. Much like in the folktale, the game’s beasts reward players with great riches, though in this case, it’s regular old cash rather than gold or other such treasures.

Habanero are well known for creating games with impressive visuals and Four Divine Beasts might very well be their prettiest title to date. Not only are the graphics very crisp but the quality of the animations is also very impressive. The sound effects could have been a little bit better but they’re good enough for what the game is trying to convey, which is a sense of tranquility and mystery.

Gameplay-wise, Four Divine Beasts is a fairly standard title with five reels and three slots. You’ve also got your tried and true features like free spins and multipliers along with a few special features that revolve around the four main characters. Four Divine Beasts will be particularly enjoyable for those who are looking to win big and don’t mind a fairly high amount of volatility in their games.

Four Divine Beasts is just one of a few dozen games released by Habanero over the years. A few other recent examples include Rolling Roger and 5 Mariachis.

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