The Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeers
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The Three Musketeers Overview

The Three Musketeers or in Germany “the Three Musketeers” is a novel written in collaboration with Auguste Maquet and Alexandre Dumas. He is d’artagnan and his three buddies, Porthos; Athos and Aramis. These names are important not only in the novel or film adaptation; they also occur in this slot machine. This is a fascinating story from France, which is once again appreciated with this Slot Game.In addition, it is an ATM, which has numerous special symbols.

The game is described as such.

With the Red Hat and the purple feather you can win free spins. A man in gray split and with brown hat and gloves represents the Bonus Symbol. In addition, the symbols “Splended Sword of Porthos”; “Wild Muskets of Athos” and “Golden Daggers of Aramis” have special abilities.In the ordinary symbolism, a gem; a crown and a described parchment can be recognized.

Furthermore, a sword; two pistols and two crossed daggers. Red gloves with golden embellishment and a richly decorated bag complete the symbolism.Game guide the Three Musketeers have in this Casino game each their special ability. Athos can be combined with its pistols.

As a reward, there is a free spins feature, which can appear with additional Wilds on the reels two to four.

A free game, there are also Porthos, and, in addition, a roller is filled with the Wild. Aramis lets the player choose a bag of Gold. However, the correct combination of symbols is essential.

The game hardly differs from other slot games. It has the ability to replace other symbols. This results in higher payouts and a higher frequency. However, due to the many special symbols it loses some meaning.

These cannot be replaced by the Universal Joker.Free spins and Diamond bonus if the free spins Symbol appears on reels one and five, the player is awarded three free spins per hat. Since at least two identical symbols are required, the minimum number of Free Spins is 6. A maximum of 24 Freegames can also be won for a maximum of four matches. For each hat; which appears during the free game Phase; there are three additional Freegames.

In the Bonus round, the player must complete various challenges. However, first, the Bonus Symbol must appear on reels two and four. If he copes with his obstacles, a sum of money is granted, which can also be enormously upgraded with multipliers.

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