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This slot is not available to play due to UKGC’s new licence condition.

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Cosmic Fortune Slot
Cosmic Fortune
4 Bonuses Up to £150
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Cosmic Fortune Overview

In the Cosmic Fortune in UK slot we give ourselves into the deepest universe. There we go on exploring and discovering all kinds of foreign shapes and celestial bodies. A great adventure is waiting for the player. However, foreign galaxies can not only delight the Explorers.

Of course, there can also be found valuables; which can significantly increase the account balance in this Slot game. Space travelers can count on multiple Bonus games and special symbols on the reels. The usual images show a comet and a crescent in blue.

A rocket can also be discovered in the same color. This cash machine also has Aliens, which are more like robots.

In red and orange design; which are each on a leg or wheel belong to the ordinary symbolism. In addition, an Alien with sharp teeth and four eyes; as well as a friendly-looking figure with glasses to discover. The Scatter Symbol shows a flash in front of a celestial body.

It can enable Free Falls.

Here are a cup; a collecting Cup and the Jackpot knife of importance. The Wild Symbol is shown as W. In addition, a Jackpot Game can be started, which can trigger a random coin win. Game guide who is engaged live with this game; he will recognize many similarities with other slots; but also discover new ones. Again, the same images must appear starting from the left side; in order to reach a payout. A classification of at least three identical symbols is required.

The greater the number of Matches; the higher the success. Special symbols can provide special payouts.

The Wild also serves as a universal Joker. However, it only appears on the reels two to four. Therefore, it cannot begin series and it cannot complete them ultimately. Nevertheless, profits can be made possible, which would otherwise be absent.

Even an extension of the series is likely.

Only the Scatter symbols cannot be replaced and supplemented.

Scatter and Freefall have the player scored a win; thus, various images from the reels fall down. There are new symbols appearing, which can also lead to a new payout.

In this way, it is possible to win multiple times within one round. The scatters only appear in the main game.

You do not have to form a row as the only Symbol. No matter where you are to be seen; if you play Triple, A Bonus will be granted.

10 Free Falls are the result. These can be increased by five per additional flash.

In the following Bonus game, more can be won; in the truest sense of the word; collected.


Cosmic Fortune Video Review



Kristi Shaw
January 4, 2020

The payout rate disappointed me, didn't paid as I was expected, no big wins even in the free falls feature and no bonus game! I could say that this slot is a money eater but maybe I am wrong because I played only one time and maybe I had a bad day!Anyway I will give 6 for the payout rate and I don’t think that I will play again!

Lawrence Neal
January 4, 2020

Things I did not like, there is not so many such things. First - it is low payouts for everything, except top paying symbol. Second - sometimes I did not get in to jackpot bonus game and it is very annoying. Also sometimes slot do not award freespins long time and just take money from balance.

Falak Bradford
December 30, 2019

When I decided to play Cosmic Fortune, I didn't knew that will be so interesting and funny to play! It is a NetEnt slot, 5 reels and 15 paylines but the minimum coin size per line is 0.02 so the minimum bet is 0.30 euro! What attracted me to play this slot were the interesting features that this slot has and also the curiosity because I didn't played so far!With almost 16 euro in my account, I started to spin and I realized that is an interesting game, especially because of the free fall feature! I managed to catch 3 scatters and the free falls feature triggered, 10 free falls that paid me about 7 euro, not a big amount but is better than nothing! Also, this slot has a wild symbol that appears only on the reels 2 and 4 but didn't paid me lot of money! The 16 euro that I had, disappeared in about 15 minutes, maybe because I didn't caught the bonus game and the free falls feature only one time!About the graphics I want to say that didn't impressed me but also are not so bad, even if the symbols are having a spherical shape and an ugly color! So I will give an 8 for the graphics and cosmic theme! The features will receive another 8 and that is because of the free falls that are only 10 and the bonus game is hard to catch!

Molly Bradley
August 25, 2019

I dislike the fact that these game ain't what they seem. I doubt any of those jackpots can be won easily while base game is the worst of any games I played so far. NetEnt tried to offer too much with this game I'm afraid.

