ELK Studios Slots

ELK Studios Slots

ELK Studios Slots

ELK studios slots may not be a household name, but it is slowly gaining the position as one of the few developers of quality games. Its offices are in Sweden.

Founded in 2012, ELK studios slots understand the need to use the latest in technology to develop quality plays. They believe in making a few quality games as opposed to numerous unappetizing ones.

Features of ELK Studios

In order to provide players with unique playing experience, ELK studios online slots have incorporated one special feature in its games. This feature which is known as Betting strategies helps players enjoy a predefined betting strategy as long as predefined rules are kept. It is possible to turn this feature off if need be.

The other feature that might interest players is the “Game-on” feature which helps unlock the free spins round. Unfortunately, it cannot be accessed by every Tom, Dick or Harry.

How to Choose Your Game?

Considering the limited number of plays available, choosing may not be so difficult since you can play one game then enjoy another later.

You can choose which game to play depending on what holds your fancy. For example, if you are into soccer, then you should consider playing Champion’s Goal.

Benefits of Online Slots

Playing ELK studios slots online for free comes with numerous benefits such as:

  • Getting to choose which game to play and from which online casino at your convenience.
  • Getting to enjoy different promotions and incentives from different casinos.
  • Getting to enjoy better payouts compared to land-based casinos.
  • The ability to bet as little or as much as you wish without feeling outside pressure.
  • The possibilities of playing for free as you get the ropes of the game.

Currently, players can enjoy three quality games from ELK studios UK slots online. Besides great graphics, the three games on offer also come with enticing features such as bonuses. The three games are Electric Sam, Champion’s Goals and The Lab.

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