Dead or Alive


This slot is not available to play due to UKGC’s new licence condition.

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Dead or Alive Overview

Here is a new and very interesting Dead or Alive in UK presented to your attention.

Dead or Alive in UK is a cool and exciting slot game from the NetEnt games provider. This game makes it possible to win a 2500 with ease because of 9 paylines.

5 reels and 9 paylines bring in a strong winning possibility.

If you don’t want to take risks, place a minimum bet 1 and you won’t lose much. But if you place a maximum bet 0.5, you can win a 2500

And if you are still wondering whether there is an autoplay option in Dead or Alive in UK, our answer is – yes.

Dead or Alive Video Review


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Keon Novak
February 21, 2020

I lost 3k in no time on this slot at 3.60 or 4.50 it takes about 500 to get free spins and 90%+ times it pays less than 20 times stake for total free spins win! the best result I ever had was about 300 euros (about 70x stake). There are only 9 win lines and some how win pays are not much better than on a 15, 20, 25 win line slot, you'll never win anything in normal spins so you need free spins and hope you get loads of sticky wilds, very all or nothing if you like that kind of thing.I can't think for the life of me why so many casinos ban playing this game with bonus money, I'd love to know why? please tell.

Terrell Cook
January 4, 2020

Nice slots, very enjoyable and catchy, haha. I enjoyed playing them.

Brandi Elliott
January 2, 2020

Great slots, love love love this game!! Defo recommend this game

Maya Mckenna
December 31, 2019

cOns Lots of dead spins can really eat a bankroll fast!Many dreadful free spins sessions before the windfall will come!Frustrating when many wilds show up at beginning of free spins then they stop abruptly!

Emma Burke
November 13, 2019

The first time I played Dead or Alive I liked very much the theme of the slot but when I saw that it was only 9 paylines and after playing it for some hour and had some bad free spins feature I thought that it was a crappy and boring slot and probably I would not played it again. So I did not play it for some time, I ignored it existence and never paying attention to it.One day I was watching big wins at youtube and started watching videos of players who had big wins at Dead or Alive. I also noticed a big fuss starting to happen at casino forum about it too, so I thought I would give it a second try. I was lucky that I hit the wildline at free spins after some sessions I had at the slot and with 0,54 bet I managed to win 1500 which is probably one of the biggest amount I hit with such low bet. I have to admit I got obsessed with Dead or Alive and after a few weeks I got lucky again and won 2000. Winning almost 3500 from a slot in a month is a very big amount for me. Of course like every gambler who respects himself I started being greedy and wanted to chase these wildlines with bigger bets while I had Lady Luck by me.Of course the slot could not be hot and kind to me all the time and the next month although I had some good wins, I started losing good amounts of money so I changed my tactics again. Now I usually low roll with bets 0,09 to 0,27 , of course from time to time I take bigger risks and play it with big bets but these times are rare.Dead or Alive is a slot that you have to be patient a lot and have a good bankroll management if you do not want to waste tones of money.

Izabelle Stuart
September 23, 2019

The only negative I can attribute to this fantastic game is the lack of a quick spin option - I've heard that NetEnt no longer have the base files for this game or something like that, which means they are unable to create a new updated version for mobile or to add features like Quick Spin which are now expected in every game. It's a shame, but not a deal breaker for me!

