Chinese Kitchen


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Chinese Kitchen Slot
Chinese Kitchen
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Chinese Kitchen Overview

The Slot Game Chinese Kitchen in UK takes the player into an Asian Kitchen. “Foreign lands; foreign habits”; thus is a known proverb. Accordingly, the eating habits of the Chinese differ from ours. Exotic dishes can sometimes taste very good. But in this Casino game also animals are cooked; which certainly do not correspond to every taste.

There’s an ordinary chicken on the menu. But also aquatic animals; as fish; crabs; octopus and starfish are prepared.

In addition, with the Frog; a snail; a turtle or a caterpillar. Who now the appetite has passed; he can comfort himself. When playing slot machines, these dishes don’t really have to be eaten.

But the pictures are quite fun designed. A grumpy, therefore, looking frog; the snail stretches out the tongue and the chicken is already on the vaping.That’s how it’s played!It is a single-armed bandits with special game system.

Atypical for new-fangled machines; is played on 3 reels and 8 paylines. Furthermore, the Casino Game does not stand for the big winnings. This does not necessarily have to be to the disadvantage of the player. Because small, but more frequent profits; provide a long-lasting Motivation and can accumulate to a handsome amount.

The most expensive Symbol is the turtle. If it appears on a Payline three times, the stake will be settled with the multiplier 1,000. The crab and the snail provide a 200-fold payout with three times appearing along a winning line. The crab has a special function. Because it provides for payouts; when it appears one or two times.

Accordingly, the use is tenfold or doubled.The rolls are constructed in rectangular shape. First of all, this principle is certainly unusual for many players.

But by doing so; that the paylines run from top to bottom; from left to right and also diagonally; make the same symbols pay off immediately. The cashier will ring quite often.

And even if Chinese food is rather cheap, so the account here can even grow with the right way of playing.Presentation during the game, the player has the idea; that he is staying live in a Chinese Restaurant.

In the background, a Chinese is looking into the pan. Perhaps he would like to make sure which animal is being prepared there.

The background of the machine is always kept in pink-red colors. This presentation perfectly reflects the theme of Chinese cuisine.

Even the individual dishes are painted with a colored background.

Here are also other colors; like yellow and blue; found.


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125% up to €300 + 200 spins
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Welcome offer is valid for New Players only. Welcome offer is valid for the first 5 deposits only. Minimum Deposit of €20 required. Wagering requirement x35

Chinese Kitchen Video Review


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Emma Waters
November 16, 2019

Chinese Kitchen video slot is the most play slot by me and that was for the very beginning when I was founding some freechips to play on some of the Playtech Casinos. This is 3 reels with 8 pay lines video slot which you guess right; it’s all about Chinese kitchen.I like this comic slot, seeing that little chubby Chinese cook, preparing all kind of food waiting for you to pick it up, hopefully winning pick. The symbols on this game are the frog, the turtle, chicken which I think that the frog and the chicken pay the most, I think that the turtle pays X 1000 the bet, but it lends very rear.The most you will see in this game is the crab, it’s like he is acting as a wild, which he isn’t, but even getting 1 crab on the reels you got yourself winning combination, but of course with the lowest winnings, just because it pays low. The last time I have played this game was 2 days ago, when I was playing in Omni casino with a bigger bonus, but when I run out from the big balance and left few euros on my balance I thought I could try this game. I was having only 2.50 euros left, so I was playing with the minimum bet.Well I had lots of fun for 20 minutes, but this game has giving me some and till the end I lost it all. I see this game amusing if you are low on credits, actually that is the only time I play this game, but so far I didn’t had something extra wins on it. I don’t think that this slot has some potential of big wins or maybe if you place some higher bet, but I wont recommend that. No that special game, but it’s worth of trying it. Good Luck!

Roderick Burgess
September 21, 2019

Sails of Gold is a Play ‘N Go powered slot game with 5 reels, 10 paylines and is playable on all devices. Based on Christopher Columbus who is in search for new treasures.The game has your standard symbol and some high pay symbols including compass and Columbus himself acting as wild and can pay up to x5000 your line bet if you can get 5 wilds on a payline.The game also has free spins feature that can be triggered when landing ships on reels 1, 3 and 5 respectively. You can win up to a maximum of 20 free spins provided you trigger the free spins during the free spins feature. During free spins the scatter symbol act as an additional wilds, which means it could generate some extra winnings and even big winnings. I must say triggering the feature is easy and can happen often. Similar to how easy you can get 2 scatters on wild north, the same applies here.I haven’t had a big win here, but this game keeps my balance in check. It does not eat or consume my balance quickly. If a lot of casinos offered this game, I will easily use this game to crush wagering in hours, if this game is on fire you will win all the time. I think Sails of Gold is a low to medium variance slot – saying that, you can win up to 5,000 times your stake in the game but do keep in mind that big wins will not happen often, or at least from my experience. I like this game and always have a good session here as I always walk away with a small profit and never actually made a lost here.

