Funky Monkey


This slot is not available to play due to UKGC’s new licence condition.

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Funky Monkey Slot
Funky Monkey
4 Bonuses Up to £150
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Funky Monkey Overview

At the Funky Monkey in UK, it’s silly. But monkeys always seem to be good at it. You can deal with yourself very well and always have a smile on your lips. This also applies to the monkey in this Slot Game. With a smile on his face and a drum on his Hand, he fills the upper left corner.

Anyone who enters the Casino as a player and starts Funky Monkey in UK will immediately notice that it is a fun game.The symbolism is based on the theme of the Slots. The drums; which the monkey also uses on the home page of the slot game; form the most valuable Symbol. With a maximum value of 2,500, the other symbols have the look here.

Follow the bush with a maximum of 1,200 and the hut with 600. The glasses; which the monkey is wearing in this Slot; and the bananas are the end of the symbols.

Finally, there are the pictures; which are awarded with Bar. There is the number 1; 2 or 3; which indicate the valence. A special feature is the fact; that a withdrawal will be enabled; when different symbols come Bar on the winning line. For any three Bars, a maximum value of 30 can be achieved.

Game instructions this slot machine comes without big Highlights. It has three reels and a Payline. The player always retains the Overview. This is also ensured by the Paytable, which is fully shown on the start page.

The reels are the center of the game.

On the left side of the application, and on the right side of the profit shown. While at the bottom of the machine, the application can be set.The use begins with a few Cents. However, this can be increased to five euros per coin. The player can play with a maximum of three coins.

The maximum win is achieved when the drums stop triple on the payline. If the player puts one Euro, he will be paid 2,500 Euro. If he decides for the maximum during the bet he gets 12,500 Euro back.

Slot fun this slot machine makes for more fun than most other representatives of this kind succeed – whether without or with Download. The presentation will put the player first Grin on the face.Amazing is also; that this simple and fun machine can trigger a long-term Motivation.

After hours of playing, it never felt like you had enough. A turn still goes.

Funky Monkey Video Review


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Reya Bevan
December 16, 2019

From the first day that I started playing slots, it has always been on fruit games, on all kinds of fruit games. No wonder they called them fruit machines. I love fruits, I love eating them, but I can't eat the ones on the screen, hehehe. Fruit Mania is another 5-liner game from Playtech stable, which you can play with just $0.05 bets per spin, except if it has a progressive jackpot prize. Some casinos grouped this game with a jackpot, others don't. So if you want to play without putting a strain on your wallet, find a casino that has this game without a jackpot. If you're a jackpot hunter, then no sweat at all. You might just win a nice jackpot on $0.25 bets! How much can this jackpot be? Well, I've seen it gone at around $120,000, I've seen it gone at around $200,000, but most of the time, it would be gone at around $320,000. The highest amount that I can remember, was around $550,000 or so. That's as good as winning a Marvel Jackpot prize, but needing only $0.25 bets playing with only 5 paylines! Think about that! Oh-oh, I think someone is already getting very excited and can't wait to get on it right away! Cool down mate... finish this bit first will yer?! Hehehe.For an oldie game, the graphics and game play of Fruit Mania will not disappoint you. I enjoyed playing this game a lot. I've won on it many times, getting 5-of-a-kinds of each and every symbol available (there are no Wild symbols by the way) several times over, and each time I got a big win on this game, I would immediately withdraw it. As one lady singer once sang, I don't wanna waste it! Hehehe. And before I knew it, I would be right back on it! Hmmm, reminds me of certain things in real life that I tend to do that, getting right back on it, but that's a different story altogether, and concerning different 'fruits' too, hahaha. Well, when you love them, you just can't stop them, can you?!Those were the days, nice lovely golden days, when Fruit Mania had no jackpot to offer. Nowadays, it is really hard to find games that you can play with small bets like $0.05 or so. With a jackpot, Fruit Mania costs $0.25 per spin, or even higher, depending on the casino, but that puts it right alongside all other games, so this isn't a bad thing after all. At least it plays cheaper by half than playing on Wall St Fever. Between the two, I still prefer fruits, as in real life too. If you've never played this game before, maybe it's time to give it some tries. You may like it, you may love, or you may not like it at all. You won't know until you try them. But please remember, one round is never enough, can never be enough, as I used to say, and saying it again now, so you better do it many times to get the full satisfaction! Hahaha.

Felipe Moody
December 8, 2019

It will take some of my time to reach the bonus round where I have to land the two scattered logos and choose 1 of the 3 music playing monkeys to gain a certain amount of applause from the audience. I hate to admit this but sometimes when I choose 1 of the 3 monkeys, the level of applause from my chosen monkey gets me a disliked low 8 Free spins at 1x! Wow and I mean wow! I cannot grab anything from these short free spins. I wouldn't have the chance to gain multipliers from the scattered logos because the length of the free spins will undoubtedly give me a super low chance of gaining logos for multipliers. I'm just saying it's better to avoid gaining the lowest amount of free spins because it will suck big time!! My lowest win from 8 Free spins.........less than $4! Hahaha and tut tut!!!

Theresa Wagstaff
March 25, 2019

Funky Monkey, as you all guessed already, is a theme of monkey's that pose as musicians. We have a monkey drumming the drums, a piano playing monkey and what every slot game needs, a monkey playing a banana style electric guitar which is the Wild for this fun 20 paylines video slot. Now as often as I like I play for $1 / 5 coins a spin until I reach the bonus round 3 times then I switch it up for a slightly higher $1.20 bets a spin. The way to get into the bonus is simple, I just land Funky on Reel 1 with Monkey on the 5th reel. What I get the most.......12 Free spins and sometimes 15. The 20 and 25 Free spins are typically the hardest to get and so my chosen monkey must smash the stage to get these wonderful free spin beauties! I like the way each logo of Funky and Monkey proceed to give out a 1x multiplier every time they land, now it doesn't have to be both symbols at the same time just 1 or the other. I won $48 during my 12 Free spins and $66 on my 15 Free spins over another trigger. It's the thought of getting as many scattered word logos (Funky and/or Monkey) that determines my winnings! More of these hits mean more multipliers which will lead to many more winnings!!! Another thing I liked about Funky Monkey......the Free spins music, yeah so catchy!! I couldn't get enough of it!

Bruce Kim
March 9, 2019

Magic Crystals is one of the newest video slot powered by Pragmatic Play software provider. I found this video slot at Videoslots casino while I was looking for some new games. This one has 5 reels and 243 pay ways to win. Even if I am not a big fan of Pragmatic Play video slots I decided to give it a try, with a couple of spins at minimum bet.The game has only one feature – free spins feature. When you get three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels free spins are triggered. For three scatters you get 15 free spins, 4 scatters give you 20 free spins and all five scatter symbols give you 25 free spins. During free spins winnings will be pay out at x3 multiplier. In this feature 25 free spins is not maximum number of free spins you can get, there is not limit for free spins so you can retriggered many times.Beside this feature there is also some wild symbols with x2 multiplier which appears during base game and also during free spins feature. But to be honest those symbols are not so great. Even if they have x2 multiplier inside it is set to low. I had many times those wilds during main game but the pay outs were still so small, never got any decent winning higher than x10 bet.The free spins feature is ok, but nothing so special. I like that there is x3 multiplier, otherwise this feature would be so boring. I wish I could say that this game was nice to me, but it was not. I lost some money on it in a very short time and because of that I do not think I will play it again in near future. Magic crystals should have at least one more feature or bonus game. I will rate it with 6 out of 10 stars here at Askgamblers.


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.