Lucky Fruity 7s


This slot is not available to play due to UKGC’s new licence condition.

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Lucky Fruity 7s Slot
Lucky Fruity 7s
4 Bonuses Up to £150
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Lucky Fruity 7s Overview

Lucky Fruity 7s in UK is an old-fashioned WGS slot that has a classic charm to it. There are 3 reels and a single payline. The gameplay is quite simple, and there are lots of lucky signs that can win you a fortune.

How to Start?

  • This is an instant play slot that can be directly enjoyed on your browser.
  • It has a free version so participants can try playing without betting any real money.
  • Not all the casinos provide this classic WGS So, search for casinos online that offer the title, and you can get started within minutes.
  • The game opens to display 3 reels with a payline that runs through the centre. You can set your credits by clicking on “Bet One” button and then click “Spin Reels” to start.


The slot has 5 signs in all. The symbol with the title of the game “Lucky Fruity 7s in UK” is the Wild. The wild sign can win you the biggest prizes and jackpots on offer. Next, in line, you have the Bell sign that can multiply your payouts up to 500 times your actual bet. Then you have the Orange and the Cherry signs with the former being the more rewarding one.

Prize Table

As a player, you should always refer to the prize table before pressing the Spin button. With an RTP of 96.57 %, Lucky Fruity 7s in UK is one of those traditional casino slots that have an easy-to-follow pay table. The biggest payouts are associated with the Wild symbol. If you get 3 Wilds on the payline, your wins get multiplied 5000 times your wager (for a 5-coin bet). The game doesn’t have a bonus feature, but the jackpots keep the participants motivated. When the number of coins wagered declines, so does the size of the rewards. For instance, 3 bell symbols can get your wins multiplied by 200 times if you had bet using 2 coins, but the same would yield 100 times the bet money if it is a 1-coin bet.

Online Casinos Where You Can Play Lucky Fruity 7s

Bonus amount
125% up to €300 + 200 spins
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Welcome offer is valid for New Players only. Welcome offer is valid for the first 5 deposits only. Minimum Deposit of €20 required. Wagering requirement x35


Ralph Archie
December 26, 2019

In my sessions I had a few wins of over 100 x bet and I think this slot can pay good, but still it’s not a slot I would play in the long run because you drop in balance fast and the free spins can take ages to come sometimes.

Michael Harley
December 2, 2019

Even before playing this game for the first time, I was also down in my mood after seeing all those damn low values and the missing Wild symbols. I wasn't interested to play it at all, but I had to, just for once at least. The first thing that I got, were empty spins, spin after spin, typically of most WGS Technology games that I had played. The first Free Spins game came nearly 200 spins later, but luckily it paid a decent 59x my bet. Then back to those blardy empty spins, until the second Free Spins game came, but paid only 27x my bet amount. That was it. I was already fuming up, so I quit playing the game immediately. WGS Technology games tend to fume me up very very quickly, unlike any other games I have ever played! Really amazing!

Hugo Aurora
October 1, 2019

Although Betsoft Gaming is the creator of a range of games that are always on my list of favorites, I think Lucky Fruity 7s has not seduce me as much as other games from this company, and the reason is basically the low-level of successes that I achieved during several gaming sessions. In my best attempt with this game, I started losing a little, as normal in most slots, but quickly got a round of free spins, triggered by a combination, on the payline 1, of figures of gorilla, zebra and the ape, and that helped me recover $ 30 plus another $ 28 as profits. The truth is this round of free spins has a potential particularly generous. This gaming session looked like a real promise and foremost because the game always maintained the illusion alive because small gains usually occur during the greater number of turns played. But like my last time, it happened that no significant gain was happening, and after a while I started scaling my bets in the hope of recovering my losses already totaling over $ 70. Thereafter, nothing good ever happened and decided to stop when my losses totaled $ 300. I do not think that was simply bad luck, rather think that the odds offered by Lucky Fruity 7s are not as good as in other games from Betsoft, where only during one hour gaming session, you can, not only have triggered several rounds of free spins, but also one or more bonus rounds. Here, I did not even know how a bonus round is.I think I expected more from this game and so ended a little disappointed, not so much for the technical side; it is undeniable that the game is fun, but for me, it became something demoralizing. Luckily Betsoft has more games available and they have treated me better. This was neither the first, nor the last, time losses come to me, and I let this game aside and continued with the fun.

Amber Ella
July 8, 2019

Nothing really annoying or bad with kings of Chicago, great game!

Stanley Imogen
July 1, 2019

Lucky Fruity 7s ? Why Lucky Fruity 7s ? The theme can speak for itself due to the symbols involved, making this a theme for Luck. Rabbit's foot, shooting stars, four leaf clovers, what does this have to do with fortune? I know fortune can go either way but shouldn't it be focused more of cash symbols? Unfortunately, Lucky Fruity 7s can be better with the ways it pays. For some of you who played Sons of Anarchy at your local casino, you should know that they pay in clusters. These clusters can be paid anywhere from 5 symbols or so.......a tetris block to better explain myself can apply to Lucky Fruity 7s to add spice to this flavorful slot! Minimum 3 symbols (backwards L, squares, you name it) can bring the best in this slot if this were possible!

William Esme
May 21, 2019

Straight away after that win the game stopped paying. Wilds were as rare as strawberries in winter, and no good pays were anywhere on sight. The idea was to get three birds to get the feature, but that task went from hard to impossible. I was getting two of the birds a lot but the third one was always passing. Raising the bets or lowering them did not have any effect on the game and it was as bad as it could be. After some time I finally managed to get the feature and was awarded with 20 free spins with 2x. Quite a lot of free spins and when you betting big you really expect to win something good. Most of the spins came out with a tiny win and at the end I won little over €20. Really bad result in my view and a serious buzz kill. This game was right near Juju Jack and both of them did a real number on me. Apart from taking most of my cash, they also completely killed my buzz. I would recommend for all to avoid those games and save your cash for good games. My rating 3 out of 10. Super buzz kill:(

Amber Felix
May 3, 2019

I've played with this monkey on so many occasions so far, I've been monkeyed around for so long and for so many times already, but not any longer. This monkey may not have gotten my stone bananas, but it certainly got locked away permanently somewhere in an unknown jungle! Hehehe.

Albie Millie
March 19, 2019

I took two stars because game is old, and look not nice, much more worse than most other slots. Some players can be scared by such bad animations and sounds. If you huge liker of modern games with awesome graphics this one will not make you happy this is for sure, but if you not care and just want to win some money probably this game can give you some smile on your face.

Harvey Samuel
March 13, 2019

RTP is lower than other video slots. Need to be renewed.

Caleb Amber
March 2, 2019

Difficult to understand the allocation of the free spins feature. Might be my own stupidity but I think they could have done a better job explaining it.


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.