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Temple Quest
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Temple Quest Overview

Temple Quest is a slot machine game a little reminiscent of the Indiana Jones movies. In principle, however, there is something more natural here. The Background shows only plants.

Apparently, the path to the temple still has to be warned. However, the player is more interested in the stakes and winnings. A maximum of 40 units can be set. With the right combination of symbols, this can be unloaded in a large payout.Of the normal symbols, a wall drawing is most valuable.

She shows a man with a big hat and earrings.

In addition, two birds can be discovered on top of each other. A green jewel, set in a Golden Circle, follows in value. Furthermore, three letters can be detected.

It is the ACE; the king and the lady. All symbols are also decorated with jewels of different colors.A golden coin in the center and outside stands “Free Spins”; again framed by a golden frame; shows the Freeplay Symbol.

The temple princess is very lightly clothed and armed with a spear.

It can provide for special profits. The lucky chest multiplies the amount entered. Finally, the game remains; which has been designed simply with a red background.

How to play the presentation is as optimal as one of the mercury games. The machine ensures long-term Motivation. Regular profits to delight the player.

And the existing features provide for dispersion.

Basically, payouts are only achieved when identical symbols appear from the left to the right side of the Slot game.

Depending on the picture, two or three matches are required.

The Wild in this slot machine takes over its classic role as a universal Joker.

It can replace all the images of the playing field, and even rows to expand. Only the Scatter is excluded from this rule.

Higher and more frequent winnings are expected to be received by the player. In addition, the Wild is also the image with the highest equivalent in the normal game.

Mega Icons and free games a special feature is the so-called Mega Icons. These are pictures; which can occupy an area of 2×2 up to over half of the entire playing field. Especially with the special symbols or valuable images this is a not to be underestimated advantage. Because a small series comes about here by itself.

Freegames are won with such a Mega Icon.

A maximum of 16 free games are possible. Also the keys for the treasure temple are played over an oversized image. The player can watch; how the value for his keys is determined. Similar to the lucky chest the total profit is then displayed.

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