Shakir Dolan
August 8, 2019

Although the title suggests otherwise, take my word, in the slot machine, nothing will elapse quietly gains from the graphic symbol of perfect down to the crystal clear sound. Theme of this slot is the only war and refers directly to the events in World War II. The theme of this slot are submarines and their elements that can be found in the depths of the ocean as well as on one NetEnt slot machine, called symbolic, Silent Run. I hope now you understand when I say that nothing in this game is not as quiet as the title says. I hope that you will have a turbulent gains such as the stormy sea when a submarine coming to the surface. If you were hoping for a romantic and emotional story, then you certainly missed the game because there are no emotions because it's time for war. Silent Run most play at 10Bet Casino as I have a lot of money on betting, and so after a successful betting weekend play ten NetEnt slots of my choice, in recent days, Silent Hill is among them. Last bigger gains were symbols of torpedoes, when I got in three spins twice 5 of kind. Everything else is not worth mentioning, statistically speaking, it is important to have a good feel while playing this slot, and that the party was complete.

Nettie Mitchell
August 1, 2019

Payouts at main game were bad while I was playing it. I wish i could see better paytable during main game. Also free spin feature could be much better. I think at this game is all about chasing jackpot money. For me this is not a game that I would play it often.

Albi Bullock
July 24, 2019

Cosmic Fortune slot is provided by NetEnt entertainment. It is one of their newer slots that they have released, so I thought to give it a shoot. This slot is a 5 reel and 15 payline slot with 3 rows. The minimum bet that can be placed in this slot is 0.30$ per spin. As far as the graphics for this slot by my opinion it isn't really special, but I love the background sound of this game it is really relaxing to play with. Also I have to say that these symbols, throughout the whole play time I couldn't adapt to them. This is also a game that has the avalanche feature something like in Gonzo's quest but without the multipliers. So basically with every winning line no matter how big or how small it may be it will drop down and new symbols will replace them, giving you a chance to accumulate more winnings and therefore greater payout. This feature will end as soon as they are no winning line to the reels. Then we have the free fall feature that awards 10 FS for 3 scatter symbols that appear on the reels, also every additional scatter symbol that appears will award 5 extra FS. In my opinion in the most times you will hit this feature thanks to that previous feature that I explained. At least that was the case with me. Also the free falls feature starts when the avalanche feature end and in the free falls feature all the winning on the bet line are transformed into marbles that will later on after the free fall feature ends be used in the bonus game. There are 2 bonus games; I only managed to play the first one since I wasn't lucky enough to trigger the second one. In the first bonus feature basically on the sides you have cups that will capture the marbles that fall out of the plane above and will award you with coins and in the middle you have the jackpot collector cup. 3 marbles will activate the second bonus game, which as I mentioned I have not manage to hit I did most of the times collect 2. Overall as very interesting game that I will be playing more for sure. This slot is absolutely packed with some features that are fun and exciting so 8/10 from me.

Bernard Foreman
July 23, 2019

Cosmic fortune slot made by Netent, and it is their latest slot with jackpots. I tried this game couple of times, because there is strange thing. Slot has only 15 pay lines, but at most casinos min bet is 0.30. Even more, at some casinos it is huge 0.75$. And based on fact that you can win something decent only during free spins, it is hard for low players like me to play this game.But still, I do like this slot. It looks great, and also there is using avalanche system for spins, like at Gonzo's quest, or at elements (this is other Netent slots). Here unfortunately no extra multiplier, for couple wins in a row, but couple of times I hit free spins due to avalanche, so yeah, I like it.Free spins is great, each winning symbol give you one ball to bonus game. If you manage to hit jackpot bonus game 3 times during bonus round - you have a chance to win one of the jackpots. Jackpots not so big like at mega fortune or hall of gods, but hey, even couple of thousands it is already very nice money (at least for low guy like me). Once I almost won it, had 2 balls already in three jackpots pots, but third ball does not want to come. Funny, last ball was going to hit it, but... Well, next time win,like my username.Overall my experience is good. Also I do like this slot, because looks like chances to win jackpot in this game is much more higher than on other jackpot games, and for me this is good reason to play this slot. Recommend to try if you still no to do so.

Jamie Alexander
July 20, 2019

Jackpot hard to win and multistage bonus round.

