High RTP Slots

High RTP Slots

Newcomers to the world of online gambling are often faced with a completely new vocabulary. It is important to familiarize yourself with this in order to really succeed in playing. One of the most important terms is the RTP of slot machines.

Sounds like a boring game regulations, but in reality the RTP of the slot machines has an influence on the course of gambling. It is therefore worth taking a closer look at what this quota has to offer.

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What is the term “RTP” in terms of slot machines?

The higher the odds, the more likely the success is guaranteed. So it seems a very fair move that gamblers are informed about which slot machines are the most likely to win. The only question is, how are these RTP fixed and who is responsible?

The payout ratio of a slot is a statistical value, which results from long-term considerations of player experience. Although since 2005 there has been no more slot machine RTP in Germany, which sets a minimum limit, most operators, for reasons of seriousness, see from including Slots with too low chances of winning in their Repertoire. The average RTP of slot machines is between 90% and less than 100%.

Ultimately, the odds indicate which percentage of the bet is paid out to the players:

If, for example, a player has placed 100 euros in a slot with a 95%RTP, he should receive 95 euros in reliable statistics.

The remaining 5% of the stake will be forfeited by the Casino. Since this is only a theoretical view, the player sequence is distributed among all players, of course, differently. A single player can therefore win a 100% victory, while another player runs out completely empty.

In the field of online Casinos and slot machines this calculation is made by the testing institute TST, more precisely the Technical System Testing. Although Casinos often provide their own odds. However, considering an independent company gives players the assurance that they are reliable values.

Slot machines with the highest RTP on the market

Of course, with the wide selection of Video Slots on the market, you can quickly fall into the thought of, it is no matter which of the Games you choose as a player. The opposite is the case! In addition to the fun factor of the game, gamblers should pay attention to which RTP Slots have been classified. Because your success in winning a prize in the form of real money depends largely on this quota.

The bandwidth is large here. In order to ensure that the beginners of the players still do not give up a hopeless gambling game, our experts from Spielautomaten.com an overview of the Slots with the highest chance of winning.

Overview of providers with the best RTP

The chances of winning a game depend on the underlying Software. This Software is a matter of the manufacturer of the game, not too few of which occur in the online business.

It can therefore be concluded that those who are looking for the Slots with the highest chance of winning should first take a closer look at the manufacturer!

Trusted experts from Spielautomaten.com have done this for the users and provide an overview of the providers with the best average slot machine RTP.

What remains to be said about the RTP?

Although RTP of a slot affects players ‘ chances of winning, it cannot be said with certainty that good odds provide a great popularity of the game. This is because, in addition to the prospects of success, the technical quality and presentation of the game is ultimately decisive. If there is simply no mood in a Slot, it can promise such great chances of winning. After all, boredom is not made up for by money.

Similarly, RTP does not affect the offer of bonus rounds, free spins or other extra Features. Although these elements increase the chances of success within the game, they only compensate for the relatively low chances of winning that this game has in the absence of the extra Features. In other words, bonuses and free spins are often a Trick of the providers, distracting from the bad game conditions or making up for them at best.

The payout percentage should therefore be understood as a rough guide to the Fairness of a slot. Whether and how much a player actually wins at the end, however, the odds alone can not be said before-and certainly not, whether the Game is really fun despite all the profits or losses.

How relevant are the house advantage of a casino, for RTP of the slot machines?

The house advantage is basically opposite to the RTP of a game. It means that with a video Slot with 2.7% House advantage, the chance of 97.3% for the player to get the bet again. It is relatively high in slot machines compared to other online Games such as Roulette, which means that the Casino has greater chances of winning itself.