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Piggy Bank
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Piggy Bank Overview

Piggy Bank or in a free translation the “piggy Bank”; is a slot machine; has chosen money as the theme. The focus of attention is, of course, the piggy bank. Children and adults alike use this invention in order to save money for a considerable amount. No disturbing music is required.

Only the turns are highlighted with Sound.

If you combine the right symbols according to the rules ; can expect attractive payouts.The highest value for the conventional symbols in the slot machine is the banknote. In the background, the Dollar sign stands out. On the green light, however, the piggy bank is immortalized. Also the golden coin; which occupies the second place in the rankings; adorns the face of the pig. Next in the series comes the Hammer; with which the cash will be recaptured.

The letters from A to J are equipped with pig ears and a curly tail.The pigs can spend Bonus winnings.

Three pigs ensure the Start of the Bonus game. In addition, a Joker has been inserted, which comes as the Logo of the game. The Piggy Bank logo is to be read in front of a golden background. The letters are also equipped with ears or curly tails.

Game guide the number of winning rows is limited. A total of five lines are available for the player. However, payouts in this slot are not only from left to right, but also from right to left.

This increases the effective number of rows to ten. For the player, however, a great overview is ensured in the Casino game. At least three matches are necessary in any case for a payout.

The game takes over its classic role and at the same time provides an attractive counterpart. It can replace and add other symbols; with the exception of the Bonus symbol;. A series is started on the first roller; this can be supplemented or replenished in the middle and completed at the end.Bonus pig a single pig grants a cash Bonus.

It can still be broken on the playing field. The reward for the player is the content of the piggy bank. It may be an amount equal to 125 times the stake. Scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet.However, the Bonus round does not start until the three pigs are triple.

The Luck Meter shows the player’s luck.

It can be smashed pigs as long as there is no luck.

In this game, it is possible to win a value equal to 25 times that of the previous bet.

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