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Alien Robots
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Alien Robots Overview

The main theme of Alien Robots is a story about robots from other planets. The user will have to work side by side and fight with aliens in order to win the prize.

All the actions of the game occur in the background of the sky and therefore the graphics seem more mysterious and interesting. Symbols in the form of robots will move around the sky all the time. All graphics are made in bright colors, which attracts attention and gives you the opportunity to focus on the game process. Mysterious soundtrack and stunning graphics quality offer the participant to move from reality to a cartoon virtuality.

Alien Robots is not just an interesting video slot with a bright storyline, but quite a lucrative one. The newly introduced function, which allows to increase payments, is the biggest advantage of this slot.

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Alien Robots Video Review

Kurt Mewborn
September 14, 2018

First thing that caught my eyes was overall design of the slot (a big fan of sci-fi here :). It wasn’t a standard theme like pirate hoards, pharaoh treasures, jungle gold, etc… – you name it. To be honest, I’m a little bit tired of virtually the same slot designs over and over again… but finally someone made something different, so I was willing to give it a try! So, let’s talk about the slot itself. Sadly, from that point of view the Alien robots slot isn’t really different from any other casino slot machine. You hit the button and hope for the best, that’s pretty much it. There are several bonuses, and some of them really help to get the prize. So maybe it will be your happy slot, who knows? I’d suggest you to play Alien robots and make your own thoughts about the slot. Bottom line: play it if you like that kind of theme and design. Pros: - nice and original theme/design; - eye-candy graphics; - funky sounds.

Cons: - doesn’t feel so original once you finally try it out.

Donte Colley
September 11, 2018

The alien robots slot is a completely standard casino. It is no different from other slots. A variety does not please. Letters and 3-5 robots that give a profit. In general, you can play, in simplicity and there is a plus of this casino. Just do not understand what kind of RTP here. But considering that I won here not often, but on a large scale I think with RTP is slightly lower than that of competitors.

Annoying sound. Sounds cut the rumor, one could make the sound more pleasant.

Talia Lamas
September 9, 2018

Of the huge number of interesting video slots that are placed on the sites of online casinos, one exciting slot machine Alien Robots, which at the moment is quite in demand, is favorably different. The main theme of the game is the story of robots from other worlds of the universe, or in other words, aliens. Intriguing soundtrack and high-quality graphics in fantastic tones should attract your attention, and the opportunity to have a good rest, get a good mood and win money, just fascinate all the players.

Very interesting and profitable video slot.

Felix Batten
September 5, 2018

Alien Robots is a paradise for gamers and fans of various bonuses! Here are available free spins and more than 200 active winning lines that bring real money!!! A unique interface, a bit cartoony but it's still very funny. Excellent soundtrack, simple menu and easy navigation!! I am very satisfied with this slot! Return rate 96% and here is really big chances to get a good winnings if u play reasonably!!

interface may seems too bright for traditional slot lovers

Gerald Mercer
September 3, 2018

It is impossible to imagine now the best video slot than the slot machine Alien Robots, which has long attracted the attention of most advanced gamers who choose to play games online casino pages. In this game you will definitely like the quality design of the graphics and sound of the gameplay, very advantageous bonuses, as well as additional features that include the Wild symbol, the Scatter symbol, Free Spins. Also, the Alien Robots slot will interest the players even more when they learn about the excellent, guaranteed ability to break the jackpot in the amount of 10,000 conventional units.

Start the game, as there are no shortcomings here.

Arthur Leng
August 28, 2018

Despite a bit childish interface, the Alien Robots Slot can surprise with very serious payments. Very cool soundtrack, bright symbols and generally very fun atmosphere will help not only relax after hard day, but even can bring real money if play reasonably and know when to stop. My favorite winning tactic here is ti play with increasing rates. Thanks to this strategy and also to a bonuses I win quite often!

No progressive jackpot

Newton Shelor
August 27, 2018

The Alien Robots slot machine can be described as an exciting entertainment with provided wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins, and symbols that can expand to make it easier for you to win in this game. Here you can choose your bets depending on the state of your budget, and after making a deposit and launching the slots drums, start enjoying the game and earn cash prizes that will be paid to you until the last cent, in accordance with the payout table. With certain luck, you will definitely win your jackpot.

The game has no drawbacks.

