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Pixie Gold
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Pixie Gold Overview

Pixie Gold is a slot machine game that alludes to the mythical wealth of fairies. A cheerful Intro leads the player perfectly and already conveys a magical charm.

Moreover, it is immediately obvious; that we are not dealing with a normal Slot game. A look at the playing field is enough for this. Nevertheless, the forest with the trees and bushes is perfectly integrated in the game. The focus is also on the values of the symbols.

We would like to deal with this in the following. First of all, therefore, we will look at the special symbols of the slot machine. Here we first mention the Pixie Spin, which is controlled by a golden star.

The fairy; with her blond hair and Big Blue Eyes takes on the role of the wild.

With this we have served free rounds and jokers alike.The traditional symbolism is also clear. A grim-looking King still shows the greatest value.

The Casino game convinces on the reels to that with a fungus; which serves as housing for the fairies. A snail and a ladybug can be seen as well; as a small backpack; the magic wand and acorns. The letters K; Q and J; and the number 9 are also found.

That’s how it’s played!The slot game has a theoretical payout of 95;42 percent. Basically, we must first explain the construction of Pixie Gold. In addition to the five reels in the Middle, each containing four symbols, there are two more reels before and after the actual playing field.

Decisive are the first two reels; then one of the middle and again the last two-at least for the win determination.

This results in another special rule.

Because on this slot we find 1,296 ways to win. Nevertheless, the order is fixed from left to right. For a payout, identical symbols are required, which follow the lines once and also start at the starting point to the far left.Wild and JokerDie release of the Pixie Spins coupled to two images. A carriage is drawn below the playing field.

If this appears at the same time under the roller with the star, there is nothing in the way of the Pixie Spin.

The Joker appears on the second reel.

There is also a special symbol on the center rollers.

The Wild is able to replace all symbols except the Royal Star. This makes payouts more frequent. Those who are not satisfied with their profits can then take advantage of the risk function. Here the player may choose a color or card.

In addition to an increase in profit; also its loss is possible.

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