The gambling industry is dominated by big names, so it isn’t an easy task to make a name for yourself. But this a small company has managed to make that mark for itself. Unicum has been in the gambling industry for some time and is known for their small cache of creative games. Unlike other gaming providers, this company has only had a few pokies to offer over the years, and they have indeed proved to be quite popular among gamblers.

Unicum slots were founded in the year 1991, a small Russian entity known for their slot machine offerings. The company had some tough years until their subsequent transition in the iGaming industry.

Features of Unicum Slots

Unicum online slots have more or less been known for their unique themes mainly based on the Soviet era. For western players, this may seem like a step in a new direction contrary to popular games, but these titles nonetheless feature interesting gameplay. Every game has a unique story to tell may it be Bratva, Bazar, Around The World, Gold of Party etc. Some of the features of Unicum slots online for free have been mentioned below:

  • Unicum UK slots online have a simple gaming interface
  • Configured in SIA format compatible with all browsers
  • High payout rates for gamblers
  • Profitable bonus system a constant virtue in Unicum’s productions
  • Free play demo versions available for players without the need to register in casinos online
  • Interesting themes and storylines in comparison to other online slot developers

How you Should Choose the Game

There are many tips on how to choose a slot game for yourself. With a wide selection of games available then ever before, it certainly becomes a fix to choose a slot game to play. Here are some sure shot ways to choose the right kind of slot games for yourself:

  • Make sure always to check the paytables and compare them with that of other similar games.
  • Start by playing for free. This gives you a healthy idea about what to expect from pokies.
  • Check out game reviews from other players who have tried it out for themselves.

Benefits of Playing Online Slots

Online slots are slowly becoming the fervour of gamblers today:

  • Convenient to play, anywhere and anytime.
  • Special bonuses and promotions available unlike land-based slots
  • Choice from a wide range of casino games
  • Flexible stakes are available for gamblers to choose from.
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