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Amazing Stars
Amazing Stars
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Amazing Stars Overview

The graphics of the game is simply amazing: the main screen is located on a dark blue background, the icons of various fruits are shimmering and the rotation of the reels is accompanied by traditionally recognizable sounds that have delighted more than one generation of gamers.

It is a real pleasure to play Amazing Stars because of 3 main features provided:

  • The size of the payouts is amazing and the extra features of the game give you a chance to win just crazy sums.
  • A special scattered symbol on the lines increases your chances of winning regardless of their location.
  • Almost infinite number of free spins.

The management of the slot is carried out by the traditional set of bet/line buttons with the help of +/-, regulating the size of the bet in the game.

Amazing Stars is a truly unrivaled slot machine, an excellent combination of quality and benefits that grants you a profitable game. All the players will undoubtedly receive Stunning payouts!

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Jerrod Dey
July 12, 2018

And lovers of classic games, and fans of new entertainment will certainly enjoy the Amazing Stars slot machine, which among the gambling on the pages of online casinos retains the first place. Here, gamers will discover stunning graphics and traditional familiar sounds that will accompany the rotation of the drums. If the desired symbols are successfully dropped, the player will be able to win as many as two jackpots, and also there are wild symbols and the opportunity to get free spins. In a word, the Amazing Stars slot promises to gamers an interesting time spent, as well as excellent cash prizes.

A simple game with huge possibilities.

Marcy Streight
June 13, 2018

Amazing Stars is a quality slot game based on the famous film of the same name. It's a pleasure to play through this slot. By him, you can get a high odds ratio at the rates due to a large number of active paylines. I think this model is simple, but at the same time very popular and original. A large cacheback makes this game especially attractive due to the ability to easily return some of the funds invested in the game, even if you fail!

Jordan Campbell
March 26, 2018

This slot is designed solely for a large number of winners. For a long time I'm testing this slot and noticed that the chance to get a cash prize in every third and fifth round is quite high! For this reason, the slot is perfect for both beginners and experienced players!

Kira Oskar
March 24, 2018

The graphics are amazing, in the online game the amazing stars are a colorful plot and alluring silhouettes. Money is paid quickly, and almost all systems for payment of deposits are also available. I have not played in a game for a long time, where the quality and graphics are worthy of each other.

So far, everything is only in the black!

Jared Branch
March 19, 2018

In the game amazing-stars you feel like God. Because everything is done for the player. I would like to have more opportunities to simplify my life. When you play in this slot, then there is no desire to play in any other way.

So far, everything is fine. There is no catch for the negative.

Bobby Palmer
March 15, 2018

Only recently I started testing amazing-stars slot machine and already successful large winnings makes me describe my joy. Now I hope, using all the additional features provided by the developer, how much more to increase my reward.

I do not see any problems at all.

Oscar V
March 11, 2018

Many gamers and me also like the Amazing Stars slot machine because of the exotic design of the slot, the amazing additional features courtesy of the developer, special characters with large values ​​and a lot of free spins. With these functions, the player can achieve great results and win good money.

Without any problems.


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.