Curtis Beck
August 31, 2019

You'll probably survive this slot, but if you calms the fact that you at least play one of the highest-paid slot machines from NetEnt, then you will more easily get over your bad day. Dead of Alive has only one flaw, a visible immediately when you open the slot. This slot machine has only 9 payment lines but the situation is different in relation to the Lights slot machine. Here the wild symbols appear in a conventional way as in the other slots. The only difference between Lights slot machines and this is what the Lights game Wild symbols come out randomly at any position on the reels. In Dead or Alive game Wild symbols appear on all columns, normally when the drum stops. However, more often I have won five of the same symbols on the slot machine Lights.At the time of writing, I play this slot at Unibet Casino. I took the auto-play of 25 spins and can not wait to see what luck I have. In the first few spins nothing and then in the seventh, got 5 symbols of glasses and it has brought me 200 coins. Otherwise, my role on this slot usually is 0.45 €, but today I increased stake to 0.90 €. That's good because I came with this combination of symbols of glasses, won € 20. At least not have to worry until the end of auto-play games that I would be less than the starting balance. No matter if you play with € 0.09 or € 0.90, it is important you bet per spin does not exceed 5% of the account balance. These slot machines such as Dead or Alive, if you start with € 0.50 and € 0.90 you invest, you almost never stay at zero for the first few hours of play.If you play more than 6 hours, you risk that the other player scored slightly higher amount on Dead or Alive. This means that you will get much more difficult to win, because the slot already given a certain percentage, in theory this is so. In practice, a lot of the players currently active on this slot and probably this one's victory will be a huge impact on your game. However, I hold another rule, when I fall below 20% of the state to account, I make a break for half an hour minimum. The animation of a symbol is great here, there is not much movement and light effects. This I really like, but my computer that can seamlessly open another slot machine along with this, no recoil. The sound is typical of the western movies, and when your drum is stationary, hear the typical whistle. At any moment you expect to Clint Eastwood or John Wayne jumped out of the screen, but it will not happen, at least not to me. Good luck!

Violet Romero
August 30, 2019

Being Dead Or Alive so popular slot not only here on AskGamblers but in every community of gamblers along the entire width of the web, I really do not think I have anything new to say, but I neither wanted to be the only member without pronouncing about this exciting game belonging to the company NetEnt.First I have to say I love the theme and design of this slot which easily attracts at first sight and it is no surprise since one of the things I like more from NetEnt is the professionalism and creativity dedicated to the visual part of their games, which is a constant. The next aspect that initially more influenced my decision to play DOA is that it is a slot of only 9 paylines that allows bets from only $ 0.01 per line, which makes it a very suitable slot to play when we are short on budget, additionally this fact makes DOA also emerges as a good slot to try to meet our wagering requirements, which is quite useful when you consider that all the time NetEnt casinos are offering very attractive deposit bonuses.Characteristics already mentioned above are all-important for me, but it is obvious that, like the vast majority of fans of this game, what I like more about Dead or Alive is its 12 free spins round, which seems a decent amount of free spins to me and even more considering that all your profits are multiplied x2 and the extra feature called sticky wilds adds value to the round, DOA is not the only slot equipped with this feature, but it is not less fantastic for that. The only problem I have with this round is that sometimes I find it supremely difficult to trigger the longed-round, but in this one as in all games of chance, it is needed a good dose of luck that always allows us to remain alive.I've seen a few negative ratings on this slot, but to be honest I've never seen a game, person, place, etc. that will please 100% of people, so if you're a new player I would recommend that first you gave a look to this popular video slot.

Carolyn Bailey
August 20, 2019

Dead or Alive is among the most popular NetEnt video slots for it's ability to collect Sticky wild wanted posters through it's 2x paying free spins! While everyone and mostly everyone enjoys this video slot including the ruler of Westeros, him alone has made me motivated to reap such unimaginable wins that I have never seen. It is possible for this 9 paylines slot and with enough luck to trigger 3 revolvers and sticky wild wanted posters, this can become any cowboy/cowgirl's dream slot!!! In my opinion, which is every time I try Dead or Alive, past or present, I aim to get one of my own ultra win that I can show other players too but the fact the matter is, she brings armor to her showdown and every bullet (bets) I fire at her, her armor does not cause a dent! This example shows how Dead or Alive reacts to my multiple bets, from a small $0.18 to a medium $0.90 and finally the large $1.80 bet I have hits that aren't worth mentioning, I see 5 of a kind symbols not lining up and I cannot figure out how to set this cowgirl's trigger happy heart of fire!! In all honesty, the players who have excellent wins, well......I am actually jealous because the screens I show are losing screens or screens that suck! I try my best to make it happen but this does not mean I will give up!!! All this from an honest player! At the moment I will give Dead or Alive a 5 out of 10 because I have not used rope to capture this gun powder maiden but heck, why didn't I think of that!!! Shoot!!!

