Wonder Woman Gold


This slot is not available to play due to UKGC’s new licence condition.

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Wonder Woman Gold Slot
Wonder Woman Gold
4 Bonuses Up to £150
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Wonder Woman Gold Overview

Here is a brand-new and extremely intriguing Wonder Woman Gold in UK provided to your attention.

Wonder Woman Gold in UK is a cool and interesting slot video game from the Bally software provider which was released in 16.09.2014. This video game makes it possible to win a 250000 with ease since of 5 paylines.

4 reels and 5 paylines generate a strong winning possibility.

If you put on t wish to take threats, position a minimum bet 0.1 and you won’t lose much. However if you put an optimum bet 400 , you can win a 250000.

FLASH, JS, HTML5 was used to create Wonder Woman Gold in UK from Bally.



Darcy Felix
November 25, 2019

Free spins feature should be more fun, with some multipliers or some bonus game at least.

Arlo Luna
November 5, 2019

The slot is too simple. Only three symbols, and one of which does not offer anything is too little to give many emotions. Initially you wonder why on the left and right sides of the slot there are figured 3 lines and you realize that you were tricked (there is only one line) and symbols from the sides are only for advertising.

Sienna Willow
October 14, 2019

One thing I noticed straight away about this game was that the wild symbols seem to be extremely rare, and even when they do land, there is nothing good above or below them, so I’ve been pretty disappointed both times I have managed to score a wild on all five reels with payouts of just 100 – 200 times my stake. You’d hope for something better from such a rare hit!I hate the way they use different reel strips in all of the different features and feel this is a bit of a con really as your average player probably won’t be expecting this. The 25 free spins “Thor” mode, which you have to activate the scatter symbols 20 times to even get into, is the worst for this, with so many picture symbols removed from the reels and replaced by the standard letters that it really seems a little bit disgusting to be honest.

Jayden Henry
August 6, 2019

Although the game is totally fun and perhaps addictive, I think the payouts are too low and virtually ensures player loss. The best paid lines are formed by stars and rings, and the truth it's really lacking lines formed by stars and a line formed by rings is a little rare. What you earn by completing one of the most common lines is not enough, even to cover bet value, so that you always need to complete more than one line to try recovering the bet, and of course, it is not uncommon to obtain no profit during 3 or more turns. To be frank, I think that would be necessary for diamond figures, plus sign, and x-shaped crossed lines, double their prize at 2 x, 1 x, and 0.4 x for a fairer game. Of course, all of these I have said according to what I experienced personally with this slot game for several sessions and it is possible that someone can reach better achievements in Wonder Woman Gold slot game.

Noah Ivy
May 25, 2019

It’s like a NetEnt slot at my first glance but no it’s not and because of its attracting graphics my attention for wagering was focused playing at it and the result playing Wonder Woman Gold was good but not satisfied. There are many reasons personally and it’s based on my experience and I didn’t mean that this slot is not good at all this is just for my opinion. I won from this slot but from the other perspective my wagering requirement didn’t make it so. There are times that the slot is fuzzy in winnings that’s why I have my negative experience from it.

Oliver Edith
May 23, 2019

The graphics don't appeal to me very much, this is a game that could certainly benefit from a HD overhaul however I can't imagine Ballygoing to the trouble of working on such a task for an all but forgotten game. Anybody who does enjoy this game could also just choose to play the more recent Lucky Twins slot too, which has an identical paytable matched with a new symbol set and updated user interface, bringing the basic mechanics of this game bang up to date.If you like nine line games and are happy with a maximum jackpot of 1,000x your stake then you might get a kick out of this game. I respect it as a decent effort for it's time, though I'm shocked to learn that even two decades ago Ballywas already copying their games relentlessly, rebranding them and re-releasing instead of putting out brand new machines. I honestly thought it was a recent phenomenon as well!

Zara Jayden
April 22, 2019

The funny thing is, I didn't win anything from this game, but I know that the Free Spins game can bring in some wonderful big wins, at the right time. For me, it was the wrong time.

Layla Albert
April 7, 2019

The game is slow with no possibility to reduce the graphics. It's bad that Netent did not test this game with a standard home computer to see how bad it is technically. Too many things running in background. Hope there will be an update :(

Lottie Sophie
April 5, 2019

Gets quite boring after a while, nothing besides waiting for wilds is happening.

Samantha Francesca
April 4, 2019

Almost everything. Slow game, dull and awards only 8 free waves for 3 scatters. It just isn't enjoyable enough for me.


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.