Josefina Roberts
September 6, 2019

Do you like Chinese food? Who doesn't right?! But we're not talking about the usual 'ta-pow' (take-away) here, we're talking about other dishes, but no rice and no noodles. Here at this special Chinese Kitchen, we're talking about exotic dishes. Dishes that you don't get everyday, dishes that you need to go to Chinese kitchens for take-aways. Yeah, true, some of these dishes can be had at certain other kitchens too, like duck dishes, squid dishes, fish dishes, and even an as-you-go dish. What? Oh, so sorry, I meant es-car-got dish. No, no 'got' there... just 'go'... escargo. Yes, okay, you're right there... as car go... complete with spinning wheels and brief stopping to collect prizes! Hehehe.Lets see what's the complete menu this Chinese Kitchen is cooking up, starting with the cheapest dish. There's starfish and octopus dishes, at 10 and 20 per dish, then there's a caterpillar dish (if you fancy this, eeew) and a big-eyed big-lips fish dish (not too bad looking this), at 30 and 40 per dish, followed up by steamy ducks (yep, you got that right, no need to elaborate further) and arms-folded green froggies, at 80 and 100 per dish (not the usual tasty frog legs though, these are whole frogs, tasty or not, yipes). At the top three, we have the ever-popular escargots, or better known as snails (if you don't like them, like me, you can skip ordering them, but the blardy kitchen keeps sending them!), and there's the everybody's favorite, the funny-eyed crabby crab, both at 200 per dish. Now this I can take. As many as they can give! And finally folks, on top of the menu list, the most seeked after dish, the exotic... even erotic, black-eyelashed, cute-looking greeny, miss turtle! They are 1000 per dish. Get this sassy cutie for an unforgetable nighty! But don't forget now, 1 or 2 just won't do, get 3 and see what they can do!!! Hehehe.If you like quickies, like I do, this 8-liner 3-reeler slot game will surely fit the bill. It's very easy to play, very easy on the eyes, and not too bad on the cash too, both giving and taking. As the reels stop spinning, any three gets you a winning, if they are all in a straight line of course. Diagonal lines included. Isn't that wonderful? A simple game, with simple winning ways. Nothing to get scattered about, so don't start looking for scatters, but do watch out for that mr.crabby crab. He can pop up anywhere anytime he likes - up, down, front, back or center - and still give you a surprise prize! Just like Santa Claus does. But Santa doesn't live here, it's the wrong hemisphere! Only diners come here. Diners? Yes, that'll do very nicely sir! Do I like this game? Yes! There were times when I just couldn't leave this chinese kitchen. The dishes were that good... especially that super delicious greeny cutie! Which greeny cutie? Gees... we certain are the quick forgetting one, aren't we?! Hehehe. So go find more turtle dishes.. .they'll do you good... very very good!

Jeraldine Gabourel
January 19, 2019

Simple and funny - this is a brief description of the free online game Chinese Kitchen. There are no difficult tasks, such as guessing cards or mini-tours. This slot includes 3 reels and 8 pay lines. The design is curious and colorful thanks to the funny characters of the brooding octopus, the purple fish, the funny frog and the tin shrimp and the crab tortoise. If you activate 3 icons with a turtle on the active payline in Chinese Kitchen, you will get good money. You can choose any payline if you catch Chinese menu items. By completing the previous steps, you can fix a bet for each spin. Carefully choose the size of the coin from 0.01 to 5.00 dollars. The highlight of the Chinese Kitchen slot machine is that winning combinations occur both horizontally and vertically.

The game has no flaws.

Brian Marnell
January 2, 2019

When I have a bad mood, I play the Chinese Kitchen slot because the interface and menu here are very funny !!! I love to play and get great pleasure from this slot! the menu is very convenient and simple, there are bonuses and additional spins, there are very generous rewards for players in the form of special symbols that fall out even if you play at minimum wagers and with a minimum deposit!

need some jackpots!!!!


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.