Sulaiman Hanna
July 7, 2019

Your space adventure can begin thanks NetEnt who this time made sure to bring some new energy to their list of slot machines. For those who might not know Cosmic Fortune brings huge progressive jackpot that currently stands at € 320,000 and is constantly increasing. I was not even close to winning such high awards and honestly and I expect something similar to happen although I am an optimist in life. It means a way of turning the drum is very similar to the Boom Brothers slot or Evolution, because just like in these games, and here you do not have square symbols that are turning properly from top to bottom, just in Cosmic Fortune symbols are round and floating in space, which is logical considering the theme of the game.On Cosmic Fortune I last week at Guts Casino won about 510 € for an hour, and it happened thanks to the Midi jackpot prize, which was my first experience with such high profits in just one spin. I love the animation and the creation of symbols, mysterious sound is in line with the theme of slot machines, all at your fingertips it is only necessary to open an account at one of the many NetEnt casinos and let the fun begin. When you return from your perfect NetEnt universe, it would be nice to share with us your experience, as I am.

Fannie Owen
July 6, 2019

Payouts are very low, really. I never had best 5 of a kind (well, even 4 of kind), and it is hard to hit big in this game. So I can say that game is boring if you not hit freespins very soon. But jackpot bonus game compensate it all.

Hoorain Espinoza
July 1, 2019

Some aliens eager to destroy the world embarked in their flying saucers and began to bombard the Earth and destroy the goods of the people who wanted only peace. All this continued up to a certain time when unfortunately they destroyed the car of a man which has vowed to take revenge on them. Even more, at some time the aliens they said it would be good also to steal the birthday cake of this men. This was the cherry on the top for this person. Boarded a small helicopter he thwarted all plans of the Earth conquest of the aliens and saved the planet of them. The humor that emerges from the small intro presentation of the slot and of its bonus game is unmatched. And even the slot itself is not bad. I only give it an appreciation of 8 out of 10 possible, but it is possible only to be unfair because played in a good casino (Unibet, not directly from the AskGamblers page) the slot is very generous and even give the impression that with some luck you might win one of the jackpots. The play of the game is like being “easy”. For a bet of 15 coins you have one fall of the symbols. The 3-10 coins win are not large, but as I said played a good casino, one can play more than 200-500 spins for 5 Euro. Then, what is very nice here is the round of 10 Free Spins, which is followed automatic by the bonus game and in certain circumstances by a second bonus game where you can win one of five jackpots. And one has enough chances to win a jackpot, because very often one will enter the Free Spins. All the winning symbols from the 10 Free Spins are transformed into pinball balls and are dispersed in the bonus games by the man into the helicopter (this is a sort of galactic pinball). In my game after 350 spins played I had more than 11 Euro extra gathered. The game relaxes you completely. A feeling of relief and calm takes on you and it is like you could be spending some other time here, especially because you do not lose too much.

Lance Finney
June 12, 2019

Cosmic Fortune was launched on 24th November 2014. I had so much going on in my life back then, like I always smiled, but I truly don’t remember a single thing what was discussed back then. I think I was too disappointed for not getting married! Hahaha, but I am super happy that I didn’t actually. I’ve been listening to Cosmic Fortune soundtrack for the past 30 minutes, my dears! Can you believe it? And I can’t stop either! Just as it was when I did the same with Amber’s soundtrack in Immortal Romance. The last time I played Cosmic Fortune with real money was about a year ago. Too long a break, because this is a truly amazing slot and I think it is a must-try slot for any gambler.Of course, Cosmic Fortune is special not only because I like it, but for several other facts. Let’s see what it is all about. This is NetEnt’s first ever slot to feature an amazing five jackpots and it is part of a series of 'fortune' themed games, the best known to all of us being Mega Fortune, which you can find, along with Cosmic Fortune, in the most reputable casinos nowadays. Mega Fortune has the world record for the biggest online jackpot payout, but I don’t like the game very much. I like Cosmic Fortune much better.When playing it, you get the feeling like you’ve entered into the cosmic and walking on the planets! Maybe Planet Mars, with cute little creatures around you, just like the symbols in this epic slot. Two of the jackpots will pay out a fixed amount of €100 and €500, for the Rapid and Mini Jackpots respectively. The other three jackpots are progressive ones. Unlike Mega Fortune, the three progressive jackpots in Cosmic Fortune are localised jackpots, which means that the pooled jackpot prize grow independently at each casino.This space-themed game comes with 5-reels, 3-rows and 15 paylines. The minimum bet is 0.02 cents. NetEnt used an avalanche feature, like that in the Elements, The Awakening game, and as in Gonzo’s Quest too, which is designed to create additional winning paylines and huge wins. Explosive and neon gold avalanche feature adds a special effect when covering your screen. The symbols that make up any winning payline disappears and new symbols tumble down to replace these symbols, creating even more winning combinations for the player.A Free Falls feature game is triggered by 3 scatter symbols in the base game, where you will get 10 free falls or free spins. You get additional 5 free falls/spins with every 3 additional scatter symbols that appears during the free falls game. I love the look of the Wild symbols, which are marked with a 'W'. My strong recommendation goes for this slot!

