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Deco Diamonds Overview

As the Deco Diamonds slot machine shows, certain topics in the industry are never out of fashion. Precious stones and fruits are included. The Slot game below it with a nice music and a simple Background. What do we want to do? Theoretically, this is a good entry-level game. Who wants to gain first experience with slot machines; this is best kept at Deco Diamonds.

Deco Diamonds play online: to select assignments before the first rotation is started; after the Deposit or sample; should be set to use. There is a Button on the right side of the page.

Not only is the current bet displayed by a click. The other options can also be selected with the arrow keys. As I said; beginners will feel very comfortable with the Deco Diamonds Slot.Accordingly, even small sums are possible;from an amount equal to 0; 10. First, the sums increase in tens.

Later, it becomes larger sections. However, no more than 50 may be used for one turn.

However, there is a large span between the minimum and maximum bet.Deco Diamonds free: Classic icons to modern, some mercury games rely on classic elements.

What Mircogaming has done here with the Deco Diamonds; however, is very interesting. As the Name implies, the jewels are the focus. However, other classic components were added; such as the Super seven or the bell. However, the highlight is the link.

Because the bell’s Clapper is a diamond. And the seven is also decorated with value. Furthermore, various fruits come to light; they are all decorated with precious stones.

This creates a fresh and naturally fruity gaming experience when playing Deco Diamonds; by combining several classic themes.With the Joker function to bigger winning eco Diamonds written in Gold; stands for the Joker of the game.

However, it is the Logo. In addition, this Symbol is also known as Wild; the substitute within a machine;. The same applies to the picture with the inscription Wild Diamonds.

How the replacement function positively affects profit; we would like to show in detail below.On reels 1 and 3, assuming that there is a bell and the game completes the line on the second reel, there is a payout where there would have been none. Three Super sevens on the first three reels and a Joker, the fourth roller; the gain is raised. This results in at least three times the payout.

How does a profit?The previous section has already illustrated this clearly. In principle, there need to be three matches on the rollers.

These must start on the first roll on the left and continue over a winning row to the right. Deco Diamonds has nine paylines. These are recorded in the Paytable; for a better overview;.However, there are exceptions.

Because the diamond and the Logo grant a small payout even when two appear. Thus, there is more frequent to the profit report; which increases the Motivation for a further rotation.

The biggest sums are to be dusted anyway with the game logo.

The diamond follows behind it.Deco Diamonds tips and Tricks: Re-Spins and wheel appear when Deco Diamonds online, two; three, or four Logos; so a Re-Spin takes place.

Additional symbols increase the number of free spins. Depending on the outcome of these rounds; the Bonus Wheel can eventually be triggered. This is a wheel of fortune; which can reward the player again.The wheel of Deco Diamonds there are in a silver -, Gold – and diamond-level.

With the silver Wheel, the base bet is increased by x5 to x80. The Gold Wheel increases the use by x8 to x588. And the Diamond Wheel puts another one on it in the height. There, payments can be dusted, which vary between x18 and x1000.

As a result, the biggest winnings in the slot machine are possible.Conclusion on the Deco Diamonds Slot: with the Bonus Wheel big dust off naturally, it is in the Deco Diamonds Slot to trigger the wheel of Fortune first. And for the largest sums it has to be leveled up twice.

In this case, however, it is possible to increase the use of the principle by more than one thousand times. Such chances of winning; as is possible with Deco Diamonds; does not offer now truly every slot machine.

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