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House Of Doom
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House Of Doom Overview

House of Doom is a slot machine game that has a certain creepy factor. This already begins with the fact that bells are constantly heard and an eerie music plays. The flashes on the creepy property also contribute to the atmosphere. Furthermore, the colours red and black dominate the playing field.

This makes the House of Doom Slot a real eye-catcher.Play House of Doom online: JokerIn this slot machine has the Logo to play the role of Joker. Within a slot, however, one speaks of Wild.

First of all, we would like to anticipate; that this is an image with a very high value. In addition, the Joker is able to make a payout even when it appears twice.

Thus, the Symbol already has some abilities in the petto.

Its color is turquoise; which is at least important in comparison with the free spins.However, the main task of the Joker, Replacing other images. However, additional Bonus symbols are excluded. The traditional symbols; like the skull; the Burning Rose; however, the cross or the star can be replaced.

By the way, it is not the only Wild, but only the House of Doom Joker. A woman with blindfolded eyes also serves as a substitute in the House of Doom slot machine.House of Doom free: making Wild wins the existence of a wild doesn’t replace the rules of the Slot game. All players should be aware of this.

For to achieve a payout; it still needs the required number of identical symbols. There are at least two or three Matches.

However, the highest payouts are with five identical images.

The order from left to right must also be observed.

Only when you play House of Doom symbols on the first reel start to the left and continue over 10 rows to the right; there is a payout.

And so the jokers help.

Suppose we discover the Rose in the middle on the first and third roller and the woman with the blindfolded (Joker) takes this Part on the second roller; thus the conditions are fulfilled.Up to 10 free spins over the spoils Spins10 free spins are a blessing for each player. This applies to the House of Doom Slot; but of course also for every Novoline game. The Freespins Symbol also shows the Logo, but here in purple.

It must be shown triple on the reels to trigger the Feature. During these spoiling turns also appears; the already named; second Wild.

It is the logo in turquoise, which can not only replace other images, but can also provide a separate rotation. For if it is triple or more common on the playing field, so there is a free game per Symbol. This allows the phase of free spins to be extended at House of Doom online.

Do the skull bonus game how does the player get to the skull bonus game?

For this, we need three of the Scatter is another special symbol – on the playing field. It is the burning skull. These activate the Bonus.

This is a Feature that the customer plays at a cash price. A skull is selected. The player must choose a skull.

With a bit of luck, the spoilage twists are triggered. More skulls can be selected; as long as the House of Doom Symbol appears and the game ends.

In the meantime, pictures can also be turned over, which continue the bonus game.

These are small multipliers.House of Doom tips and Tricks: Use the HöllenpforteDie hell gate the fourth feature is already in the machine. This is an additional Bonus.

From the very beginning, it is noticeable that a roller with a golden border is always highlighted. This is the portal of hell.

This Bonus can change Position at any subsequent spin.If a Joker appears on the portal of hell, the Symbol expands over all three spaces.

Especially since only 10 paylines are played; this Bonus sometimes has a big impact on the gaming experience. Within the spoilage turns, the lighting takes place even at up to five rolls.Conclusion to the House of Doom Slot: Numerous bonuses make FreudeWir two different Wilds have to win; a Scatter bonus and the hell’s gate and also a free game Bonus in stock.

This makes House of Doom a really interesting slot machine. Playn Go really came up with something here.

The theme is exciting, and invites to extended sessions.

House Of Doom Video Review



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