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High Society
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High Society Overview

In the high Society slot machine, the focus is on the valuables of the victims. Money is not Everything; but Everything is Nothing without money. In this sense, the player can also experience; what he can buy everything; should he enter large sums of profit. The background music and background image of a big city, they fit perfectly in the world of Slot Games.

Last but not least, the symbols are well drawn and the Motivation to play continues for a long time.

In this slot machine we focus first on the means of moving.

The most valuable here is the aircraft against the red background. The luxury yacht in front of the blue Background is. An extremely expensive and even gold-decorated body takes the third place.

Three gold bars; a suitcase with the Euro sign; six silver bars and a bag of money complement the ordinary symbolism.To completely replenish the reels; additional symbols are used. A silver Ring with a gemstone; a golden clock and a cherry pendant close the playing field mostly. The game logo also acts as Wild.

The Scatter can trigger two Bonus games and is designed as a money bundle of 100-Euro bills; which are held together with a stapler.Game instructions similar to most Mercury Games, an active line starts on the left. From there, it continues in the right direction.

To make a withdrawal, at least three identical symbols must appear in a row. It is played on five reels and with a maximum of 25 paylines. High Society can be tried in a trial game without any use.The Wild still has a special function; by taking the shape of all the pictures on the playing field. This happens whenever a win can be triggered, which is higher than all the previous win totals. Only the Scatter cannot be replaced by the game logo.

However, there are higher payouts due to the game.

Free play bonuses seem to be the bundle of Money with the Euro seem to be at least three times; so free games are triggered. The player has a choice between the Super wild reels or the Super multiplier.

Different bonuses provide a certain advantage to the player.Already the number of free spins differs.

The Joker rolls a 10; 15 or 20; while the Super-multiplier only 10 free games. Either it’s the middle of the reels turn in to wild reels. The Scatter also counts as a Joker on reels one and four.

Or multipliers are added, which can increase to x10 depending on the appearance of the scatter. Happy Holidays is a slot machine for the Christmas season. This is already apparent from the cosy setting.

But the symbolism is also extremely festive. The background shows an enchanting snow landscape; several houses and fir trees. Such a picture is the wish of most on holy evening. The player, however, is also interested in this Slot game primarily about the profits and less about the gifts.

With the right symbols, remarkable sums can be obtained.The ordinary symbolism begins with a red stocking filled with candy.

A feast day is on the table; richly decorated with all kinds of vegetables. A gingerbread house is shown and a gingerbread man welcomes us on the doorstep.

A plate of all kinds of goodies is also served in this slot machine. Special symbols, the Golden Christmas tree ball and the Logo of the game.The most valuable icons are embodied by typical Christmas scenes.

A girl on Santa’s lap; two children when unpacking the gifts; building a snowman; Sleigh rides and the inhabitants of a village; as they stand in harmony around a richly decorated Christmas tree; can be seen. However, the largest equivalent is given by the special symbols.That’s how it’s played! This Christmas slot can be played without a Download.

However, real profits will only be achieved if Real Money is bet. On a total of 243 paylines, sums can be paid out. The bet is at the player’s discretion; unlike the lines. Profits are achieved; when same icons appear from left to right. At least three matches are required.

The Wild also replaces all other symbols in this slot machine, with the exception of special symbols.

His role is that of a universal Joker a card game. Only the Wild can not be created.

The Joker completes rows; starts and completes them.

As a result, the payout is higher and occurs more frequently.Free spins Featurethe Golden Christmas tree ball must appear triple; quadruple or quadruple; to grant 10 free spins. During these free rounds, 1024 winning paths are available. In addition, the snowman can turn into the other valuable picture symbols.

This increases the Chance of a lucrative payout.The Frosty Feature is activated with only one golden Christmas tree ball; if the requirements are met. Here, money prizes are awarded for the image symbols. During the basic game, the Frosty Feature can be activated at random, provided that a round has been triggered without any other win. Valuable symbols; like the Wild; give already two appearances a payout for the account.



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