Mobile Slots

Mobile Slots

For several years now, there has been a drastic change in the world of online casinos, with some even describing it as a revolution. Because the game is shifting more and more from the “online” casinos to the mobile casinos.

After all, the modern mobile phones and tablets allow us to have access to the internet anytime, anywhere, and that we can do a lot of different things there.

Listening to music, watching videos and playing on your phone are simply one of them today. No wonder the desire for mobile slot machines among players grew ever greater. For a long time the operators have graced themselves a bit and provided very few games, but in the last two years there have been drastic changes and so today you can play most slot machines on the mobile phone.

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How do mobile slots work?

In principle, there are two ways to play on the mobile phone. Some casinos have developed their own apps for mobile slot machines. In this case, you have to upload a program to your phone from the casino homepage, which allows you to quickly and easily access the mobile slot machines and other offers. The app updates itself and this version is the “more convenient.”
But still, another way seems to be taking hold: most casinos offer you their own mobile home page. This means that you just go to the casino’s side with your phone or tablet in your browser and immediately the games are automatically available to you without downloading. So this corresponds to the classic flash casino on the pc.

Where can i find mobile phone slot machines?

In 2016, you will hardly find a casino that completely dispenses with a mobile site or app for casino games. Nevertheless, not all casinos are equally well equipped. If you want to play a lot online, then you will especially enjoy modern casinos like the leo vegas casino or stargames casino.

From the classic vendors, microgaming’s casinos have a particularly interesting offer – royal vegas would be an example here. Here the game selection is not as big as something in the come on casino, but all important video slots are available to you and you can also play in many progressive jackpots.

What apps are there?

We are often asked for the best mobile apps for slot machines. The answer here is not so simple, because there are few apps and many mobile sites. More crucial is the question of the operating system of the mobile phone. If you are using an android or apple device, then all casinos are available to you. But it gets harder with a blackberry, symbian or windows phone – these operating systems are less often supported. But even if you own such a mobile phone, you should not despair – many a casino has an offer here: jackpot city mobile site, for example, offers its games to virtually all popular manufacturers.

Special bonuses?

At the beginning of the era of mobile slots for mobile phones, there were many offers from the vendors for their own bonuses for the game on the phone. However, these offers are now going back further and further, as you usually play with the same customer account you play with online.

The bonuses offered on the mobile pages are usually identical to the offers you would receive on the pc. Nevertheless, there are always offers for existing customers with which they want to test the mobile phone casino. These are usually free spins or even small no deposit bonus payments – so as a player you can get a picture of the mobile offer and get a first impression.

Are there more or less mobile slots than vending machines in the online casino?

The slot machines that are being implemented for mobile phones are previously exclusively existing slots that have proven their worth online. Therefore, it is logical that the offer on the mobile phone always falls short of the offer on the computer. But especially with very new online casinos, one can see that the trend is to massively expand the range on the mobile phone. While many “older” casinos offer only 20-40 games on their mobile platform, vendors such as mr green casino already have over 140 games that have been implemented for their mobile phones.

It is probably only a matter of time before the first slots are created, which are developed exclusively for the mobile app or mobile website and thus react to the possibilities of the game with your finger.

Pros and cons of mobile slots

The advantages of mobile slot machines are obvious. The mobile phone is our constant companion and, thanks to modern radio systems, can be used almost anywhere to be on the web. So with mobile casinos, gambling is always and everywhere. Especially simpler slots are also ideal for a conversion for the mobile phone.

In the area of tablets there is also a larger screen available and many now use the tablet as a central tool in leisure time: reading, watching videos, playing – all this is done on the tablet. With the emergence of your own casino applications for this device, it was possible to close an important gap.

But there are also downsides. In some cases, the offer is still severely restricted and the exclusive game on the mobile device is still associated with severe limitations.

The small screen, which is typical for the mobile phone, also makes it difficult to display more elaborate slots well – here you have to make some compromises about the display on the screen.

Pay at the online casino with the mobile phone bill

If you want to play for real money in an online casino, you first have to deal with the payment methods, after all, the freshly created player account has to be fed with credit in order to be fed at the virtual roulette table, at online poker or can also place machine bets on one slot or another.

In addition, payment methods are also central to the disbursements. Zockers who were lucky and have really cashed in, naturally want to hold the profit in their hands and therefore wonder how they can have the balance paid off.

The classic bank transfer, while supported by most providers, sometimes seems too lengthy and burdensome. Instead, you can no longer only pay by credit card, but also resort to a variety of different banking options. Especially in the area of mobile casinos, payment by mobile phone account is becoming more and more established, with traditional online casinos also going down this path.

How does paying through the mobile phone bill in the online casino work?

If you are in the middle of the game and suddenly find that there is no more credit available in your own player account, you want to change this as soon as possible. In particular, when you are on the road and dedicated to mobile gaming, it is sometimes not possible to make a bank transfer quickly or to arrange a credit card payment.

The online casinos support different payment methods in the mobile sector, but in some cases the providers also follow different paths. Sometimes it is possible to pay via the mobile phone bill in the online casino. For most people, the question arises in this context as to how such a payment works.

If payment is supported by mobile phone invoice, this is quite simple. Under the menu item banking, the user only has to select “payment by telephone bill” or payforit. You then specify what amount you want to deposit into the player’s account and you don’t have to worry about anything anymore. The deposit in question can then simply be found on the next mobile phone bill, which automatically debit it from the current account. The convenience of a deposit by mobile phone invoice is therefore hard to beat and is particularly effective in mobile casinos.

Despite the immense advantages, payment in the online casino by telephone bill in germany has not yet been able to prevail across the board. With the increasing popularity of mobile gambling offers, the importance of smartphones and tablets in the field of gambling is likely to increase significantly in the future, so that the innovative payment method will certainly also be more in response to users. In other countries, this is already the case today, so mobile phone deposits have long been the order of the day for online gamblers. In austria, for example, the payment system paybox is often used, the billing of which is part of the normal mobile phone bill.

The ability to charge your own player account in the online casino quickly and easily via the phone bill seems extremely tempting and at first glance has only advantages. At the same time, however, we must not underestimate the fact that many people are being tricked into making additional deposits premluously, which they cannot afford in the end. With the cellphone bill then comes the nasty surprise.


Mobile slot machines now allow us to gamble anytime, anywhere. This allows you to make perfect use of waiting times and travel to quickly and comfortably play a few laps on your favourite slot. The trend towards playing on mobile phones and tablets has probably only just begun and you can be curious to see what innovative new beginners in the world of online casinos will develop here.