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Apollo God Of The Sun
Apollo God of the Sun
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Apollo God Of The Sun Slot Overview

“Apollo God of the Sun” Slot offers a variety of basic symbols, few special characters, thematic prizes, bonus rounds and free spins.

The slots’ pictures appearing on the reels: Greek vases, columns, helmets, warriors are looking like as if they were carved from the stone

There are several bonus features added:

  • Almighty Sun – appears in regular or free spins.
  • Apollo symbol participates in multi-win combinations.

This game slot is really colourful, has an impressive animation and a great sound. But the main advantage of the slot machine is the variety of in-game options. Free spins, bonus games, jokers and other prizes make the gameplay very interesting.

Apollo God Of The Sun Slot Video Review

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Robin Hayes
October 21, 2018

Known to many gamers, the developer of online games, Leander Games has created and released the very exciting Apollo God Of The Sun slot machine, with an amazing gameplay design, advantageous bonus features and a constantly growing jackpot, until the lucky player takes it. to myself. The drums here are set between two concrete columns with fiery torches, and to the left of the drums is an ancient warrior, known as Apollo, on guard. You will certainly be fascinated by the numerous possibilities of this slot, so do not hesitate to start the game.

Graphics, sounds, as well as many first-class features and an unimaginable jackpot will appeal to you.

Jasper Montoya
May 3, 2018

The Apollo God Of The Sun Slot is well designed. After loading, a gorgeous game screen with quality animation effects is presented. The interface is intuitively simple. The probability of getting bonus bonuses is quite high already at the start. Certainly, one of my favorites.

McDowell Neil
April 23, 2018

Leander Games tried to great Glory. Created a cool game Apollo God Of The Sun with a great story and graphics. The minimum deposit takes its toll, and the yield of several thousand gives confidence.

The game is cool, no problems or errors on the way!

Kira Oskar
April 15, 2018

In the game apollo-god-sun an interesting topic. The plot is mesmerizing, and the game always gives a chance to make your world much better. When reading updates, you can do well with everything, so the rules are above all, and you need to adhere to them. And bonuses will help in increasing the deposit.

So far so good!

Jared Branch
March 19, 2018

The Greek motive always carries a certain intrigue. So I decided to play in apollo-god-sun. I want to note that the plot here is quite interesting, and the music only adds magic, as if it carries over into the ancient civilization. Many bonuses, many free spins, make the game more pronounced.

So all is sweet, that I do not know why I will get caught.

Ol Vs
March 14, 2018

A popular slot with the symbols of ancient Greece inspires many gamers. Apollo-god-sun has many bonus features, free spins, prizes and other essential gaming features. Fans of excitement, quality graphics and sound, can start here without hesitation here to have fun and earn well.

Without any problems.

Margaret Cutler
February 5, 2018

The Return To Player rate offered by this game is quite impressive standing at 97,1%. Leander Games has developed the slot to be quite accommodating for those days when I don’t feel like staking high wagers by placing a lower limit that is quite convenient.

The progressive jackpot featured in Apollo God of the Sun is not anything to write home about, but hopefully, it will grow with time as the game becomes more popular among players to accommodate a much higher payout than it does now.


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