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This slot is not available to play due to UKGC’s new licence condition.

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Hollywood Star Slot
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Hollywood Star Overview

Although Marilyn Monroe has not lived for years, she will always be a part of Hollywood history. Almost everyone knows them-whether young or old. In honor of her, Stargames Casino has now launched the new slot machine Hollywood Star in the UK. At first glance one might think that this game has many similarities with Sizzling Hot; because in the first line you see on the five reels, especially fruits such as melons, cherries and the like. Every now and then she appears; sexy Marilyn Monroe; probably the most famous Hollywood Star in the UK of all time. Her head is decorated with various positions on the reels and can also enrich you with a lot of coins.

Hollywood Star in the UK is about to be found at Stargames. In the meantime, you can get to know us before; what the special features of the Novoline video slot are and what functions will help you to pick up attractive profit sums. The five roles have been defined as many Paylines.

This is how it works, starting at eight cents per line, and the game round requires Hollywood Star in the UK.

Whether you deposit Real Money or simply play with Stars, of course, remains your own decision. You can already know the winning score from other Novoline games. Three or more identical images are considered combos; if they can be seen on adjacent roles from the left. The scatter star may appear familiar to you because it is not visually different from that in the Novoline counterpart Sizzling Hot. Finally, this Symbol may appear on any x-position and is always considered to be cash-outable in a three-combination.

Marilyn Monroe can enrich you in five runs by a whopping 40.000 Euro but is still bound by the usual rules of scoring.

There are no jokers and other Extras in Hollywood Star in the UK.

Extras overall, the game has been designed with great attention to detail.

This is especially true for the Hollywood Star in the UK itself because you deserve the honor of decorating a very own slot machine in the future and thus to remain in the memory of all Stargames customers.

All other Icons; including above all fruits; were taken from the classic Sizzling Hot and 1 to 1 transferred to Hollywood Star in the UK.

Even though one might suspect; that the game makers are starting out so slowly the ideas for new Icons; so this symbolism was deliberately chosen-alone; to focus Marilyn Monroe as the only extraordinary image.

Soon you will have the opportunity to watch the slot machine for free at Stargames and learn more about the chances of winning.



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Kai Bobby
February 13, 2020

I lost more than 200 euro (1,25 euro per bet) playing this game and the worst thing about it was I only got 1 bonus round and no winning at all! I know sometimes is a video slot could be really cold but it was freezing if you ask me! but this apply to all games.

Rose Teddy
November 2, 2019

Hollywood Star was a very disappointing game for me. In spite of getting a few Free Spins and Princess feature games, my credits balance never saw an uprise, always on the downside, right from the very first spin on the game! The seemingly average paytable did not live up to my expectations, and all I got was a straight losing game. What the argh!

Margaret Joseph
June 5, 2019

But I must admit that this slot become boring for me very fast. At firs I had fun with this unusual features but that is it. This casino game don’t have any bonus round or something like that to get this slot more interesting. It is nice to see how your reels become twins but I need some action if you understand. I can’t just spin and wait, I want something special to happens, like three extra symbol than new exciting round where I can participate but that can’t happen with this slot. That is only lack of this slot but if they put that I think that it will be too easy to earn money here : )

Alexander Ethan
April 3, 2019

Straight away after that win the game stopped paying. Wilds were as rare as strawberries in winter, and no good pays were anywhere on sight. The idea was to get three birds to get the feature, but that task went from hard to impossible. I was getting two of the birds a lot but the third one was always passing. Raising the bets or lowering them did not have any effect on the game and it was as bad as it could be. After some time I finally managed to get the feature and was awarded with 20 free spins with 2x. Quite a lot of free spins and when you betting big you really expect to win something good. Most of the spins came out with a tiny win and at the end I won little over €20. Really bad result in my view and a serious buzz kill. This game was right near Juju Jack and both of them did a real number on me. Apart from taking most of my cash, they also completely killed my buzz. I would recommend for all to avoid those games and save your cash for good games. My rating 3 out of 10. Super buzz kill:(

Margaret Logan
February 27, 2019

No doubt that I have played this Hollywood Star game several times before in the past, but I simply cannot remember of the payouts that I've gotten. Nonetheless, all were below 50x the total bet amount, because I don't even have one winning screenshot on the game. My most recent session got me a win of 6x from the 'Pick Me' game, a 7x win from one of the Bonus games, but nothing from the Tesla Coil Bonus game at all. A very disappointing game for me.

Roberts Holly
January 12, 2019

It's boring sometimes.. will took you half hour to get to the Lucky portion of the game...


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.