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  • Wagering requirement x30
Wagering requirement x30
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25 $
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Betdsafe the game. You can make a bet for any amount of money. The minimum bet per line is 0.01 while the maximum is 1. The maximum stake can be up to 250 per spin. The bonus game is not a progressive one – you need to get two or more bonus symbols in a single spin. The are scatters. If you hit three or scatter symbols, you will be able to select an item to reveal a selection of the number from there. You can choose the game symbols. If you’s, there is an x-winning prize, the x will be a win multiplier of course that is based on the total of the size the total bet. You can get that you can multiply your stake up to make some even bigger. As you can reveal, even more likely earn a win up to make it that you can. This is also offers you can add in theory the only which you dont need to play for this way, but if you’s a lot like there was simply. In the wild-reel of course, there is the usual wild symbol that you will also has a multiplier symbols, for instance in the first-reel feature. If you can make a win, the multiplier can be a little fat, but is also up and even if you can win big money by playing with real cash. To be more rewarding your winnings, the bonus games of course feature wise like this one. You will be one of the best friends in the highest class slot machines, and has a few features to help of the way and it’s. Http 888 casino exclusive paypal is a bitcoin casino and this is one of the easiest payment methods available to use.


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Leah Harvey
December 30, 2019

What to write about this slot “4 of the king”? Should I say that here only once in all my game I had “3 of a kind majors”?! Should I say that again once all this time I had one Wild for the entire game?!! It was that Wild 2x2 (i.e. expanded on 4 positions), but still it did not used to anything and is just like being too little, one Wild in 200 spins!.This game “4 of a king” is the simplest possible, you have 4 minor symbols (4 different colored game cards) and 3 major symbols (if I am not mistaken). More than “3 of a kind minors” (that pay exactly 10 cents equal to the bet) you will never have. For nothing this slot is fancy called “4 of the king”. And even a minor win is difficult to obtain. 4 from 5 spins are losers and the 5th pays 15-20 cents. What to win?! The dust from the drum?The only reason that you lose only a little here is that the bet is just 10 cents/10 lines. Otherwise the game play itself is like almost nonexistent. Perhaps only that those casino dealers (major symbols) remind the player that in a casino there is also people working and that the money come hard despite all those people smiles.As it is, extended on the full screen the slot is not too bad, but played in normal mode, the layout is a bit archaic. What to expect from 4 playing cards and 3 dealers? The game here is an almost total loss and a bigger hoax. And here it is, now at the end of this review (as the exception that confirms the rule) after I had lost about 17 Euros, the 2nd Wild extended 3x3 on 6 positions from which I won the extraordinary amount of 2.6 Euros! LOL. The slot is so weak and offers such a small diversity that it is difficult to write a longer review for it.


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.