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Evolution slot
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Evolution Overview

Here is a new and very interesting Evolution in UK presented to your attention.

Evolution in UK is a cool and exciting slot game from the NetEnt games provider. This game makes it possible to win a 2500 with ease because of 25 paylines.

5 reels and 25 paylines bring in a strong winning possibility.

If you don’t want to take risks, place a minimum bet 1 and you won’t lose much. But if you place a maximum bet 0.5, you can win a 2500

And if you are still wondering whether there is an autoplay option in Evolution in UK, our answer is – yes.

Evolution Video Review


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Rhona Mann
November 21, 2019

I give NetEnt slots a lot of negative press sometimes, especially on the forums and when writing reviews here at AskGambler, mainly because so many of them lack the massive payout potential that attracts me to playing on-line slots in the first place - these games often seem to be targetted more towards clearing a wagering requirement with minimum profit rather than actually delivering a decent win. Evolution isn't massively different, but is certainly capable of a few decent wins sometimes! Just playing a hundred spins to remind myself of the games features I hit two bonus rounds both paying over 100x stake, which isn't too bad but requires you to be risking a relatively big bet size in order to return a large win in money terms.The games best asset has to be the evolution themed free spins round, where the games symbols will transform (or evolve, if you will) each time they form part of a winning combination. After a couple of winning combinations the higher value symbols become more and more common on the reels and towards the end of the feature it's not uncommon to get at least a couple of big paying lines on every single spin.The graphics in the game are very fitting with the Evolution theme with the reel symbols bobbing around as if they are floating in water, and the cell like TJQKA symbols morphing into the creature symbols really is a touch of genious from NetEnt.

Joan Alvarez
October 6, 2019

Playing this Evolution game can be fun and interesting for a short while - interesting only in seeing those symbols turning into better symbols, with slightly better wins, but that's about it. After playing for some time, the game becomes boring! My best win on this game is only 179x, and I really doubt if any win could go above 250x the total bet amount!

Giorgia Harper
August 1, 2019

Evolution slot is another great from Net entertainment, but probably this game just for not my favorite, because I am just lose many times in this game.Evolution has 25 paylines, and the game looks good, nothing bad to says. Both sounds and animations are good and acceptable for me, but nothing really special here. Just another great looking game from Netent, probably they should mix their games, to impress me even more, because I am already think that slots should look awesome, and there can't be any other way.Unfortunately (I am really saying this with sad) main game in evolution is very annoying, boring, sad. It is not interesting to play. 5 best symbols pays something like 20$ on min bet, and of course this is not what I am waiting from best paying symbols, and it is very mad to play this slot for a long time and did not get freespins. Balance just goes down, and you did not able to recover without freespins. Freespins feature there is very special, if winning symbols appear, they evolve to better once. Two times or three I have only best left, payouts was good, about 300 x bet both times. But usually this game is just big disappoint for me, I am keep playing till freespins, since it is very logical that I want to recover, and then freespins feature pays very low.

Ramon Bryan
March 25, 2019

The downside of the game is, as ever, the jackpot is set frustratingly low - the game states 44,000 coins, and compared to the millions of coin jackpot available from some of the headline Microgaming slots thats obviously very low indeed. Still, Evolution is a fun game and definitely worth a look.

Walid Costa
February 5, 2019

Today the slot I am going to review is Evolution produced by Net-Ent. Evolution is a 25 low variance set payline video slot themed on the history of Animal/Amphibian evolution! Evolution really is a one of a kind video slot the music and sound fx suit it perfectly giving a slightly strange but fitting ambience to your gameplay!I will be honest completely I used to dislike this game intensely as I could just not seem to win anything more than a few quid on it but my opinion like with some other Net-Ent titles has completely changed! Why do you ask? On first inspection this game looks quite average not a great payout for 5 scatters not a great payout for top symbol (500coins) No multiplier during free spins and a below average base game. Do not let all of this fool you though! This game is a hidden gem! The reason this game is actually very good is this it’s the free spins round! In Evolution free spins the symbols actually evolve upon every line win until they get to prehistoric squirrel like symbol named a draconius rex sorry I don’t speak latin need to look this up to work out what it translates as(this pays 500 x line bet for 5) This means kings turn into aces Lizard turns into mouse basically every line win the symbol below it in coin value transforms or evolves if you like into the one higher! This can make massive winnings for the player! For example if you transform mouse into squirrel a few times the chances of 5 of a kind is highly increased because you now have more squirrels on the reels! Paytable makes for nice reading when you work out the amount possible on even just a 50p/75p bet! Premium animal symbols range in value for 5 lowest being 150 x and highest 500 x as explained above,Alpha numeric characters range from 40 x to 100 x,the slot also features a substitute wild symbol which replaces all symbols except scatter but pays nothing by itself.Scatters pay in order 2 x bet for 2 scatters,3 pay 4 x bet+10 free spins,4 pay 20 x bet + 15 free spins and 5 pay 100 x bet and 20 free spins! As I said even though the free spins do not feature any multiplier the chances of winning big are high thanks to the evolution feature.Pros of Evolution:Evolution feature in the free spinsGreat to wager on because at low bets it's quite low risk.Looks fantasticpays for 2 or more scattersDoes not take too long to get the free spinsQuick spin feature.In summary Evolution is a very nice little slot and highly underestimated amongst the more popular games Net-Ent has to offer! I give it easily 9/10! BigDK88

Estelle Bowers
January 23, 2019

When playing it can be infuriating how often 2 scatters come and the third nearly lands.The music can suck you in too much and can be distracting.Not the best paytable but Evolution feature compensates it.Can run very cold after a big win leave it as soon as you hit one!


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.