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Golden Diamond
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Golden Diamond Overview

Very quickly it becomes clear; that the Golden Diamond slot machine is without frills. A little music sounds to welcome you. However, when it comes to spin, the Slot is completely without a melody. Only classic vending sounds can be heard. The reels spin at a fast speed, giving you a fluid feel. In addition, the classic, but valuable theme is perfect; to ensure a long-term motivation.

Potential profits also make a good impression here.Let’s start with the traditional symbols of the slot machines.

The Name of the game suggests; that we might be in a jewelry Store. At least gems are in the lead. Therefore, it is hardly surprising; that a square Ruby and an Oval as Amethyst here occupy a high value.

With slightly reduced counter-values follow the Emerald and the Sapphire. To eventually replenish the reels, the letters A to J and the numbers 10 and 9 are also added to the game.

Two special symbols Merkur the Game something Special. Here you can first name the Symbol, which gives the Slot its name: the golden diamond. It is on the one hand the most valuable picture in the game; it also acts as a Wild and substitute symbol. In addition, a Scatter is represented, which is responsible for the free games and this is also reported on behalf.

That’s how it’s played!The number of lines; in conjunction with the line insert; determines the output per rotation.

Golden Diamond can be played on a maximum of 50 lines.

These generally run in the right direction and start to the far left. The bet can be set to 0;05 starting and ending at 0; 40. Thus, the maximum stake per spin is 20 Euro.

But how are profits made at all? To do this, the same symbols must be lined up. These have to follow the paylines and have to start on the first reel left.

At least three matches are required. The longer the classification; the higher the equivalent.

Wild and scatter the Wild not only shows the greatest value. It also acts as a Joker. Suppose a perfect set of rubies is displayed; only on the first roller the Symbol is missing.

In this case, the Joker could complete the line. However, the image must not be set; it must be rotated like the other symbols.

The Scatter is the only image that cannot be replaced by the Wild. If it appears triple, Free Spins will be granted. Five free games are the reward.

No wagers have to be paid. Profits are still possible. Three times the Symbol must appear; to trigger its Feature.



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