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Coin Of Gods
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Coin Of Gods Overview

The design of the background at the Coin of Gods slot machine shows impressive buildings, reminiscent of Greece. Perhaps it also represents the clean home of the gods. The Paytable shows a passage full of columns with the Statue of a goddess.

Music flows into this Slot only discreetly. There is only one way to make a win here and this is done by adding coins to the reels. Potential winnings are clearly listed.In this sense, the money shows slot machine game only two symbols: A blank and the main profit.

Players can also see the images as two sides of a coin. One is dull and stands for the lack of a profit; the other radiates in sparkling Gold and brings the payout a bit closer.

However, it is not done with the accumulation of identical pictures.

Also in this Mercury slot, the coins must follow the paylines.

The playing field is structured as follows: a total of 16 symbols are shown on the field.

These reveal either the coin or the rivets.

Four images are displayed from left to right and another four from top to bottom. This design determines the course of the line.

That’s how it’s played!How are the paylines in this slot game?

This is actually very simple.

Four rows run from top to bottom – always in a straight direction. The same applies to the four winning rows from left to right. Supplemented this classification by two lines, which run from top left to bottom right and bottom left to top right. In total, this makes 10 profit series.

But how is a profit achieved?

In fact, it is not enough; to fill a row of coins. To activate a withdrawal; at least two complete lines must be shown. The more coins appear on the playing field, the higher the Chance for higher wins. A maximum of 10 rows can be filled.

At the end of the competition, a win is achieved, so that it may be risked again. There are two types of gambling available.

When playing cards, the player must guess a color. If the correct card falls, the total is doubled. Otherwise, however, the profit is lost.Alternatively, the risk manager must be chosen.

By timely clicking and with a little luck sums are increased. But also a reduction; until complete loss of profit; stands in space.

Gambling is thus an opportunity and a risk at the same time. However, the player may also click on “take” and be satisfied with his win.



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