Lyle Wynn
June 10, 2019

Cosmic Fortune is another NetEnt release which I’m certainly not pleased with. I think most online gamblers are familiar with NetEnt’s creativity and innovation when it comes to designing new and attractive video slots. With Cosmic Fortune it has not only created another slot with a cosmic theme, but also one which outperforms other progressive slot games in terms of quantity.The game features 2 fixed jackpots and 3 progressive jackpots. No other progressive slot I know of has this. Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods and Mega Moolah… None of them have as many jackpots. The jackpots on Cosmic Fortune are much smaller though.I don’t like these type of games though and Cosmic Fortune not at all. Cosmic Fortune offers 15 paylines in a free fall type of slot just like Gonzo’s Quest but with no multipliers. In addition, it also has a free spins feature and a bonus game where one of the jackpot can be won or an award in bonus coins.The minimum bet at the casinos where I played this game was 30 cents. My experiences with the base game were terrible. It’s almost impossible to get a good hit in the base game and the odds on winning one of the jackpots seem quite terrible as well. It also has wild symbols and scatter symbols which can award the free falls. I won 10 free falls a couple of time but never ended up winning more than 10x bet size. After free fall you get taken to some kind of pinball game with the possibility to hit one of the jackpots.I once made it to the second phase and of course no jackpot won, just bonus coins. I don’t like the new slots from NetEnt since they take your money slowly and never make it possible for you to be on a point of profit it seems.I must admit the concept is nice, but to compensate those jackpots I guess the base game must fall short I suppose. I’ll avoid this game in any case.

Summer-Rose Webber
May 22, 2019

Wonder boy vs aliens, that's what they should named this game but Cosmic Fortune sounds okay too. It occurred to me, NetEnt's created their new games by mixing a few concepts from the existed games together and give it a name. Cosmic Fortune has 15 fixed paylines, 5 jackpot prizes and falling reels instead of normal spinning reels.When you open the game, you'll be presented with a arcade style intro movie, this is a very nice tactic from NetEnt because the majority of gamblers are over 30 years old which means that arcade is a part of their lives. I love it and I never skipped the intro movie because the score is so fun. When Cosmic Fortune was released, you'll noticed that the minimum coin denom was set to 2 cent, that means the minimum bet is 30 cents. I strongly believe it's because of the jackpot prizes. But a few months later they've changed it to 1 cent per line, this might increased the popularity of the game, I actually played the game more often because of it.In order to trigger the bonus round, 3 scatters are needed, the more scatters collected, the more free falls you'll rewarded. The bonus feature is multistaged. In the free falls feature you need to collect the silver balls, the more often you win in the free falls, the more balls will be added to your account. With those silver balls you can win the jackpot. So far, I didn't managed to win any jackpot prize. I have played this game at least 60 times with an average amount spins of 300 per session and more than 10 times near jackpot win.Cosmic Fortune is a fun game to play, even if you don't win the jackpot. I always get excited when the balls start falling and sometimes I covered my eyes and waited for the sound of the third ball falls into a jackpot prize. Like I said before, it never happened. This game is a Cosmic Unfortune to me. Hopefully someday I will walk away with the biggest Cosmic Fortune jackpot in my pocket.15 cent is all you need to play this game and a single spin could fattened your wallet enormously.

