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Aliens Overview

Anyone who knows the film Aliens will be able to quickly get into the design of the slot machine. A menacing environment; many abstruse extraterrestrial and barren backdrop in the background represent the playing field. In the foreground the rollers; which are technically displayed. The individual symbols are dominated by the aliens.

The fact that they do not want good for people; can be seen at first sight. A victory against the conquerors can end in Prestige and wealth.For this, same Aliens must be united on the rollers. The aliens can easily be distinguished at the mere sight.

However, the coloring of the border is also helpful. The colours red, yellow, green, turquoise and blue indicate the same symbols in a matter of seconds. In addition to the adult Aliens there is always a variant in child form, which is highlighted with The Associated color.

As a special symbol is the Wild with the inscription “Weyland-Yutani Corp” available. In addition, the player is able to unlock levels.

In the first Level, the Wild appears only on reels two to five of the slot machines. In the advanced Level it can appear anywhere. Is paid only the highest win on a bet line.

Game instructions the slot game gives the impression of being there live. Therefore, it is perfectly suitable to cause clashes. Nevertheless, the fun of playing and winning should be the focus. In order to reach a payout, the same symbols are needed from the left to the right.

At least three matches on the maximum 15 rows are necessary for a success.An exception can only be the Wild. It is able to replace all symbols of the game and to complete rows.

The payouts can take a larger amount and also take place more often. The Wild does not have its own equivalent and is intended only to enhance other symbols.Level system in the first Level, the aim of the player is to check whether there are still Aliens in the occupied territory.

Have enough Aliens been spotted; so, the player advances to the second level. The successful completion of the first rank; plays a helpful multiplier for the next rounds.These multipliers are used in the second level. Here, the player is hunting the Aliens, and is rewarded for his successes in the first Level.

The symbol overlap function is also active in this layer. It provides multiple profits and can lead to a considerable sum in the total payout.

In the third Level additional winnings can be secured.

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Aliens Video Review


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Marlene Fernandez
January 25, 2019

There was a tonne of hype around this game when it was released and I think it had a lot to live up to. It almost managed it, but NetEnt's insistence on lower variance games with extremely low maximum wins has let them down again here. It's still worth a try though!

Troy Dancy
January 12, 2019

Aliens is a very specific and exciting slot game based on the world famous franchise. The horror film, which won the hearts of millions of fans, is now wisely transferred to the gaming industry. As for the Aliens slot model itself, it differs from similar machines in a visually attractive menu of options, high picture detail, a large number of symbols of different orders and sound effects that can immerse the player in an atmosphere of tension, dynamics and intrigue. If you are a fan of excitement with an emphasis on mysticism and "trash", then the Aliens slot machine is just what you were looking for.

Willie Jarmon
December 23, 2018

Aliens slot to the colossus is very original and epic. The game screen itself Aliens slot is very well designed in terms of design and graphics. This slot game is perfect for fans and fans of this series of horror films, and experienced gamers will be able to appreciate all the possibilities of Aliens. A lot of bonus rounds and a high percentage of bet spread will also attract experienced gamers. This model is a true innovation in the gaming industry.

The model has extremely positive qualities and I have not found any shortcomings.

Vernon Chasse
December 22, 2018

A new high-profile game was born safely that gamers can play on the Aliens slot machine. It benefits from the latest technologies, achievements and developments. Stunning graphics, animation and bonus game in two steps make us play 'Aliens' again and again. The second level of the Aliens slot is called 'Clash'. Complete all levels, defeat the queen of the hive and you will receive a sum of 240 of your total bet. The maximum gain in the “Aliens” video slot can reach 570,000 coins, and the return of bets made is set at 96.4%. Never change the face value of the bet during the game. After increasing the rate on the Aliens slot machine, the cycle changes. After a big win, you must complete the game.

This is a huge chance to get rich quick.


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.