Rhys Coles
August 14, 2019

For a long period I do hate this slot, because I just keep losing and losing my money on it, but one day I finally hit freespins features and collect those 5 wilds, and my win so impress me, so after this big win I am still sometimes playing this slot, and hunting for another big win.I have nothing to say about my dislike, slot working it own way, and I do like this way.

Rhiana Barclay
June 23, 2019

I should write here something to get review published, but nothing. Perfect game.

Wesley Day
June 9, 2019

If by some miracle you got five sticky wilds on a win line you could win 1000's times stake.

Perry Schneider
May 24, 2019

I just couldn’t resist a good-old Western slot, like this NetEnt’s Dead or Alive 9-payline game. 9 paylines mean you don’t have to wager a lot for every spin, unless you are going for big wins, but 9 paylines doesn’t always mean you can get a good long stretched gameplay all the time. With Dead or Alive, your bankroll either go dry quickly (dead), or you get lucky and the game goes on and on for you (alive). Which is it going to be for you? For me, several times tried, several times dead! 1 star down.Looking at the paytable, 5 Wilds pay a low 1500x line bet (as against the standard x total bet), but these Wilds are sticky in the free games, giving extended chances at making win after win, so that justifies the low payout to a certain extent. As for the other symbols, they are just as low, with the highest symbol payout of only 1000x line bet. Nonetheless, I’m never in favour of low paytable, so 1 star down.Getting 3, 4 or 5 of the pistols symbols give you 12 free spins with a x2 win multiplier. Every time a Wild symbol appear, it becomes sticky and stay in position for the remaining of the free spins. Getting 5 Wilds in the free spins would trigger another set of 5 free spins, with all the sticky Wilds in position, and this is the whopper payout feature of Dead or Alive, guaranteed to make you alive, unless you are already dead! I couldn’t get all 5 Wilds in my plays, only managed to get 4, and that left me with smoke in my ears! Dang! The only time I got all 5 Wilds on a payline during the free spins was when I was practising! Dang! That hurt real bad! Even though it didn’t pay big, the payout was over 600x total bet. Wish it had come when I was playing with real dimes. 1 star up. As far as graphics, music and sound goes, there’s nothing to really shout about. Graphics are pleasing enough to the eye, while the music and sound effects suit this good-old Western game. Furthermore, there aren’t any other special or bonus feature games except for the free spins, and when the reels are not paying at all, the tendency to get bored fast is always there. 1 star down.Nonetheless, Dead or Alive is one infectious game - it can either infect you once and leave you for dead, or it can infect you and make you come back for more, again and again.

Valerie Morgan
May 7, 2019

Dead or Alive is a video slot game with 9 paylines and 5 reels created in NetEnt. I haven't had the chance to play often in casinos that offer NetEnt software but lately I had a few deposits in them and tried some of the games offered by this software provider. Before I tried this game I saw some really incredible winner screenshots here at AskGamblers with wins of 800 x bet or more. Also I saw on YouTube a few big win videos and saw that you can have some really incredible wins here. The theme of this game is the wild west. Beside the poker symbols that are common for almost every older video slot games, here you have many other symbols that go along with the theme like Spurs, Revolver, Cowboy hat etc. All of these symbols represent the wild west during the second half of the 19-th century. I had a chance to try out this game for real money only 2 times. The first time I played here for a very short time. Maybe only 15 minutes and I was very disappointed because I didn't have any descent wins. The second time I tried this game was in Casumo Casino. When my balance went down to only 10 euros I remembered this game. I also remembered the fantastic screenshots and hoped for some big win. I set my bet to 0.09 euros and I started to play. On the first spin I got 3 euros for 5 Spurs symbols on a winning payline. This was a promising start but the big wins in this game come from the free spins. The free spins weren't easy to get. After about half an hour of play when my balance was under 3 euros I got the free spins for the first time. 12 free spins but with a very low cashout. Soon after that I got the free spins again. This time the cashout from them was about 10 euros. That's not so bad considering that my bet was only 0.09 euros per spin but I wanted some really big win. After that I increased my bet to 0.18 and after a short time I lost all of my money. will definitely come back to this game again hoping for some big win.

