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7 Sins Slot
7 Sins
7 Sins Slot info
Play'n Go
Coin size min.
Coin size max.
70 000
Speed of game
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7 Sins five-reel and the three-row game offers as many as 243 ways to get richer tonight. It can be freely played on PC, tablet and mobile.

The game is based on the seven deadly sins mentioned in the Bible. The atmosphere is of middle ages (around the 17th century) when people were too superstitious. It really looks gorgeous and stunning with the dark background and the seven super hot women representing Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, Envy, Lust, Vanity, and Sloth. The dresses of these adorable and sexy “sins” are gold, pink, red, light blue, green and yellow.

7 Sins is great, especially for low-staked players. The RTP (return to player percentage) of the 7 Sins video slots game is quite high – 96.28%. If the minimal gambling amount here is 0.2 while the maximal one is 100. The top prize a player can win can’t exceed 55600 coins. To enjoy the game online without any money, choose the no-deposit option.


7 Sins Slot video review

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Yulia Kuzmina
June 17, 2018

7-sins attracted me mostly with the bright graphics. I am a woman, and I feel special excitement when the slot looks really fantastic! Play'n Go did not disappoint me with this gaming machine. Unfortunately, I did not get the jackpot (although my hidden desire was to win this stunning huge prize) but my award was 700 ponds which is not bad, as for me. I wish the game could have more bonuses and additional options, however, I am excited that is has 243 ways to win real money. My mark is 9 from 10.stunning

Jo Malone
May 19, 2018

7 sins game is a good game, it's very interesting to play it-the main thing is that the brain is working and you have to think! It is thoughtless to not win here. Only for those who know how to take their steps! The design and design of the game is very enjoyable, so I recommend everyone to try. The main thing is not to flirt! I brought a thousand out of here!

Lady Angel
May 15, 2018

The game is excellent. game seven sins I appreciate at 9ku! this is not my favorite game, but it's at a high level! whoever did NOT play !? URGENTLY join, let's together use this! very interesting, I played 5 hours yesterday and today is three, it fascinates me very much! I want even more of these games! seven sins heme drags!

James James
May 11, 2018

Actually, I do not gamble much using Play'n Go slots. I prefer Microgaming software but here, I was attracted by the jackpot. The chance to get 70 thousand seemed to me something VERY TOUGH. OK, I did not get this money, however, my award was also not bad. In April, it was over 670 EUROs. Its cool also to play 7 sins slot it on your mobile or a tablet - the speed is rather good, and you can enjoy the process as if you are using a laptop or a desktop. I wish the music could be softer but the rest is excellent. 8 from 10 points!

Juan Coleman
April 27, 2018

Slot 7 Sins runs on the famous Play'n Go platform. He has a minimum deposit and an excellent jackpot. I'm glad that I pay attention to such a casino, and it in turn raises my status as a person!

In the slot there are many pluses, of the minuses only bonuses, there could be more!

April 24, 2018

Of course, the function of auto games in 7 Sins Slot and very extensive opportunities for receiving a jackpot.

This caustic and ugly music after every round. She's just annoying me!

Amber Davis
April 16, 2018

Slots with girls are my weakness. And when the chance to get a jackpot in 70,000 is quite high, then the desire to play and the thirst for excitement increases many times. Very original design. Convenient game menu. All perfectly!

Felicita Hills
April 5, 2018

Oh yeah! It's just a stunned slot! How much temptation to make the maximum bet at the moment when you look at the game saver. And I'm so weak and scathing about women! Willing to spend and play! Again and again!

March 10, 2018

a big plus of the game is that you can play not only from a computer, but also from a mobile device. The opportunity to earn good money))).


Myroslav Roman
March 4, 2018

I can't describe well-enough how happy I am that I have found this slot. It's truly entertaining and has some good games that I enjoy playing. Not to forget about the awesomeness of the profit that I have made. Truly amazing.

Alex Z
February 28, 2018

The abundance of games, variety of payment methods

The addictiveness of some games

Kira Oskar
February 26, 2018

Playing with the mind can achieve a lot. Therefore, when there is time I spend it with benefit.

I saw no significant minuses. So far, so good.

Alex BMW
February 25, 2018

7 sins is a slot in which I like almost everything. There is a large audience, many correct functions. And I have everything here.

The minimum bid is 0.02, but I would like to start with 0.01 as in others, but it does not interfere with playing, and thus the final bet is raised.

Maria MW
February 24, 2018

nice slot, I play it mostly when I need some fun and extra money coz it's really possibly to win there ifu play reasonably!

not very easy menu

Oscar V.
February 23, 2018

If you, like I have a great desire to become richer, then join the game 7-sins, where there is such an opportunity. There are as many as 243 ways to quickly raise their financial position. By the way, for fans of getting adrenaline without money there is a free option. Still attracts the graphic design of the slot. I take risks and often win.

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