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Burning Heat
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Burning Heat Overview

The” burning heat ” or, as the Automat is called in the Original; Burning Heat; is a motivating Automat; which can record it with various classics. The design shows a brick wall; which is engulfed with Lianen. The entrance to an ancient temple is conveyed to you by the playing field; with the rollers in the center. During the turns an adventurer plays music. However, the focus is on the winning totals, which can be achieved by combining the same symbols.

The greatest value in the slot machine is shown by the adventurer. With his casual three-day style and hat; is a certain similarity with Indiana Jones is undeniable.

On the second rank of the temple itself.

Various columns and the background embedded in a forest; it is quickly recognizable. An amulet with a ruby as the center and a Golden Statue of the conventional image icons.However, the mercury game also has to offer tension. Because a volcano has found its way onto the reels.

He acts there as a Wild and also has a fairly high equivalent. Another Wild is passing through the Lava. Profits can also be achieved with burnt earth.

The completion of the colored letters and Numbers.

These range from A to 10.How to play how to win and finally get paid out? First, it must be known that there are 10 winning rows on the playing field. These basically wind from left to right.

The starting point is the first roller on the left. If there are now at least three matches across the rows, a payout is made.The prize must be increased in two ways; however, the player has no influence on it. Once the values of the symbols differ; so that the adventurer naturally brings in much more; as for example the Q. But also the length of a series shown has an influence on the amount of the payout.

Wild and risk the Wild is a special symbol; which can obtain high profits on its own initiative. However, the volcano becomes more important as a replacement symbol. He is to be compared with a Joker in the card game.

Because other images can be replaced. By expanding; starting and filling lines; profits are increased and take place at a higher level.Once a win has been made, the slot machine will introduce you to the choice.

Is the money taken? Or one of the risk games. In the case of the risk manager, an increase or decrease is possible; while the card game offers a doubling or immediate total loss.

This is set to a color card.



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