Geraldine Ingram
April 19, 2019

I don't play jackpot slots now a days but I tried out Cosmic Fortune even though I didn't like it on the first sight. Very well designed, powered by NetEnt this video slot comes with nice graphics and very pleasant background soundtrack. This video slot theme is the universe and cosmic world. I found no mystery in here but there is a lots of prizes up to grab if you decide to play and stick with this game.I haven't play in a while, how I wish I can play all my favorites whenever I want to. Leaving my wishes aside let's see what you could possibly win if you decide to play this slot. This is a 5-reels, 15-pay lines video slot and even though I had just a several runs on it, I can tell I had so much fun and I managed to boost my balance with occasional wins the last time I plaid it. This is progressive video slot and jackpot prizes increases as you play.This game features 5 jackpots. Rapid and Mini jackpot will pay out fixed amounts. I think I was close to hit whether 'rapid' or 'mini' jackpot and that was the moment this video slot kind of caught my attention. I thought I will play it more often but since the last session I quit playing as I couldn't stick with a game I wasn't familiar with so I switched to those I already checked and those that already produced some BIG WINS which ended on my e-wallet after withdrawals. Now that I reviewed this game I will definitely give it a second try. Paytable looks kind of poor with highest valuable symbol paying 1500 x your stake for collecting 5 of a kind. I also like Avalanche feature like we have in Gonzo's Quest.There is a 'Free Falls' bonus game which is triggered by getting 3 or more Scatters. You get 10 Free Falls- spins. Each additional scatter appearing in the base game will add additional 5 free spins to your win.Wild symbol only function is to substitute for all symbols except for the scatter and it appears only on reel 2 and 4.Free Falls Bonus Games starts once the Free Falls free spins ends up. These bonus features are where you stand chances to win in this game. All in all,it's a nice game and I recommend it.

Tate Chamberlain
April 13, 2019

Cosmic Fortune is video slot with 15 paylines from NetEnt software company. This one offer jackpot game so I think is very popular when players chasing jackpots money.The graphics and sounds are great. I like main game because it has falling symbols and when you have wining combination other symbols came up to the reels. It is similar with Gozno's Quest with this falling symbols. When I was playing it the game was not in the mood. I received at main game small winnings and later when I done few last spins I received free falls feature. This contains 10 free spins. The free falls bonus game starts at the end of free falls feature. This could give you a chance to get into game for some jackpots. I received this bonus later after free falls feature but I didn't won any jackpots. I think I should play this game more often because it offer great potential of winnings. And by that I mean jackpots. If you are lucky all can happen.Otherwise I saw some nice pictures of wins at this game but most of them were hit of jackpots. I think that free falls feature could be much better. I didn't received big win on it. There is also quick spin button but i don't know why they added it into this game. First I played without it and later when I selected it, i didn't saw many differences. The symbols in this game falling very quickly not like at Gonzo's Quest game.

Krystal Griffin
April 9, 2019

In my opinion you do not really have anything to be unhappy with this slot. Even if there are payouts of only 3 coins, after all you pay for a spin just 15 coins (30 cents) and under certain conditions you can win even one average Jackpot of 500-1000 Euro. Unless you do not choose the right casino to play you the slot will eat fast all your money.

George Gutierrez
April 4, 2019

My dislikes? Are those 8-bit video animations before the start of the game, before the start of the Bonus game, before the start of the Jackpot game, and also those 8-bit animations when you have won any of the jackpot prizes. They look utterly 40 year-ish or even more, that even young kids would say what the f**k is this? Yes, they are that terrible I'm telling you!

Matylda Merrill
March 30, 2019

I've always been a big fan of cosmic things, so my review will be for a great Cosmic themed slot game from Netent software - Cosmic Fortune. This game is very interesting because it isn't like other Netent or other software games. It is a 5 reel 15 payline slot, the design is very cool and the 2 things that make it special in my eyes is the fact that instead of spinning, the symbols fall. Similar to other games, if you get 3 scatters on reels, you'll get 10 free falls. The other thing is that it has 5 jackpots! Where else have you seen something like that? So about the features. If you get at least 1-3 scatters, you'll get 5 free falls. This feature is very easy to get and once I counted that within 100 spins, they appeared around 12 times. They haven't given me big winnings, but still it increases your winnings for a bit. Second feature are when you get 3 scatters, you'll be awarded with 10 free falls. The winnings from them are collected in marbles, but the most fascinating thing only begins - after the 10 free falls, you'll move to Free falls bonus game. There balls will be dropped out of a helicopter and where they'll land the most, that will be your prize - whether it will be coin wins or jackpot collector. At first, when I first tried this game some time ago, it had just landed and I was interested in it. I played it for not long time, didn't get any wins or bonus game and was a bit disappointed in it. And that's how I played it - every now and then for around 50 spins, no nice wins and quit. But this month I've been playing it more and gave it a shot for 500 spins. I played with 0.30€ bets and had few bonus rounds, got to play the jackpot collector game but ended with 10x bet wins. But I will continue to play it, especially now when one of our fellow members had got a mini jackpot from this game, that definitely inspires to not give up.So far I think that this game is definitely worth trying, the design is really great and the jackpot collect game is very exciting. I haven't got good wins from it, but I think they will come.

