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Hugo Goal
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Hugo Goal Overview

If you like it easy and yet exciting, then you’re in the right place at the Hugo Goal slot. The small Troll is well-known from television; although it was last seen there rather rarely. Now Hugo is quite sporty.

Because in this slot game everything revolves around the round of leather. In the Hugo Goal Slot, King football rules what is happening.Hugo Goal play online: corner; free kick and penalty at this point we want to introduce some features of Hugo Goal shortly.

However, we push ahead; that there is actually no corner. A free kick can be obtained by the player; if the correct symbols appear; however. It is a function, where two reels must be filled with the same Symbol. This means that the player receives a second chance of winning.

The increase of this feature in the slot machine is the repetition. This is the filling of two reels with character symbols. In this case, there is not only a new turn. The third roll now rotates again until a guaranteed profit occurs.

The player has thus already won before completing the repeat feature in the Hugo Goal Slot.Hugo Goal gratis: penalty shooters are now all reels and positions with the same Symbol. A big profit is therefore inevitable. But why should we also want to avoid?

Instead, we have the chance to increase our payout. Because now we can win a multiplier.However, it is not our job to sink the penalty in the goal.

Conversely, a shoe draus. We are Hugo and can set the direction; where we want to keep the Elfer. Left; right or center.

Each penalty awarded increases the Multiplier.

At most, you can increase the payout by a factor of x10 at Hugo Goal online.

We must first distinguish between symbols; rows; lines and the symbolism Winchancebei. Again, there are the traditional symbols in this Playn Go Slot. This is, for example, football; the shoes; the yellow flag or the whistle. A stopwatch can also be detected.

On the other hand, the character symbols give a larger equivalent.However, the characters always block multiple fields. You are on a roll, up to three fields long. Of course, Hugo himself is on board as a Joker.

It is in a sense another Casino Bonus.

The malevolent woman acts as a referee in this case. The crocodile with the monocle is line judge and the goat serves as commentator.This is how you achieve a winning goal is a classic slot machine in many ways.

For example, only three rolls are available; where modern machines actually contain five roles. Thus, only nine images at the same time (maximum) on the playing field.

The number of profit series is, of course, also oriented towards this system.Because only five lines run from left to right.

It is the three straight lines; as well as the rows from top left to bottom right and bottom left to top right. Only in these ways can payouts be made. This requires three matches in the Hugo Goal game. Otherwise, the Joker must jump into the breach.

Hugo Goal tips and Tricks: mission strategy Hugo Goal actually comes around the corner with quite regular wins. As a result; that after a loss we adjust the insert upwards.

Here, we can start with the minimum bet of 0;05. Wherein a higher starting point is conceivable. After a lossy turn, we correct the insert upwards.However, a maximum of 100;00 Euro can be played as a bet. Nevertheless, it is important to set a Maximum for the capital to be used. Otherwise, the credit is used up very quickly in the case of a bad streak.

Nevertheless, we would like to point out that with the right strategy of betting, the Chance to complete a game with a profit can be increased.Conclusion about the Hugo Goal Slot: exciting football-SlotDem free-kick; repetition and penalty feature can be spent entertaining hours in the Hugo Goal Slot. The main character acts as the Wild and thus serves as a universal Joker. It is also possible with the special features; take great profits with you. The bet starts low and can be increased up to 100 Euro per round.

This makes Hugo suitable for beginners and Highroller.

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