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Lucky Rabbits Loot
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Lucky Rabbits Loot Overview

Lucky Rabbits Loot is a very dreamy slot machine game. This is an allusion to the drawn design of the Slots. As looks very soft and colored and yet somehow different; as in other slot games. It plays a pretty music during the twists.

Above the rollers there is a small town; where a car goes from right to left. Last but not least, the potential profit amounts are of interest; which must be taken into account.Why is the rabbit installed in the name of the slot machine? In fact, the animal does not have its own Symbol.

And yet it can be seen in four pictures. The machine is oriented in a large style to card games. Therefore, the colours of Spades, hearts and diamonds, all the way to the cross. And with each of these card colors, there is a carnet in the picture.

But also the letters from A to J; and the numbers 10 and 9.Two special symbols can favor the player.

This is the Wild and the Scatter. The Wild is also described as a universal Joker. It is in this case a heart, with the inscription “Wild” on the Inside. The Scatter is reminiscent of the design of a garland of flowers; which, as the game logo, the name of the machine in the middle.

Game instructions the player can set the number of lines himself. Each click will add a row and a ball at the edges of the playing field will show the amount. 50 profit series are the Maximum. The Coins can also be freely chosen.

If you want to take a look at this unusual slot machine, you can play it for free without a download.

The Wild is able to replace other symbols.

It is similar in function to the Joker in a card game. Since this one-armed Bandit works a lot with card symbols; this makes sense.

The heart can replace all images, except the scatter, and thus provide higher and more frequent gains.Scatter and operation the Scatter does not have to be the only Symbol to stick to the lines.

Wins are multiplied by the total bet. No matter where the Logo of the game appears; a payout is granted; as long as it is visible at least triple.However, there are always the largest sums of money in five matches.

However, they must run on an activated line; from left to right;. Gaps can cut or prevent profit totals.

The controls are located below the rollers. A bucket full of carrots symbolizes the win or the rabbit Loot.

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