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Three Wishes
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Three Wishes Overview

The three Wishes slot machine game takes on the familiar and popular story with the miracle lamp. Those who rubbed it; a bottle spirit fills three desires. This privilege has already been granted to many protagonists in the Film.

But not always the lamp has brought luck to the finders. Their own desires are often broken up enough in front of the Finder’s eyes. Those who play this Slot Game will want high wins. This desire can be fulfilled with a bit of luck at the spins, even without a magic lamp.

In this money game slot machine the symbolism revolves around the story of the magic lamp.

The most valuable Symbol with an equivalent of 80 is a charming woman. The funny camel still manages to half this value. Gold bars and gold coins are worth a maximum of 32. So included in the game are two crossed sabers; a crystal ball; a shiny Ruby; Fruit; and an old basket.Four special symbols bring the necessary momentum into the adventurous Slot Game.

The flying carpet is the game’s Wild. The funny monkey can provide for Bonus winnings. In the treasure chest free games can be found. And at the end of course, the miracle lamp as a Bonus round Symbol must not be missing.

Game instructions no Download is required; in order to operate this slot game. Winnings are paid out; if the same symbols appear along the paylines.

There are a maximum of 30 of them, which are also listed in the Paytable. The one-armed Bandit doesn’t let you miss animations. A dancing woman; a moving camel and a bouncing monkey can be seen regularly. To achieve a win; at least three matches of the symbols should be achieved.

However, it is also possible to trigger withdrawals without three matches. The Wild in its form as a flying carpet serves as a universal Joker.

He can assume the role of all symbols; except the monkey; the treasure chest and the miracle lamp.

As a result, payouts are more frequent and reach a higher level.Bonus Iconsthe flying carpet can; as long as it appears on the first reel; fly over the playing field once and turn all the Icons that it touches into cash prizes. The monkey offers; if it appears on the reels two and three; multiple symbols to be clicked by the player; to receive a reward.The treasure chest gives five free spins; if you see three-fold.

This number increases to ten in four chests.

Are possibly even five treasure chests on the field; the player receives 25 free spins. The magic lamp, the wishes of health; fame; love; travel; to fulfill wisdom and long life; which are endowed with bonuses for the game.



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