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40 Super Hot Overview

The simplest gameplay

40 Super Hot will never shock the casino gamblers with its cool and outstanding design. All that you will see are 5 spinning reels and 40 lines. The task of any player is easy: just start the rotation and wait when the combination of the icons will bring you at least several coins.

Bets and wins

The riskiest and the most experienced fellow can get here 40 thousand! Although not many guys can brag that got jackpots, the game 95.8% RTP is a true chance to leave a casino, when the money for the victory comes to your account. The smallest stake here is only 40.

Additional options to win

As in most EGT slots, here, Scatter and Wild also present. Replacing certain characters, they let the gambler get more than usual. 40 Super Hot also gives you the coolest chance of getting 4(!) jackpots! When you enter a Risk round, you should guess the card, (its color). The winner gets everything; the loser leaves the game with nothing.

40 Super Hot is for everybody. The newbie will enjoy its simplicity. A professional will never miss his tough chance to risk and get the maximum.

40 Super Hot Video Review

Oliver Mass
January 15, 2019

The slot itself did not impress me graphically. Ordinary pictures of berries and fruits, which is not interesting for me. Besides, the rewarding system is not quite clear to me. When there are three vegetables in a row, there can already be a prize, then it joins with the rest. In general, everything is somehow too simple, and already in 2018 there should be more attractive slots. Music also did not impress me. But in general, you can play and I spent a lot of time with him earlier. By the way, I never do big bets.

Robbie Ryland
January 3, 2019

There are quite a lot of fruit slots lately and this slot is no exception. The game model is great for having a good time. The very idea of ​​the 40 Super Hot slot machine is not some kind of original, but the developer did everything so that the ease of operation brings gamers real pleasure. Of course, it is worth noting another attractive feature of this model 40 Super Hot is the presence of a progressive jackpot for a relatively good amount. Personally, I have not had the opportunity to get it even in the demo mode, but I do not lose hope! Model 40 Super Hot slot for connoisseurs of "fruit classics" deserves attention!

Frank Peveto
September 13, 2018

For a long time playing on the slot machine 40 Super Hot, I was fortunate enough to succeed successful backs and since all the same the great role is played by luck, I realized that you should not be afraid to bet and continue the game. In the end, winnings pay off all expenses, blocking them at times. The game is not difficult, you just need to devote a little time to the rules and familiarization with special symbols, bonuses and other additional auxiliary functions. Understanding their work, you can fully use the elements of support and win more and more. All players can get pleasure here and good prizes.

Make bets and start the drums, - winnings will be yours.

Lilla Nagao
September 8, 2018

40 Super Hot The slot is an old slot machine and returns us to the roots of the traditional slots. The slot machine has an original design with five reels and traditional images of fruits. Very simple interface and menu, nothing difficult for an inexperienced gambler. It's possible to win real money here even without big deposit.

However, the slot has one drawback. Intuitively, the player does not know which symbol will bring more than others. To do this, u need to look at the table.

Edison Glover
September 7, 2018

This slot is available for experienced gamers, and for beginners, because in the slot machine 40 Super Hot Slot a very popular fruit theme is displayed, which has long attracted all fans of gambling entertainment on the sites of online casinos. The rules are not complex and who have ever dealt with similar games, here it will be immediately sorted out. The most important thing is to know all the opportunities offered in the slot 40 Super Hot Slot bonuses and other additional support functions, and also be able to use them skillfully in the game. You will immediately notice how often the winning functions fall out.

Play boldly on this machine without any risk.

Elliott Lin
September 5, 2018

40 Super Hot is the newest version of the Super Hot slot. Except for the fact that there are only 20 pay lines in the second original version, they are no different. This slot machine does not pretend to be a fantastic, but offers exactly what gamblers expects from it, neither more nor less. 40 Super Hot is valued by conservative players coz look's lite traditional slot machines in casinos.

No additional bonuses and quite small RTP level - 95%...but this is still classical slot!

Dan Zollinger
August 31, 2018

As far as I know from gamer friends, at this time on the pages of the online casino there is a large number of fans of gambling, where the symbols are a large number of cherries, lemons, oranges, plums, melons, grapes. One of these gaming machines can be called 40 Super Hot, where you can play on your mobile device, so that you can engage in juicy fruit game anytime and anywhere. Having studied the simple rules of the game and running the drums, you can simply expect the installation of a winning combination and on this receive good cash prizes. But there are also bonuses with beneficial auxiliary functions that are worth using.

A game with simple controls and good chances to win.

Nelson Valles
August 24, 2018

All novice players and experienced gamers, who do not cease to like the old versions of slots that return all to the roots of this gambling, will certainly appreciate the slot machine 40 Super Hot Slot, software created by the promising company EGT. Here you have to like the size and range of possible rates-from 0, 4 €, to 40 € and the betting steps are very large. Also the slot machine has interesting characteristics and attracts players, especially the jackpot offer. 40 Super Hot Slot is very much appreciated by its rewards for what it offers exactly what players expect from it, neither more nor less.

