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Boom Brothers
Boom Brothers
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Boom Brothers Overview

Boom Brothers is a game which will appeal to all lovers of adventure and treasure hunt. At the heart of the game is the ever-intriguing topic of finding diamonds.

Three funny characters, from the first second of the game, would cheer you up and make you forget about all domestic problems.

This game will please absolutely everyone as it offers a quality picture, sound and big payouts as well.

A beautiful and captivating storyline that is revealed through professional multimedia design will long entertain you, thus we can guarantee you won’t stay disappointed.

The Stylistics of the game completely outplayed the theme. Hammers and special tools are all over the place. Everything is scattered around, left in hurry by busy brothers rushing for long-awaited treasures. Also, there are various mechanisms depicted on the main screen, adding a special gloss to the game.

You have an opportunity to play the Boom Brothers video slot online and fully experience the atmosphere of risk and drive.

Boom Brothers Video Review


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Jerrod Meritt
July 22, 2018

Another modern online slot, called Boom Brothers, which was created by the famous company Net Entertainment, has expanded its collection of a huge assortment of exciting entertainment, located on the pages of online casinos. The plot of the game uses the theme of the eternal search for diamonds, respectively, graphic and sound design of the gameplay of the game. Before starting the reels, the gamer needs to set the number of lines and the bet. In the payout table, each player will be able to find all the answers to the questions they are interested in. Know that playing in Boom Brothers, you will make your rest comfortable, and earnings-maximum.

A simple game with a substantial income.

Victor Kelly
May 22, 2018

I know from my own experience that the vast majority of players in online casinos prefer the Boom Brothers slot to other interesting slot machines. After all, only here every advanced gamer can find pleasure, excitement and at the same time still win good cash prizes. I've already shot a lot of money several times and I know what feelings of satisfaction arise in this case. Now I have a task - to correctly use the provided features, bonus features and other beneficial help in Boom Brothers to throw out a combination with a jackpot of 112500 conventional units. Everything here is seen as a reality.

I have no negative experience.

Samuel Hussain
May 14, 2018

Pretty colorful, bright and very colorful slot. A fairly simple and clear menu of options, a fairly large percentage of return on investment, positive feedback from many players. The amount of the jackpot is also rather big and you can get cash prizes quite well, even with the symbols of the lowest order. Of course, it can not but rejoice and the presence of the option of auto games, and in the section with the rules contains a detailed manual for the operation of this slot.

Jacobs Peter
April 20, 2018

Boom Brothers is a very funny and funny game, which besides pleasure brings more and money. Kush always gives strength to the end. The meaning of the game is simple, but the rules are easy. The main thing is attentiveness and understanding of their borders.

Net Entertainment as always the best. Thank you.

Pat Kub
April 16, 2018

Quite an unpretentious, but very original slot. Intuitive interface and a very simple menu of options. Of course, the sum of the jackpot in 112000 can not but rejoice. But I have not yet taken it. Maybe in the future ... who knows ...

Anderson Dzhuniper
March 29, 2018

In pursuit of large winnings, advanced gamers are increasingly stopping at the Boom Brothers slot machine, where the developer provided attractive graphics, high-quality sound and great opportunities for a successful and large award, in the form of earned money. After studying the rules, you can safely proceed to the game.

Without any problems.


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.