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Bonanza Slot
4 Bonuses Up to £150
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Big Time Gaming
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Bonanza Overview

Here is a brand-new and extremely intriguing Bonanza in UK provided to your attention.

Bonanza in UK is a cool and interesting slot video game from the BigTimeGaming software provider which was released in 07.12.2016. This video game makes it possible to win a 120000 with ease since of #ÑÑÛË! paylines.

reels and #ÑÑÛË! paylines generate a strong winning possibility.

If you put on t wish to take threats, position a minimum bet 0.2 and you won’t lose much. However if you put an optimum bet 200 , you can win a 120000.

JS, HTML5 was used to create Bonanza in UK from BigTimeGaming.

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Bonus amount
125% up to €300 + 200 spins
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Welcome offer is valid for New Players only. Welcome offer is valid for the first 5 deposits only. Minimum Deposit of €20 required. Wagering requirement x35


Farrah Crouch
December 17, 2019

At one time, I too was very much caught by Bonanza, but after seeing how the game could go over 1600 spins or more before getting one Free Spins game, that made me lose all my interest completely! Never before have I come across any game that would go this many spins just to get one Free Spins game, and eventually paying peanuts for it! To me, this is absolutely ridiculous, so no more Bonanza for me, probably for ever!

Adam Webb
December 7, 2019

I've never played much of Big Time Gaming games, and the few games that I have played weren't to my liking at all. The games themselves are not that bad to play, but they simply don't suit my style of playing. Bonanza is one of the latest releases from Big Time Gaming, but it is a game of its own, without similarities to any other game. For a start, Bonanza offers a whopping 117,649 Megaways to win! Honestly speaking, there has never been a game that has that many ways to win, so Bonanza is the pioneer in this sense, and being such, it is a game that you would either love or hate. There can be no two ways about it!I was attracted to this game after seeing one player getting lots of big wins. Needless to say, this guy is damn lucky with the game like no other player can! The game plays with 6 reels and 7 rows, with a 4-reels 8th row on top. The symbols become very small indeed, but to overcome this, all symbols come in double or triple size, so the play area is scattered with big and small symbols. Confusing and not that pleasant to look at whilst playing, especially for me, because I hate games that have more than 5 reels and 4 rows. The game looks very cluttered and messy, totally different from the normal 5-reels 3-rows game. But of course, most players are not even bothered by all that, and they can play with any number of reels or rows. I even have my own names for such games - the 'printed toilet roll' game and the 'printed kitchen roll' game. The first name goes to a Yggdrasil game, and the second goes to NetEnt's Planet Of The Apes game. Hahaha.Paytable wise, the symbol values are very low indeed. The Wild and Scatter symbols don't pay anything, and the highest paying symbol, the Diamond, only pays 50x the total bet for getting 6 of them. The second highest symbol is even worse with just a 7.5x value, and the lowest symbol with just 0.8x the total bet amount. What makes all the difference is the unlimited multiplier during the free spins, thereby making huge wins possible, but how huge has yet to be seen or known. This aspect alone has caught the interest of so many players by now.Getting the scatter symbols G, O, L and D anywhere on the reels trigger 12 free spins with an unlimited multiplier, with each win increasing the multiplier by +1. Getting a '+5' scatter symbol in the base game adds 5 more free spins, whilst getting 3 or 4 Gold Carts during the free spins adds 5 and 10 more free spins respectively. Not getting a win in any of the free spins does not reset the multiplier back to 1x, so this is the best part of the game. Imagine seeing the multiplier going up and up, from 1x to 10x, to 20x and beyond, and the wins becoming bigger and bigger too! If this doesn't drive you wild, then I don't know what could! Hahaha.

Leticia Massey
August 8, 2019

Bonanza is a slot by Big time gaming. They are still new to the market, I think like 2 years old or so, however they have lately released some very brilliant and high variance slots which can make any day a pay day during their base games even.With 117 thousand ways to win and a unlimited multiplier feature during free spins is enough to get your going. Do note when I said high variance, I meant extremely highly volatile, which means it can eat your balance at the same time just like that.I have never seen any Big Tme slot with standard 20, 25 or 30 reels. All of their slots are mega ways which is something you would like. Bonanza has 117 thousand mega ways and in order to access the free spins feature you need to get the letters GOLD on the screen. This slot has rolling reels which means every time a win occur new symbols falls down the reels to create new and better wins.Once the free spins feature is triggered you get 12 spins for only the letters GOLD. You can also win additional spins if the 5+ symbols lands as well after the feature has been triggered or if you get 3 gold carts during free spins then you retrigger the feature.I love the music of this slot, it has like a fast country beat song, and it is different on each spin. This slot is my life, I come to this slot if I need rescuing if I had been losing. I have won very big on this slot x500 a couple of times, x1000 my stake during base game and almost x2000 during a free spins feature. On average this slot pays x100 for me, but at times x5 my stake etc.I hope big time gaming will continue making suck great slots as I will play them at minimum bet of course. Hopefully one day I can afford big bets to break their bank.

