Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped

April 4, 2018

Everybody enjoys a colorful game, and there’s none more colorful than Sugar Pop. Or is there? Well, it turns out that Betsoft decided to make a sequel to the popular game and it ended up even more eye-catching than the original. This new game goes by the name Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped and improves upon its predecessor in pretty much every way.

At first glance, Sugar Pop 2 plays very similarly to the original, however, it won’t take very long for players to notice a few key differences. Firstly, the special candies have returned but are now packed neatly into a surprise egg. The egg can contain any of the special candies that players can unlock while they’re leveling up. Each of these candies has a special ability that can change the course of the game in a big way. For example, there’s one that changes to match a nearby candy while another one can take out a large number of candies in one fell swoop.

Sugar Pop 2 also brings to the table new gameplay mechanics related to cluster wins. Getting a cluster with a certain number of symbols now triggers a Candy Wild symbol. Get enough winning clusters and you can witness the sweet power of the Candy Bomb, which takes out nearby symbols when it explodes. Sugar Pop 2 also includes a Free Spins feature along with an overhauled leveling system.

In order to benefit the most from the special candy surprise egg mentioned earlier, players will need to first unlock the special candies by leveling up a few times. In addition, Sugar Pop 2 also offers better rewards than the original every time the player levels up. Even better, this time around there’s no level cap so the rewards will keep coming indefinitely.

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