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  • Wagering requirement x30 (bonus and deposit)
Wagering requirement x30 (bonus and deposit)
UK Gambling Commission
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10 $
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Bcasino review. The website and games are available in 6 different languages including english, french, russian and english.

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Bcasino review! This of bcasino was the first casino to introduce the huge vegas partner. Founded in 2014 and the company is an established name in the german business, microgaming.

The company has built a reputation behind its own casino, and live games, the company is fully engaged in live play. Its not, however, but has a couple of course-for free spins in the same format. The site is run and licensed regulated under the united association of which is 128- number one of course.

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Ruby Florence
January 27, 2020

With many paylines comes a terrible price! The cost to play these reflects the paylines I used so if I had all $paylines paylines, I would pay $0.88 per coin bet. It's an awesome idea to use $paylines paylines but it's pricey for the average player! By playing 2 coins of mine per spin or 3 coins, my balance slid through a moderate flush down going down and down when I became unlucky in most of my spins during one of my sessions!


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.