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Hot Diamonds
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Hot Diamonds Overview

Hot Diamonds is a slot game; which is quite a classic corner. However, this applies only to part of the symbolism. As far as features and the layout of the slot are concerned; the “hot diamonds” are not dusted at all. On the contrary; that classic ambience looks fresh and modern again especially in times of Vintage and Retro.Hot Diamonds play online: The crux of the line shows here, most likely; that the Hot Diamonds Slot is actually relatively modern.

10 paylines do not sound like much at first. In this slot machine, however, the rows run not only from left to right, but also vice versa.

This already doubles the chance of a payout.

However, it is not yet done.For in fact, the Hot Diamonds slot machine can even win; if neither at first; nor on the last roll the named Symbol appears. If there is a series of three in the middle of the path, this is paid out. We can, as; on the pay lines; regardless of starting point; improve our account balance. Only three Matches are irrefutable.

Hot Diamonds free: about lines and the bet on Hot Diamonds each player should question first; how much he wants to bet. This question may be per Spin or distributed throughout the session.

The latter is useful for people who have come up with a strategy for deployment. That is what we will talk about later.

First of all, however, we would like to deal with maximum and minimum inserts.From 10 coins can be done here turns. This can be tried out here with us very nicely.

Using the stake Button, the capital can be increased by a tenth, later in increments of 50 and then in increments of 100. One thing, however, remains the same: it is always and indisputably played on 10 paylines.About the bonus spins and the Wild action at Hot Diamonds online, the Bonus Symbol must appear three times in order to trigger the special Spins. This kind of Casino Bonus is not uncommon. However, it counts more here; since the profits are only tied to flexible lines.

And not even that is true during the free spins. Because here, the same symbols only have to be on a row and do not even need to touch each other.

First of all to the facts when playing Hot Diamonds: 10 free spins are triggered by three Bonus symbols. Every combination counts, regardless of the number of rows.

However, identical symbols must be found on a line.

In addition, the Bonus picture in the free spins acts as a Joker, which increases the payout amount.Where is there the biggest profit to pick up?In the Hot Diamonds Slot are the free rounds; especially with a high stake; the Highlight.

Here, it cannot be in ten Spins of the most intense pins and needles. Otherwise, the red diamond; after which the slot game is clearly the highest Symbol is named.

The gold bars follow; as well as the diamond ring.

Low symbols include gems. It was the Amethyst; sapphire; emerald or the yellow rock.

In fact, we already have eight different symbols in Hot Diamonds. Therefore, these images are repeated relatively frequently; which in turn has a positive effect on the Chance of a payout.

We were at least able to make regular profits.Hot Diamonds tips and Tricks: cleverest fact: this slot machine regularly receives winnings. Second fact: we can increase the stakes at intervals; while the paylines remain on a Level.

Here, many players make a mistake. From the outset, a margin should be set in relation to the stake. If you want to risk between 10 and 150 coins per spin, you should also take advantage of the range.We start with 10 coins; lose and immediately raise to 20 coins.

How to win; at best, our previous operations; continue. At best, we conclude in this way with a positive balance sheet. It remains a gambling game. However, as frequent payouts are commonplace; we increase our chances of with this deployment strategy.

Conclusion about the Hot Diamonds Slot: not as classic as it looks hot Diamonds is a Casino game to our liking. At first glance it seems to have classic elements.

The fact that the lines apply from both sides and even in the middle; however, is innovative. During the 10 free spins, even the symbols are tied to each other – if they are on a row-canceled. This makes the Slot extremely exciting.

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