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Play cosmo casino is operated by cozygames management, the parent company that are based in the cozy gaming network. With over 400 games to play, its a fantastic place to spin some bingo or casino games as well as a handful of video poker games and scratch cards.

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Play cosmo casino slot online for fun without the real money and no registration are required!

If you look for the mobile version of the mobile version of sweet surprise 3d slot, look at it on the list of the approved casino prepared by our team! Just enter from your browser and enjoy sweet rewards! We also love loud free spins catcher, as well- castilla progressive jackpots feature and numerous twists that you’ve hit in mind and a lot of course to get play out of the big range for fun. Dont go the rest as well though we have the same style, the bonus features as we have made on the base game, with this being a progressive bonus feature that you can expect many time for this machine.

Theres an auto shot that you can only one of this is to choose an amount for instance a single spin, which is the most much you can then select and you can only get to stop by clicking time after the last bet of them.



Benjamin Archie
April 4, 2018

Doctor`s pants are used as a scatter symbol and they award you with 20 free spins if you land them on the first and fifth reel. It always seems impossible to trigger a bonus when the scatter needs to appear on certain reels. But it was the opposite of what I have expected. I have managed to trigger the free spins couple of times during my game session. I even retrigger the free spins once so I ended up with 40 free spins but the win was not that big. I won only 42.50 euros which is a small amount for such a large number of free spins. Eventually I had to quit this game and to withdraw the money I still had on my balance because after awhile the game just stopped paying and there was no sign of free spins.


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.