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Platooners Overview

Platooers is a slot machine game featuring a mix of jungle and film set. In fact, cameras and lights are built around the playing field. The Set itself shows a lot of plants; sandbags and a fence. Welcome to Platooners in UK Slot. But we are in agreement; that the values and special features are more important than the quite respectable ambiance.

Platooners in UK online Up to 250,000 in-game coins winning play: no great encouragement waiting for us on the first page of the paytable. There, the maximum win of up to 250,000 game coins is dealt offensively.

As a result, we first dealt with the rules.

Platooners in the UK is a five-reel slot machine game with four rows and 178 paylines. Twelve different bet levels are available when playing. However, the stake is always numbered with 100 game coins.

To win, Platooners in the UK require identical symbols. These have to start on the first roller to the left and from there they move to the right.

Platooners in the UK gratis: a rough overview of the Featureswhat does the slot game have to offer?

First of all, we focus on two symbols, which will be presented in more detail below. Once it is the Casino Bonus and finally the Wild. The latter is also often referred to as Joker. This is because there is a certain similarity to the Symbol from the card games.

But what are the abilities of these special symbols in the Platoon slot machine? The Bonus or Scatter begins; provided the picture is sufficiently common on the playing field; the bonus game called Snakes of Fortune.

The Wild, on the other hand, is used as a universal substitute in this slot machine and thus ensures profits; where otherwise none would be. The Bonus Symbol appeared three times on the reels.

Now the Snakes of Fortune game starts in Platooners in UK Slot. Here, the User can complete different Levels. For 15 rounds, the player has ammunition. The aim is to achieve coin wins.

The biggest winnings are hidden behind the Mystery coins. In fact, it is even possible to get ammo supplies.

Also, bombs are available in this Bonus game.

This allows entire beating segments to be catapulted further. However, the regular weapons; in the higher Levels; also have a greater effect. At the end of the bonus round, there is a withdrawal to the account.

Random Action Spins! With the bonuses, we at Platooners in the UK are not yet at the end. For in fact, the brave warriors; who somehow a bit far look like fruit or vegetables; Shake still more Tricks out of your sleeve. However, there is no triggering Element in the following Features.

It is up to chance; whether an Action Spin is on. Rockets are able to cover one to three rolls in parallel with identical symbols. In Grenades, additional Wild symbols are randomly added to the middle three reels. And Bullets immediately creates the fifth row on roll 1. It does not need to be mentioned in more detail; that these benefits regularly result in imposing payouts at Platooners in the UK online. Platooners in UK tips and Tricks: pre-made betting strategy Optimiser; Leveller; Booster and Jumper are the presets.

If you have not yet dealt with so-called betting strategies, you will get a very good impression of this slot game. The Optimiser always sets a certain percentage of the remaining balance. This allows long play.

The leveler, on the other hand, raises the stake by two levels, after five losses have been incurred in a row. This should provide for a balance; what sometimes works quite well.

The Booster follows a similar concept but restarts its sequence at a profit.

The Jumper increases the stake after each round won. Of course, it is also useful to develop your own deployment strategies. The conclusion to Platooners in UK Slot: do you go on the battlefield what Platooners in the UK has to offer? First of all, there is a Bonus Feature called Snakes of Fortune; which brings variety into play.

A Wild also acts as a substitute here. Finally, three different Features are available; which are triggered by chance. In fact, longer playing time is required; to have seen everything in this slot machine.


Platooners Video Review



Amelia Matilda
October 26, 2019

The game is a total tease. It just makes no sense to me why I would not get the feature after playing so much, but after reading some of the reviews I see that it happens to almost all. I guest it is just the way the cookie crumbles and we all got to get used to it. Double tapping on this game did not work for me either and I have lost a lot of money trying. All of the other games by this time would have given me the feature but this game does not give up :(. Over all a great looking game with a lot of potential, but just does not pay or give me the feature. My rating 5 out of 10.

Dylan Joshua
October 3, 2019

Where is the double feature!! I would love to see that put in all the Netent games!!

James Jaxon
April 27, 2019

The only bad thing is that this game has bad graphics. It could not be compare to Starburst by this. It could be also quick spin button up there somewhere.


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.