Misty Dawson
June 18, 2019

I've mentioned in this forum about NetEnt sped up some of their games and it felt a bit rushed, it's like having dinner at a restaurant, courses served quickly and the check shoved in front of your face. Playing slots is not only about winning, you have to enjoy it, that's why I don't like fast paced games but there's only 1 games provider that I don't mind their games being fast paced; Big Time Gaming. To be honest, I think their games are designed to be fast paced and therefore the gameplay might feel naturally.I was introduced to BTG somewhere between late 2015 and early 2016, Gold was the first BTG game I played but back then, I didn't know that Gold was BTG game because I was playing it at a Microgaming casino, so I guess Big Time Gaming has been active for quite some time then. Later on BTG became more popular and more games were released, Dragon Born was my favorite but then came Bonanza. This game has caught my attention for at least a week. First time, beginners luck, I won over €400 with only €0,40 bet. I was stunned and became 'addicted' to it but I was cured after several bad runs. This was literally game of the week or lets just say this was a week game for me.Bonanza is almost a perfect game, stunning graphics, fluent gameplay, awesome sounds and tracks but aside that, almost unlimited paylines, unlimited multiplier but the most inportant thing why many players love this game is the potential of huge payouts. Most of us might know Thunderkick latest release Pink Elephants that has a max payout of 8600 times bet, I believe Bonanza can top that, haven't seen it yet but I know it's possible.I have hunted for the ultra win on this game and only managed to hit 2 of them but I will catch the biggest ever some of these days hehehe. So far, the biggest win was over 1600 times bet in the base game, I strongly believe this could also be won in the bonus feature with an active multiplier.Bonanza is a highly recommended BTG game, in fact, I think this is the game that will become a classic in the future.

Jayden-Lee Salinas
April 12, 2019

The bonus is so hard to get. 3000 spins no bonus happens regularly but when it comes it can be either a x10 or x2000. Truly high volatile.

Gracey Cartwright
March 21, 2019

The only slight nag with Bonanza is it is extremely difficult to hit even 50x in the base game, but in saying that the fun of it is all in the G O L D !

Oscar Scott
March 9, 2019

Golden Goddess is one of those slots that make you exclaim even before the first spin, WOW! If I still do not get rich, I will quit gambling and will get down with anything else, but slots. The shining of this slot is without equal and its graphics are so well done so that you cannot quit the game one moment. I played here for about an hour and a half and I left this slot only a very big regret even if I had not won something extra, and there was a moment when I finished almost all the money available initially for playing, and just a very lucky spin made the difference between total disaster and the ability to continue the game. To explain just a bit why this slot is so appealing, I need to say that this is the only one I had played until now, that has the so-called “Super Stacked Symbols”. Which means that a reel, as long as it spins, it has the same symbols on it. And so 2, 3 and rarely 4 or 5 reels, land all on the same symbol.In general just two reels will stop having the same symbol on them at the same moment, or even worse, reels 2, 3, 4 will land on the same symbol but on reel one will be different symbols and thus again the win be zero. In the overwhelming majority of wins for a bet of 40 coins, you will be paid between 120-200 coins, once every 5-10 spins (i.e. a win of 3 x-5 x only), which is not enough, of course. However, from time to time about once every 15 minutes of playing (150-200 spins) you will obtain a “Big Win” of 600-1200 coins. Everything would be fine and probably the money would be just enough, if the entry in the Free Spins round would not be so difficult. It is necessary that 3 different reels land all on Roses, fact almost impossible (because the Rose is a not common symbol of the game). In 500 spins only once I triggered the Free Spins and despite of the large wins (1,000 coins) still I have not managed to get back on track with the money. Maybe someone luckier than me, because of these wins so big, would be able to gather something extra. The game itself is still beautiful for its overwhelming brilliance and greatness, and perhaps with a little more generosity would have gone without a doubt to the top 5 ever. Like this is just a slot a bit better than the average.

Caitlyn Monroe
March 6, 2019

Unlike most providers you really can play this on minimum bet and walk away with a great win.

Isabelle Morrison
February 18, 2019

I will not write what thematically contains this slot from Big Time Gaming..This is a super high variance slot with really great potential. Even with a small symbol you can collect in a main game huge win because the number of paylines is different from spin to spin. Also the free spins bonus is great, every win on free spins is plus 1x multiplayer so you have a big chance for a big hit. Let everyone try this game.

Lillian Drinkwater
January 1, 2019

 Bonanza slot will please with a simple and fun interface that will appeal to even the most experienced players. The menu is simple and convenient, designed with maximum comfort for the player. There are special symbols, there are bonuses and the opportunity to win a large amount of money. I win here often, but small amounts. As a rule, this is from 100 to 300 dollars of net winnings. And I like everything in Bonanza slot.

everything is OK, maybe it'd be great to have some higher RTP level

Rhoda Beverlin
December 30, 2018

Big Time Gaming did their best by providing a great combination of well-crafted graphics and well-thought-out features in the exciting new game Bonanza, where you can enjoy the game, as well as good wins. The bet in Bonanza slot is accepted immediately on the spin. The game has simple and special symbols, free spins, a system of repeated spins and additional bonuses. On the reels of the Bonanza gaming machine, gems and denominations of playing cards fall out. In addition to the fact that symbols differ in height, they can also go in long lines in columns. In addition to the basic elements, there are two special ones: Wild (checkers of dynamite) appears only in carts. Scatter (gold bars with letters G, O, L, D) fall out in any cells on the main reels.

Very interesting game with huge winning opportunities.


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.