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001 bingo casino then you’ll not be disappointed.

The whole website looks good, with a nice color scheme, clear look and vivid animations to place the emphasis on the site. The main difference is the selection of games on offer.

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001 bingo casino. The site offers a number of games for players to enjoy, including the latest games, roulette, blackjack and video slots, table games and more.

The bingo rooms are operated by the cozy games management limited group and are licensed by the isle of man gambling commission. Theyre licensed to provide their services to go conversions and evaluate fever forging. There is also an faq on how to promote it is available, and to get stuck, as well.

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Megan Amelia
May 29, 2018

Ok Had enough.... but their loss! When I first joined the casino I informed them that I have a spare bankroll of $1k/week average set aside for NetEnt Casinos as I deposit about $2k at MGs. I bet hard and I can afford it so no worries if I lose as it is for my entertainment. I was told that the bonuses at their casino is offered based on casino activity and deposits. Obviously, being a new player I started by depositing $200/week then up to $600. However, I hardly received regular bonus matches on deposits. I always had to contact the support and they will chuck me $25 here and there which is quite ridiculous as $25 is like 10 bets for me. Anyways, Last week I thought why not put my bankroll in as I can understand I will probably get better treatment from them since they can see I have the bankroll and not a freeloader. SO, I went and deposited $3k+ over a week and a half (fine I am happy to loose the money I dont care).The things that absolutely ticked me off:a.) The bonus department treated me like absolute trash when asking for match bonuses... not free money but match on my own money. Even after telling them to look at my account they offered me $25b.) All of a sudden the exact games started returning absolute s returns (I know machines can run cold, but I am talking about 1k+ spent on Creature in a row with 60c-20c bet with not even $20+ win on account balance at a time IMPOSSIBLE! c.) What is the point of being loyal to a casino where you wont be appreciated for spending your own money. I asked them about player retention and no reply. When I received all these bonuses from other Casinos for my Birthday, I didnt even receive anything from them, I had to get on to support to tell them its my Birthday and that I just spent 3k+ in a week to get $25 because game time was that bad. If you want to feel like a valued player and have a good VIP support go play Royal Vegas or something, stay away from these guys. I spent in 10s of thousands and treated like this... shame!


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.