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Cowboys And Aliens
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Cowboys And Aliens Overview

Even the title Cowboys and Aliens promises an unusual Setting in this slot machine. However, manufacturers have not taken this idea out of the air. A few years ago, a Film came out, dedicated to this topic. And even this film was based on a Comic. Now both Cowboys; and Aliens; have managed in a genre of slot games. The player has to save the world.

If he creates this, the reward will not wait long.

The symbolism first catches the eye; that this is kept in a chic cartoon graphics. Even the values of the symbols are drawn in speech bubbles.

Of the usual symbols, a Cowboy with a value of 1,000 is the most expensive.

A pretty woman and a fearsome Alien follow. A Pastor and a horned Monster follow. However, as is so often the case, the numbers and letters from the card games make the conclusion.

These range from A to 10.In addition to the Wild; which also has a maximum value of 10,000; there are three other special symbols. This is the Alien Attack Bonus; the Alien Weapon Feature and the Freegames Scatter.That’s how it’s played!

The player is trying to reap profits. In order to achieve this same symbols must be reached from the left roller starting to the right. The more matches can be achieved; the higher the payout.

It should be noted that at least three identical images must appear along an active Payline. Only with the Scatter two matches lead to a payout. The paylines are limited to 9.The Wild acts slot machines in its role as a universal Joker.

It is the only Symbol which wins you can complete.

This is extremely useful; if there are gaps between otherwise good rows. If they are filled with the Wild, a payout can be made.

If the Wild is attached to the end of an active line, it is possible to increase the win. Other Bonus symbols cannot be replaced.Alien bonuses several Casino bonuses can be activated here.

The Alien Weapon Feature shoots a gun and turns the images taken into the popular game.

The Alien Attack Bonus gives the player the choice between different characters with which he can pick up the Aliens from the sky. Profits are the result.

In addition, 8 free games can be won; if the free games Scatter appears at least triple. Additional Wilds can occur during the free spins and increase the Chance of winning.

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