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Lost Island in UK is a slot machine game with Lost Treasures and unknown things. There is so much to discover for the player. A mysterious music fades in the background. The design with its plants and buildings on the island stands out. Of course, the game is played not least because of the high winning amounts; which can be achieved with the right combination. All you have to do is line up the right symbols.

The usual symbolism in slot machines is difficult to describe.

They are mostly objects; they do not exist at all. A red coin with Golden decoration and a golden jewel; as well as a green drum can be discovered on the reels. Furthermore, a Ring; filled with glass beads; can be seen.

A triangular Symbol; which looks like it could trigger a mechanism when inserted; completes the ordinary symbolism.The letters and numbers are also available.

They range from the ACE through to 10. As special symbols are Wild in the Form of a beautiful flower and the Scatter. The latter has the shape of a beetle brooch.

The predominant colors are purple and Gold.

Free spins can be won here.That’s how it’s played!

To win a prize, the symbols must be stacked in a classic fashion. Make sure that the same symbols always follow one of the 20 paylines.

The pictures on the first roll have to start to the far left; to continue from there to the right.

If you want to try the slot machine game, you don’t have to download it. It can be played for free.The free spins Symbol can appear in normal rounds and also in free spins mode. It replaces all images except the scatter.

Can multiple combinations be achieved, so the Universal jokers replace only the highest winning series.

This ability increases payouts.

They are also more common.Multiplier and scatter the Wild also provides multipliers.

Depending on the number of jokers; also the Multiplier will adjust. A Wild is equivalent to x1 and five universal jokers ensure an increase in payout times 5. In this sense, the game can not only increase the chances of winning, but also positively affect the amount.

The Scatter must appear triple; to trigger Freegames.

A special Bonus is that at the beginning of the free spins Phase a Wild appears directly in the middle of the field.

This image remains there until the free spins are completed. Other Wild symbols may even appear stacked and thus increase the chance of a payout.

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Lost Island Video Review



Tomas Garcia
August 31, 2019

Lost Island is a quite new game that you can find on any Net Ent casino and I really don't like it. When I just started playing it I got a big win and since then I haven't managed to get anything over €10. It is like the game showed me what it can do and then just turned off. I have probably done more than 300 or 400 spins and never even got the feature. I know that if you are betting small then your chances of winning are smaller, so I even tried it on bigger bets and even that did not help. These days when I am playing online I don't even try to play this game because I know it is not going to pay out. The graphics on the other hand are really good in this game and is probably why everyone plays it. The sound effects are also pretty awesome and keep you from getting bored while you are playing. I also really like the idea of the game and do think that it can pay out, just when it wants too.The pays in the game are also not bad if you get them with a multiplier, you can get a huge win.

Max Jordan
August 4, 2019

Lost Island a Net Entertainment creation has 5 reel and 20 play line slot. The slot gives a very rich look and the gold color is extensively used in the slot. The slot has good background appearance and as I have always said that the Net Ent do not disappoint in the animation of the slot games, the very same goes with this slot. The soundtrack is good and I also like the sound effects that occur in middle of the game play. The slot lacks special feature and gets boring at times. The wild in the slot can substitute any symbol except the scatter. There is a multiplier level bar above the reels in the slot. In which the multiplier is awarded from 1x to 5x depending on the number of wild appearing on the reels. Then is the free spin feature which I triggered it early that is under 25 spins. The three scatter symbols appeared on the reel and I was awarded with 10 free spins. I made 350 coins from the free spin round. I was betting with 20 coins per spin at a coin value of 0.01. I best win that I could remember was of just 240 coins that is 12 times my bet. I have tried the slot just 2 to 3 times and last time I played it at Casino Luck. I made around 300 spins and I ended at break even that is no profit and no loss.The slot is a bit low on returns and I am not a frequent player of it. I even feel that they are too many idle spins in the slot when no wining combinations are formed. The multiplier meter progressed by the appearance of wild symbols is also not very productive. So I would rate the slot 6 on 10.

Willis Gonzales
May 22, 2019

Lost island slot also come not long time ago, but it was not lucky freespins give away for me. And it is strange, but most casinos give me only 5 freespins to try this slot, when usually I get 10 or more. But freespins is free, so even this 5 spins is good gift from casino, it is hard to try slot from 5 spins, but there is always a chance to win something big. My best result was at Redbet, where I win 4 euros, other casinos freespins pay me much more less. I continue play slot with 0.25 bets, but quickly lost.Like always, casinos start send different offers to try this slot, I take 100% bonus and decide to try slot. Made 25 euro deposit, and had 50 euros. I decide not be stupid, and start playing with 0.25 bets. In begin, my experience was good. Sometimes at reels drop 2-4 wilds, and it give me good multiplier for wins. Also I get few freespins features, but only with 3 scatters. After about 30 minutes of playing I had 60 euros, and I start play with 0.5 euros bet. And then come terrible time for me, because nothing good appear, and wilds did not want to appear. It is really important to get 2 or more wilds in winning line at this slot, as wilds increase multiplier for win, without multiplier wins is very low. Also I can't hit 3 scatters for about 150 spins, and when I have left 15 euros, I change bet back to 0.25, and freespins come quickly after that, but only with 3 scatters, and I did not win anything good during freespins, only few 3 of a kind wins, nothing else. I continue playing 0.25 bets, but did not hit freespins again and lost.I like this slot, but sometimes it is very bad pay, and it is hard to get freespins, at this time good thing is just left slot before it is eat all money. But when it pay good, you can win big, in freespins if hit many wilds.