Remarks and cons are not observed.

Ricky Peltz
August 16, 2018

In recent years, online slots have reached a huge level of new popularity and among these you can note the slot machine 40 Super Hot Slot, which is a product of the popular firm EGT and features an attractive design of graphics and sound of gameplay. The main value of this game is still the simplified management of the process of action. I remain confident that after participating in entertainment, gamers will be able to appreciate it and most of the slot 40 Super Hot will be pleasant. After all, only here you can really enjoy exciting bonuses and win your huge cash prizes.

This is one of the online games that you want to play.

Scotty Stead
August 9, 2018

All lovers of gambling and spending their time in online casinos should immediately finish their searches on the pages of the Internet, and stop their attention on the wonderful gaming machine 40 Super Hot, which is the product and original application of the company EGT. Only here, the gamer will see the real blazing of the fruit, which will occur with each of your monetary winnings. Players should always be ready for several prizes after the reels start, because 40 Super Hot Slots have 40 fixed paylines. Well, if you take advantage of all the bonuses and support functions provided, the huge jackpot will not leave you.

No negative points are observed.

Kristopher Seibold
August 3, 2018

Since the very start and the start of the rotation of the reels, the 40 Super Hot slot machine, which is developed by the popular company EGT, starts to surprise gamers by giving them a huge number of winning chances. The betting range in 40 super hot slot ranges from 40 to 800 coins and how much you bet will depend on your future winnings. Game 40 super hot slot online is filled with many symbols with the image of various fruits, as well as special symbols. In the slot, auxiliary functions are provided, among which Gamble is especially noteworthy, which is capable of doubling cash prizes.

A simple slot, but very great possibilities.

Ted Lew
July 27, 2018

40 Super Hot Slot deserves increased attention thanks to a well-planned and implemented in practice linear system of wins on rates. In general, this slot contains a fairly large number of active pay lines, which also increases the opportunity to receive real monetary reward. The automatic rotation system in this model is also well developed. It is quite possible at a higher level of knowledge to play and receive good monetary bonuses even in this mode. The slot is perfect for beginners, and for more experienced gamers.

Jacob Benson
July 23, 2018

Forty active lines for payouts !!! Just think about it !!! And all this despite the fact that the sum of the prize in the form of an active jackpot is twenty thousand units! Walked through the symbols, figured all the values! I want to say that in general this slot contains a huge number of opportunities to get a denenzhy prize. He made 200 training rounds in demo mode with the maximum number of active lines and in 40 Super Hot Slots on average in every third round of the game, a cash prize falls. So even at maximum risks the chance to stay with nothing is completely reduced to a minimum !!!

Sergio Leonard
July 22, 2018

The slot itself did not impress me graphically. Ordinary pictures of berries and fruits, which is not interesting for me. Besides, the rewarding system is not quite clear to me. When there are three vegetables in a row, there can already be a prize, then it joins with the rest. In general, everything is somehow too simple, and already in 2018 there should be more attractive slots. Music also did not impress me. But in general, you can play and I spent a lot of time with him earlier. By the way, I never do big bets.

Clemente Ester
July 11, 2018

40 Super Hot Slot is pretty well designed. In this case, the slot is loaded quickly enough, and you can understand the intricacies of the gameplay in a short period of time. A large number of wild symbols and scatter symbols, which make it possible to increase the amount of basic monetary compensation. In general, a quality slot and I'm glad to get to know him!

The auto mode function is not a little thought out. The process of auto rotations can not be stopped from the first attempt. The button with start and stop does not work correctly!

Elsa Richards
July 7, 2018

40 Super Hot A slot is a very high quality and functional gaming slot with a lot of scatter symbols and wild symbols that can increase the amount of basic monetary reward. The spread of the rates is quite high. In addition, getting a jackpot is much easier than it seems. Over the past week, I managed to earn it several times, and this is a fairly high figure. In general I like such simple and functional slots. Fruit themes have always been one of my favorites and this machine has met all expectations!

Brandy Mullins
July 5, 2018

If you are a hot fan of the products of the well-known company EGT, which can easily be found on the pages of online casinos, then 40 Super Hot Slot will be for you the best version of all offers. Here gamers have the opportunity to get a lot of juicy prizes, thanks to successful combinations of characters from favorite and common fruits, to win good money in bonus games, and also to take advantage of the very popular Double-It Gamble functions. If you study the rules well and take advantage of all the bonuses provided, then soon in your pocket will be a jackpot of 20,000 conventional units.

An attractive game in which there is a lot of excitement and cash prizes.


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.