Andrew Flippin
August 19, 2018

In fact, it is very difficult to imagine among the huge selection of gambling entertainment placed on the pages of the online casino that anything more exciting and attractive than the slot machine Alien Robots, with its theme of the distant future, where the world will be controlled by robots of different sizes and shades. This slot draws gamers' attention with its beautiful design of graphics and sound of gameplay, the opportunity to enjoy quality entertainment and at the same time get a big charge of vivacity, as well as a decent financial profit. Carefully study the game's vavilions, provided bonuses and additional functions and start the drums.

No remarks, there is complete forward!

Bobbie Clevenger
August 17, 2018

 Alien Robots is a pretty funny and interesting slot. The menu is very simple and understandable even for the beginners in gambling world. Despite the fact that I do not often play in such slots, I like other animation and design, Alien Robots is really an exciting slot with a lot of bonus accruals and winning combinations. I even worked out my own winning tactics, thanks to her I won a lot of money!

The menu of the slot may seems a bit childish!

Bradly Eagle
August 10, 2018

The slot machine with the theme of animated robots in all colors of the rainbow Alien Robots, was born, thanks to the popular company Net Entertainment and on the pages of online casinos always holds the forefront. This stellar entertainment allows all advanced gamers to play at low or high betting levels, and with the help of advanced auxiliary functions, players have the opportunity to win decent cash amounts on Windows, Linux and Mac systems, as well as on mobile devices. If you are lucky with falling out of three or more scatter symbols, then the possibility of activating free spins will open, and in the alien robots slot you can meet many other beneficial bonuses.

There are no shortcomings.

Morris Salmeron
August 5, 2018

As an excellent gift to all gamblers, the exciting slot machine Alien Robots is presented by the world-famous NetEnt company, which proudly presented its video slot. The subject of the alien robots slot are space age events, with an amazing graphic and sound design of the gameplay, as well as with the Free Spins mode and the presence of wild symbols that are guaranteed to promise repeated rotation. Thanks to its symbolic animations, alien robots games immerses players into the world of robots, in which, thanks to the made rates, they will be able to achieve grand monetary winnings.

Attractive storyline and good winnings.

Merry Crudup
August 1, 2018

Attractive and very interesting slot machine Alien Robots, is the creation of the most progressive company-creator of video slots Net Entertainment, for this among gamers it is always in demand. The theme of the game here is a story about robots from other planets, with which players will have to work closely together all the time. All the actions here take place against a dark background, that is, at night, and the graphics of the gameplay exactly corresponds to this circumstance, as well as the mysterious alien sound. You expect only positive emotions, as well as rich cash payments. Management is convenient and understandable, so go ahead for prizes with other people's robots.

Clear and very interesting game.

Jennifer Mathis
July 26, 2018

 Initially, it took me a while to figure out the interface, but thanks to the free version of Alien Robots Slot, I did not have any problems with it. An excellent slot with a lot of winning lines and combinations. I play at average rates basically, my maximum winnings were 300 dollars and I hope that this is far from the maximum. Super interface, the dynamics of the game and the percentage of return!

No negative sides at all...maybe the main theme of the slot is not for everybody but I like robots )))

Rory Taylor
May 8, 2018

The Alien Robots slot is quite original. It is dedicated to the subject of robots and the future. The gaming interface caught my attention from the first minutes. A small amount of jackpot, but such a small underdog is compensated by the fact that the chance to get it is quite high. The function of the auto game allows you to rest during the process. I play at the maximum bet of 5 coins and have never left the gaming table with the loss of the invested money. Definitely this slot is one of my favorites today.

Kira Oskar
May 2, 2018

Slot Alien Robots has developed a pleasant graphics, as well as an interesting story. It's like getting into a childhood. The minimum deposit, as well as the big jackpot for this game, bring to the senses of any player. That's why, this game is so popular. Also, payments are always on time. The main thing is to read the rules and from time to time watch video lessons on the game in the casino games.

The game is successful. You can always earn extra money, and if you're lucky, you can also break the jackpot.

Blanca Howell
April 14, 2018

I've been playing this slot for a long time. If you want, you can work out a strategy for getting a jackpot. 10,000 banknotes get very real even when playing is not real money. In general, for experienced players, there is a possibility for a permanent winning system. You just need to help.

Kira Oskar
March 21, 2018

I've been playing alien-robots recently. But I already like this game. Firstly, I have fun, and secondly, I also get my won prizes for it. but all that, you need to fight with aliens. For me it's fun, since I have extra earnings.

Not yet

Jared Branch
March 12, 2018

Now in my circles everyone is talking about alien-robots, so I decided to try my hand at it. The plot itself is fascinating and carries a positive in itself. More wins than losses. And robots have always been popular, especially since the world creates something grand every year.

At this stage of the game did not notice.


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