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Age Of Discovery
Age Of Discovery slot
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Age Of Discovery Overview

The Age Of Discovery™ slot machine is able to help you enjoy a virtual journey that reflects the theme chosen by the developers.

Age of Discovery is perfectly visualized and draws user’s attention. You seem to be transferred to ancient times. At the top of the screen the user will see the name of the game, made in an antique style.

You should learn the characteristics of the slot machine Age of Discovery. Before the game starts, the user must set the optimal number of paylines, which will make the gameplay profitable.

All the beauty of this slot is organically combined with the laconic algorithm of the game and an understandable paytable. And this is the main advantage of the slot. Harmony of beautiful graphics, generous payout ratios, an abundance of special characters make the gameplay very enjoyable and profitable.

Age Of Discovery Video Review


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Reginald Henderson
July 29, 2018

age of discovery game is a great slot for fans of gambling. Playing it is simple and very convenient. For the game itself is a great time. But the main thing is not to flirt as you can not only win but you risk and lose. The jackpot here is not pretty bad. All honestly and without cheating. The slot itself is colorful and very well designed. Play is convenient and very easy even for a beginner in this business.

Camille Oliver
June 30, 2018

The slot makes a generally pleasant first impression, but if you are able to play and have your own winning tactics or strategy. I did not have this tactic and I lost $ 50 for a few hours of play. Yes, I enjoyed the gameplay and all the process... and was excited, but unfortunately did not win real money. Next time I'll try the demo version of the slot before playing with real money!!!!!!!

I did not like the design of Age Of Discovery, I would like the interface to be more understandable for beginners.

Marcia Burton
June 28, 2018

age of the discovers a fairly bright and colorful themed slot with an excellently worked game pad and the opportunity to have a good time, making bets and risking. There are a lot of symbols that give a good dispersion in rates. You can get a jackpot and a double jackpot, but to do this, the player will have to properly manifest themselves. Keshbek in this case very much helps to return some of the money spent on the game. In general, the model deserves attention. The soundtrack also gives an opportunity to plunge into the world of the Middle Ages, when massive sailboats just started to plow the sea!

Enrique Maldonado
June 24, 2018

Pretty colorful, bright and dynamic gaming slot, dedicated to the theme of ships. Pretty well decorated visually and graphically. The output is a good picture with high resolution. Age Of Discovery is a fundamentally new technological solution. Due to the symbols of the spread, the chance of obtaining the LCD is much more likely. Wild symbols also have a good effect on getting a good cash prize. I am pleased with the work and functionality of this model.

Disadvantages in the work of this model did not find

William Lien
June 22, 2018

Age Of Discovery is really a beautiful slot, with a very high-quality graphics and a thoughtful interface. There is an exciting bonus game that multiplies the deposit several times if you're lucky. For me, a very convenient range of rates, there are special symbols - all for fun here!Intuitive and very comfortable menu even for newcomers like me.

Lack of progressive jackpot! I would like to have the motivation to win more, but it's not as there is no jackpot!

Trevor Thompson
June 20, 2018

Age Of Discovery slot attracts its fans not only with interesting graphics and realistic sound design of gameplay, but also an opportunity to spend your time perfectly, together with that and earning not bad money. The developers of this gaming machine provided for a large number of characters with images of elements of ancient travel and various characters, each with its own meaning. When forming certain combinations, the player wins the corresponding cash prizes, and when using all the additional bonuses and auxiliary functions, lucky gamers take off huge jackpots.

There are a lot of positive emotions, and the game itself is quite simple.

Anthony Long
June 15, 2018

age of discovery is a chic themed slot with a lot of game options and the presence of a double jackpot. Good variation in rates, even at the minimum value. I get great pleasure and spend a day for several hours on the game. The result is always different, but in any scenario, I draw about 50 dollars a day from this model. In auto mode, it's much easier to watch the game process. This slot is perfect for beginners, as well as for more experienced players. In general, both design and graphics here are worked out at the highest level.

Adrian Herrera
June 14, 2018

For all lovers of travel and adventure in the style of ancient antiquity, there is a unique opportunity to take part in these actions by playing the exciting slot machine Age Of Discovery. At first glance, this bright slot in the eye rushes bright graphic and sound design of the gameplay. Further, starting to get acquainted with the simple rules of the game, you will see the variety of bonuses provided, the possibility of winning as many as two huge jackpots. In addition, do not forget about the emotional enjoyment during the game, although money profit also plays a big role.

Simple rules and great opportunities for cash winnings.

Lulu Timlin  
May 29, 2018

By frank positive feedback from my acquaintances experienced players who spend their regular time on online casino sites, the Age Of Discovery slot is the most popular among its fellow citizens. Very realistic in the age of discovery slot game is the history of ancient ancient civilizations, beautiful graphics and gameplay sound, well-chosen symbols, each of which has its own value, offered by age of discovery slot free, help to remove the jackpot in 60,000 coins. And what do you say if you manage to win the second big prize in 32500 conventional units. Make your bets and boldly launch the drums, - luck will certainly smile you.

Everything is very clear and intelligible.

James James
May 11, 2018

9 of 10 for the COOL game by Microgaming, my favorite company! Age Of Discovery is definitely for the gamblers that are seeking a jackpot. Here, you can get 2 of them: 60 thousand and 32.5 thousand wins! Although I never was this lucky guy that got these prizes, the slot seemed to be a very tough gaming machine. I got 769 USD last month. This is the game for the newbie (the smallest stake is a cent) and for a professional that can estimate the storyline and good graphics. The number of the paylines can vary - it lets you control your losses and benefits.

Roger Denesik
May 10, 2018

Of the wide variety of fun and exciting games, hosted in an online casino, the slot machine Age Of Discovery deserves special attention. The developed graphic and sound design of the gameplay attracts the attention of the ever stronger attachment of the gamblers who receive immense pleasure from the age of discovery slot game, as well as pleasant monetary gains. Here the developer foresaw the possibility of removing as many as two jackpots in the amount of 32500 and 60,000 units. The main thing is not to be shy and make your minimum and maximum stakes, then the prizes will be in your pocket. And do not forget about getting age of discovery slot free, which save your money.

Now everything is all right.

Kira Oskar
March 22, 2018

Never before played in the age of discovery slot game, and regretted. Very interesting game. the graphics are mesmerizing. But the main thing is additional earnings, in which every player is interested. And this game showed that it can achieve a good result. I advise!

age of discovery slot free has not yet given such a possibility!

Alexander Chester
March 12, 2018

Age-of-discovery is something incredible. Since I really love history, this topic attracted and interested me. Signs during the game are simply mesmerizing, and I always want to get to the main treasure that awaits me at the end of the road. You can really win.

We need to add a few new colorful games.

Oscar V
March 10, 2018

After I found the Age of Discovery slot machine, the first thing I did was to test the game in detail. In the process it turned out that there are very good chances and guaranteed probabilities for big wins. Good graphics and excellent sound quality only contribute to this.

No problem.

Noah Ziegler
February 28, 2018

I have tried this slot as my friends have recommended me to. It's pretty interesting to play with and profitable as well. Not to forget to mention the addictiveness of the slots that I continue to play all day long.

I would wish they had more games with the colors!


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.