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Medusa II
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Medusa II Overview

Medusa II is not only a slot machine; it directly tells a story. In mythology, Medusa is known as a woman, whose hair is designed as snakes. She is able to transform whom she looks into stone. This concept also flows into the Slot game.

The background is divided into two parts: above we see a fertile Land. Below you can see a dried up wasteland. The game takes place on the reels.

Because there are the symbols to be found.

Two pictures play a special role in this slot machine. Once it is Medusa itself. We see a section of her face, where the green eyes in particular stand out. It is the Joker of the game.

There is also a Scatter.

This shows the Logo of the game. Consequently, the label Medusa II should be read.Two more; very good pictures; show beating. A green snake winds its way on a throne.

Furthermore, the snakes can be seen as a golden Emblem.

Then we recognize a petrified body. His arms have already fallen.

A quiver filled with arrows and a Golden Ring with the image icons. Furthermore, the numbers and letters find place in this Casino game.

They range from A to 10.That’s how it’s played!

How can profits be made? For this it needs the same symbols. These in turn have to follow certain rules. Important here is the course of a Payline.

This starts on the left side of the first roller and continues from there to the right. In the case of three or more matches in accordance with these terms, a payout shall be made.

A total of 243 winning rows move from left to right. During the base game, a soldier may appear on the playing field. With the “Turn to Stone” Feature, several Wilds can be unlocked here. This feature occurs randomly, but sometimes makes for interesting and increased profits.

Another Bonus is “Medusa’s Locked Reels” where up to four reels spin in the same tone.Wild and scatter we start with the Scatter. Is this triple visible on the playing field; so start 10 free games.

However, these have a distinctive feature. Because they are connected to the” Locked Reels ” Feature.

Two to five rollers therefore rotate in parallel. Five free spins can be triggered again.

Finally, the remains of Wild.

It’s stacked. With the exception of the Scatters, all images can be replaced and the series supplements. It is quite likely; that payouts with the help of the wild assume a greater amount or take place at all.

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