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Cashville Overview

Cashville is a slot machine game that honors its name. It is a Microgaming Slot, which deals with the subject of money and wealth.

In this respect, a lively atmosphere was created, which is accompanied by quiet piano sounds. The reels are deposited in a subtle gold tone, which in turn puts the images at the centre of attention.

The Paytable is designed green as a bill and earns a deeper look.

First of all, we would like to introduce four extremely rich persons; which raise the value of the slot machine to a very high level. Bill Bullion is a grey-haired Texan with a cigar in his mouth.

Dame von Deeds is an old benefactor, with a sealed document in Hand. Sir Sterling turns his back towards us, but seems to see everything with his watchful eye. And Betty Boodle, the poodle, looks over his head with the same hairstyle; as the blonde lady wears it.More icons are bills with a cigar; admission cards with brooch; banknotes with coins, and again Seem with jewelry. These symbols are color-coded to the respective characters. There is also a Logo in the game, which acts as a Wild.

The dollar sign takes on the role of the Scatters. Finally, the Bonus Symbol should be mentioned.That’s how it’s played!

The atmosphere in Cashville conveys an excellent Live character. At this point, however, the focus should be on the 20 paylines; which can be seen via the Paytable. These are, without exception, from left to right.

Depending on this direction, the symbols must also run and start to the far left; to grant a payout.

A closer look at the Bonus Symbol shows that there are big money winnings possible. The prerequisite is that the corresponding image is visible at least three times.

The player may then choose one of three billionaires to play. The big payout is imminent; when the Cashville Bonus Game is won.Wild and scatter Scatter symbol shows the Dollar symbol in Gold and green. This is an image that takes the total bet to multiply the profit. Furthermore, it is advantageous to mention ; that the Scatter does not need to stick to the predetermined winning rows.

If the picture appears on the reels two; four and five, it will still be paid out.Finally, the game with the big; golden W is highlighted. It is the Joker of the game; which can replace four different images. However,it is the Symbol with the highest equivalent. In addition, there are already two Wilds; to register a win.

Cashville Video Review

Geraldo Villeneuve
January 13, 2019

Cashville is one of the most famous Microgaming slot machines, which is still very popular among the team of dedicated players. Fortunately, over the years it has changed somewhat, so the graphics are as clear as they should be in modern slots. The actual Cashville slot gameplay is still with modern features with excellent bonus features that make the game very enjoyable and provide an opportunity for big wins. The wild symbol of the Cashville slot machine can replace any other symbol except the scatter symbol, bonus coin, or a combination of four symbols - Bill in bars, Dame von Deeds, Sir Sterling and Bette Budl.


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