Kathryn Flowers
April 15, 2019

This slot is brought to us by NetEnt. It has 5 reels and 9 payline and a minimum bet is 0.09€ while the maximum is 18€. Really good slot with good possibilities for a big payout. I played this game recently with 0.18€ per spin. And I have to say I really love it, the sounds the western theme and the actual game of course. In the game you can find the dead or alive wanted poster which is actually a wild symbol. But in the free spin mode there are sticky wild, basically the stick around for the remaining time of you spins, but if they fill up all the reels you will be blessed with extra 5 free spins. Then there is the 2 gun and three bullets scatter symbol which if 3 or more appear on the reel will activate a 12 free spin feature with 2x multiplier. Also retriggering free spins will keep the sticky wild symbols from the beginning of the spins but it can be triggered only once per free spin. The game has no bonus feature nor it is progressive, but still big payouts can be made. It is a really fun game to play and I really enjoyed playing it. Even though I lost all my money in this gave which was about 10€ , cause in all that time playing I didn't manage to hit those free spins and as I saw from many screenshots and also on YouTube, that is where big wins can be made. Definitely this is a game that is rising in popularity nowadays and it's for a reason. Overall, great experiences you get have playing this slot and hopefully great wins as well. As far as the ratings go I will give it a solid 7/10.

Rajan Cohen
April 11, 2019

I did not particularly like the Free Spins. The wins were too small and those so praised Sticky Wilds came very difficult

Bill Flores
March 20, 2019

There are few guys recent winners on DOA and among them was Afi4wins and I see only his review back in June last year before he won big in this fantastic games and would you agree with me or not,I think it is easier for me to go for visit in Wild West, Houston TX.then win big like our guys did.My visit to Wild West was terrific, I visited many places and old fashion restaurant as well and had pleasant experience and I got little present that necklace, you know what I mean. While DOA is something completely different, it's dynamic cant keep my attention and spins are little slow for me and nothing but big win which is 2500 x your bet size. The last time when I finally decided to play only DOA and it was in Betspin casino, I had much fun for 2 days. My balance of 40 euro was enough that day to keep me in game for 2 days plus I got 25 free spins for South Park Reel Chaos and even that session was long enough to have a lot of fun for 20 euro of my deposit, doesn't sound that bad, at least I paid to have some fun, right.My bet size was min. Which is 0.09 and it is really nothing, because you don't feel it trough your spins because it is enoughto win big and bring home something nice, money of course.5 reels, 9 paylines, high variance NetEnt slot game, with wild, wild west theme, is true Wow and Boom game and lately it is going crazy. With so many cowboys and hunters nowadays DOA is definitely iconic game by NetEnt at least that's the way I feel it. If you wanna see amazing wins and screenshots, don't miss topics like Showtime and anything that has DOA in its name.In Betspin everything suddenly became reality and I got 4 wilds on the active payline during free spins and I was just one step away of the big win, how shame it is.

Milton Graham
March 17, 2019

Oh, here is this game, i think it is already legendary game. Such like book of Ra for example, or immortal romance and thunderstruck II. Everyone know this game, everyone on every forum can see screenshots of great wins on this game, and everywhere we can see both bad and good reviews of this slot from just regular players. 9 lines, and minimum bet of 9 penny make this slot interesting even for low rollers, and also i would like to say about paytable, honestly base game is a bit boring, BUT there is 2500 x total bet for 5 scatters, and of course this is great idea from netent. This force me to play with interest every time, because who know, probably next spin i land 5 scatters, and i can not just miss such opportunity! Like any high variance game, i had mixed runs on this slot, but most times this game just left me dead without money. BUT! Three times i collect 5 wilds in free spins, and won more than 3000 x total bet. 3 times i had unique, amazing feeling of great win, and for such feeling i will keep playing this game.Conclusion: If you never play this game - this is must try slot. It is a legend, it is popular, and it is simply the best. I love this game, even after big losses on it, but it is really great game from netent, and i never see such slot anything. I am giving to this game 10 stars, if there will be 20 max stars, i will mark them all. I can not give it not max rating, because like you this game or not, it is legendary game, everyone play it, and this is probably perfect example of gambling at all, win all or win nothing. Thanks netent for this game, this is why you the best guys.P.S. dead or alive 2 in future probably? Come on, we all waiting!


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.