Play’n GO’s Imperial Opera Brings Plenty of Interesting Features to the Table

March 16, 2018

What happens when you combine a fictional oriental opera house with a slot game? Well, it turns out you get Imperial Opera, Play’n GO’s newest mobile title. Ever since the release of Gold King late last month, the award-winning developer has been busy putting the finishing touches on this new game and the results are pretty spectacular.

Imperial Opera features a very interesting and unique theme inspired by traditional far eastern culture. It’s easy to tell that Play’n GO put a lot of thought into making the opera house and costumes feel as authentic as possible. This includes the costume for the Princess, which serves not only as the main star of the opera but also as a wild that can help players win big.

In terms of features and innovation, there’s plenty to look forward to here. The base structure of the game is five reels with three rows and 20 paylines, which is fairly common for a mobile game such as this. Players can come across Wild, Free Spin, and Scatter bonuses while playing and trigger bonus features known as Harmony, Crescendo, and Showcase. Each of these features does something different and they all do a great job at making Imperial Opera feel unique not only in terms of theme but also in terms of gameplay.

Veteran players will definitely have a blast with this new title, but what about newcomers? Well, thanks to its variety of features, Imperial Opera might be a bit too complex for players that don’t have a lot of experience with these types of games. On the bright side, this slot machine does have a wide betting range so it’s possible to bet slow and work your way up whilst learning how all the features work.

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