Kingdom Of The Sun: Golden Age

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Kingdom Of The Sun: Golden Age
Kingdom of the Sun Golden Age
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Kingdom Of The Sun: Golden Age Overview

As usual in vending machines of similar themes, the background design of the slot displays a typical ancient Egyptian city in the middle of the desert. Particularly in the implementation of the chosen subject, they take themed animated inserts on the playing field, as well as a suitable soundtrack on the background of the game.

To strengthen the atmosphere of the game, help the used images on the panel displaying the results of rotation of the drums, where there are pictures of two rulers of Ancient Egypt, eagle, cobra, cat and card denominations. A special feature in the slot machine has a couple of special pictures.

The necessary combination of bonus symbols starts re-starting the reels with the activators fixed. Under the influence of this feature, all symbols with card values ​​that after stopping the coils stop next to the fixed symbols will turn into bonus names, be fixed in their positions and activate a new field scrolling. So, there is free casino bonus, but no jackpots. Every player can win money in the casinos online RTP game.

Kingdom Of The Sun: Golden Age Video Review

Kingdom Of The Sun: Golden Age REVIEWS BY PLAYERS
Pavel Andreev
June 11, 2018

Any game that in some kind is related to historian themes looks very attractive for me. I am glad to have enough time to try many slot.Kingdom Of The Sun: Golden Age Slot is the one of the most colorful games I played online before. No any complaints about an interface it’s ok. I haven’t try to withdraw money yet but I have won a little sum. Maybe I’ll succeed more in coming days. So for now I am fully satisfied. An interesting game that works swiftly without even few delays.

Without any notes.

Marybeth Toth
June 10, 2018

Increasingly, you can hear the positive feedback from advanced gamers about the successful slot machine Kingdom Of The Sun: Golden Age Slot, which in a lot of online casino entertainment takes a special place. The plot of this game is devoted to the life and traditions of Ancient Egypt, respectively, the symbols here reflect the elements of the daily life of the Egyptians, their king and queen and other elements, each of which has an individual value. Winning is considered a combination in which three or more images coincide, but if you take into account the help of bonuses and additional auxiliary functions, then large monetary gains are possible here very often.

A practical slot with unpredictable cash winnings.

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