Jason Mccormick
May 16, 2019

Lost Island slot created by Net entertainment and this is my favorite software. This slot has 20 paylines, and it is one more game that was released not so long (this is because looks like website sort Netent slots in order of their release, very good feature, thanks). Have no questions to animations and sounds, like always only I can say, or better show, it is just big thumbs up for Netent.Game has interesting feature, starting multiplier for each spin is just 1x, but every wild that appear during spin - increase multiplier by 1x, up to 5x, very interesting feature, and make me always waiting for more wilds, and when appear many and there is a good win I am almost screaming 'HOORAII'. Also there is freespins feature, another very interesting thing. 3 or more scatters win freespins, and there already placed one wild in middle, for all spins. So multiplier is already x 2. Also some wilds become stacked on some reels, but I am not sure about their order, where they stacked where not, so will not continue saying about it.Never has very big wins on this slot, probably 100-150$ with 0.8-1 bets, not great result, but I played this slot not many times, and of course to see very big win I need to play slot many times. Could be interesting to find somewhere player who have screenshot with many wilds during freespins feature, because payout for this win should be very big. Also probably need to try this slot more by myself, I think I will have some luck with it (do not know why, but I really have this feeling).

Dana Brady
April 5, 2019

This game is one of the newer NetEnt games. This has 5 reels and 20 ways for a win. The maximum bet in this game is 100€ and the minimum is 0.20€. This is one of the newest games that I tried out. I played the game with a minimum bet of 0.20€ per spin, and did so for about 20 minutes. Didn't manage to win anything special. Did manage to trigger the Free spin feature couple of times by getting three scatter symbols, but both times the payout was really low. The graphics of the game are not bad or good, they are in the middle. I think we can settle on average, but the music I really liked it was really suiting while I was playing. In this game there are no bonus features and also the type of this game isn't progressive. It has a wild symbol in a beautiful flower shape, which will substitute for anything except scatter. Also every time a wild appears on the reel the multiplier will increase for the number of wilds. The maximum number is 5 of course, so in order to get 5x multiplier, you need to get 5 wild symbols in one spin. Which in my case I didn't manage to achieve, I only managed to get 3x multiplier. Also in the Free spin feature there is a wild symbol that will stick around on reel 3 exactly in the center for the rest of the free spins, and the wilds in the free spin feature can come solo or stacked of 2 or 3. Overall a pretty decent slot, that in my opinion lacks the excitement that other slots have. As far as the ratings a solid 7.

Bethany Carson
February 9, 2019

Lost Island is 20 payline video game created by Net Entertainment software. I like the theme in this game. It remind me on TV serie which name is Lost, it is great tv show and I recommend it to all to watch it. I played this game a couple of times, most of the time when my balance was at higher amount. Maybe it is not one of the game which i will open at the beginning of my session at casinos, but it offer good atmosphere when you play it. The graphics are good, even much better is sound for me.I played this game at different stakes up to 1€. The main thing here are wild symbols. It is similar to Magic portals, I like both games. When I played I had some nice winnings during main game when wilds came up, but the paytable is not so good. It is ok, but nothing special. My best results during main game was like as x40 up to x60 bet. Never higher than that. I also triggered few times free spins, but the feature did not impressed me. During free spins wild symbol stick to center of reel 3 and remains on the reel until free spins end. Only 1 wild symbols during those free games is not enough. Feature is almost the same as base game, nothing special. I think it would be better if some random wilds land on the reels, at least 2 wilds. 1 wild is really almost nothing. Otherwise I think I will play this game even in the future, I like it. Sure it could be much more better, but until I had some good winnings at it, I will play it. The paytable is ok, sometimes I wish the wilds and other symbols pay more. 2 scatters could also pay something back.

Davis Condon
January 24, 2019

 Slot Lost Island will be interesting to all without exception. You can wander through the lost jungle, unravel the mystery of the island and still make good money, because the RTP is set at 96.5%. Bonuses are amazing!!!Lost Island slot machine is a real paradise for all free spins lovers!!!! Navigation and menu is simple, betting rage is very convenien!


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.