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A Night Out Overview

Here is a new and very interesting A Night Out presented to your attention.

A Night Out is a cool and exciting slot game from the Playtech games provider. This game makes it possible to win a 10000 with ease because of 20 paylines.

5 reels and 20 paylines bring in a strong winning possibility.

If you don’t want to take risks, place a minimum bet 1 and you won’t lose much. But if you place a maximum bet 2, you can win a 10000

And if you are still wondering whether there is an autoplay option in A Night Out, our answer is – yes.


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Ariel Folk
September 11, 2018

It happens that after a hard day the person really wants to relax in some kind of evening cafe or restaurant, but for some reason it can not be done. Regular visitors to online casinos can realize this venture at any time, and without leaving their room, just playing on the slot machine A Night Out, where the graphic design and sound corresponds to the moment and gamers will have a sense of presence at a fun party with beautiful girls. Together with rest and wonderful mood you can easily and quickly win big money here. Just by pressing the buttons on the A Night Out slot, you can even throw out the jackpot.

Entertainment will give all the excitement and joy of victory.

Rina Kole
September 4, 2018

Choosing for entertainment slot machine A Night Out, you will not be mistaken, as you can fully enjoy the drive, holiday, excitement and courage. Slot gives a unique chance without leaving home, go to a disco with sexy babes and spend an unforgettable watch there. This topic of the video slot determined its vivid design. If the club - it means, color diversity, evening lights and an intimate twilight. You can only specify the value of the coin, the number of game lines and the size of the bet. To do this, use the BET PER LINE and SELECT LINE in any order. Start the drums and expect the winning combinations.

In this slot there are plenty of opportunities to win.

Erich Kier
September 3, 2018

Mostly I liked the bonus games here, which generously fall out if you play in the A Night Out slot at high or medium bets. Excellent bonus accruals, my last win was $ 600, while initially on my deposit was only $ 50. patience and ability to stop in time - that's the key to a successful online casino game! The menu is simple and understandable even if you are playing for the first time!!the interface is simply gorgeous!!!

difficult to stop playing!

Owen Easler
August 28, 2018

If you decide to play on the world-famous Playtech development team of the slot machine 'Night Out', you should know that thanks to it you can not only go to the city on your cozy couch for the night, but also take part in an exciting entertainment with guaranteed money prizes. This slot is favorably different from other games with its stellar gameplay, fun graphics and visual effects with gorgeous cartoon women and mouth-watering drinks as symbols and bonuses. Also here are excellent software, quality features, simple settings and the ability to win in many different ways.

A slot machine with no noticeable flaws.

Lewis Kingrey
August 24, 2018

this slot is for real gamblers. A Night Out will help you relax and deep into the atmosphere of gambling and win real money. Many bonuses, very attractive graphics\ interface and really generous payouts! My favorite tactics is to play until I win and it often works out while I playing Night Outslot!

No minuses at all....maybe it'be great to have more bonuses and winning symbols while playing at the low bets!

Alan Sumners
August 22, 2018

Always after long gambling on the pages of online casinos, experienced gamers dream of a beautiful night life, with relaxation and a variety of drinks that can be spent together with the slot machine A Night Out, which is the product of the popular firm Playtech, and confidently ranks first among other gambling entertainment. It is pleasant to impress the original graphic and sound design of well thought-out gameplay, the simplicity in controlling the game and the frequency of winning combinations. In addition, there are various bonuses and additional auxiliary functions that simplify the receipt of cash prizes.

A game with attractive symbols and good cash winnings.

Austin Warriner
August 21, 2018

For me, a Night Out slot is too simple but it attracts a lot with the possibility to get the biggest prize. Really, WHO will refuse to try his luck to win 10 thousand? meanwhile, the task is not the easiest one - the maximal bet here is only 2 coins per a line. Thus, if you risk and use all 20 paylines, your chances of getting a lot of real money increase. I would give this gaming machine 8 from 10 points. It is not perfect (the graphics and music could be much better) but its simplicity makes the game attractive to all categories of the gamblers.

Richie Mcquiston
August 15, 2018

I really like the interface of the A Night Out slot! It relaxes and immerses in an atmosphere of fun, gambling and great money. As for money,my first won was in A Night Out slot!!! Very cool feeling when you withdraw money and can spend it for your needs! From the gameplay itself I get a tremendous pleasure! There are also a generous bonuses and everything for pleasure and great winnings!!

 If you are new player, you may need some time to understand the interface, bets and menu!

Dave Piatt
August 13, 2018

Fans of the holiday, drive, excitement and courage should always choose a slot machine A Night Out, which is a product of the popular Playtech company and on the pages of online casinos takes only the first places. Gamers here have the opportunity to pouchavstvovat in an unforgettable disco with attractive beauties, and also earn good money. Graphics and animation a night out slot create an atmosphere of entertainment, and there are plenty of opportunities to win: there are also special pentograms, progressive jackpot with the Dollar Ball function, and a round of risk games. So it's worth a try.

A good slot, which is always in demand.

Elanor Losey
August 11, 2018

I will never call A Night Out a very bright and colorful game. The graphic is too simple. Meanwhile, the main attraction of it is the possibility to get a 10 thousand jackpot. Remember that only those gamblers that are ready to risk and pick the largest 2 coins bet, can be awarded greatly. Some players find A Night Out slot game a bit monotonous. However, the player, who comes to an online casino with a goal to get the money, not just fun, will not pay attention to the game design and music. Just concentrate on the gaming process, and you will be a winner.

Natashia Rowell
August 6, 2018

 A Night Out slot always helps me to relax after hard working day! DUe to the amazing atmosphere and pleasant music u can forget about all your problems and not only relax well, but also win real money if u will be luck enough))) I've won here more than 400 dollars and hope this is not the maximum! With generous bonuses and a lot of pay-lines I hope to win even more)))) 

It;s not easy to stop on time until I lose all my deposit...but this is not a great minuses, this means that the slot is really exciting!!! 


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.