Elinor Mcbride
March 21, 2019

Cosmic Fortune a new slot game from NetEnt production house from this launch it has proved that it is a best high quality online casino games provider. No doubt the slot has high quality graphics with a very soft and pleasing music playing on the background which is a treat to both eyes and ears. So the game has come up with all unique and innovative features.After every wining combination the symbols which are the part of the wining combination are replaced that gives you a chance for additional win in the same spin. Free fall feature is the main component of the slot game. It is triggered by 3 scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels. It activates 10 free falls and each additional scatter symbol appearing on the reel actives 5 additional free falls. Free fall feature is easy to trigger. I triggered it say after just 25 spins. But in 10 free falls I could make 43 coins only that was not very pleasing. When you trigger the free fall feature the avalanche feature ends and bet lines wins are transformed to marbles. After the free falls you enter the bonus game in which marbles you earned from the previous game are used. Here if you are able to land three marbles in the jackpot collector cup you trigger the jackpot bonus game. This very much similar to the previous bonus game and you trigger the jackpot if land three marbles in any one out of the 5 jackpot collector. So the second time when I triggered the bonus game I got like 62 marbles I could enter the jackpot bonus round but could not trigger the jackpot feature. I made like 35 times the bet in the bonus rounds and the free fall feature. So overall a very addictive slot game and I enjoyed playing it. The slot is like average in returns too. So I would rate the slot 9 on 10.

Luka Schroeder
March 6, 2019

My next review will be on Cosmic Fortune video slot, which is the newest game from Netent provider. Lately I must admit I am disappointed from Netent, well except from the Wish Master video slot, I think that game rocks because I had really nice winnings on it, but the other game which were promoted this year I can’t say the same thing, but this one Cosmic Fortune slot, I think I will pay more attention to it, by my opinion, I think this game will become one of my favorites. This is a 5 reel with 15 paylines video slot which the minimum bet is 0.15 euros per spin and the Theme about this new Netent slot, is all about Aliens and Planets, so that’s why I guess the name of the slot is Cosmic Fortune. Few days ago all the Netent casinos, were having promotion of the Cosmic fortune slot, so yes u tried this game. This game reminds me a lot of the Gonzo Quest game, with the avalanche feature, how they lend they will blow and make place to another features to lend on the reels and that way you will be getting some other winning combination. Cosmic Fortune slot has 3 Jackpots, hoping that I will trigger one of them, haha, well you never know, right!!I also like this game, because there is a bonus round and a free spins feature and a wild one, which appears only at 2, 3, and 4 and substitutes all the other symbols except for the scatter ones. When triggering the free spins feature, 3 scatters lending anywhere on the reels will award you with 10 free spins and if you managed to trigger more than 3, like 4 then every next scatter will award you with another 5 free spins. When I played this game I only got the free spins once and honestly didn’t get me some extra winnings, but since it’s a new game I will surely play it more, to find out will this game bring me some wild winnings.

Manon Mcnally
February 7, 2019

It seems to me that 16 bit HD graphics video slot is a new hit nowadays. First was Arcader and then Cosmic Fortune but only the intro movie thou.Speaking of which, I love the intro movie of Cosmic Fortune. It's kinda funny. Those space ships reminds me of the good old Atari game Defender, no color, big pixels.The main game looks also awesome, it's pity it has 15 paylines but no worries because the jackpot bonus round could give you big win! Honestly till today I still haven't won any of the jackpots. Maybe you need to wager a larger bet than the minimum.If you are a NetEnt fan then you know that Cosmic Fortune has the same bonus round as the game from the same provider The Invisible Man. Cosmic Fortune has a multistage bonus round. The free spins bonus round winnings decide how many white balls you get, the more balls the more chance of getting to the second bonus round which has a fixed amount of balls (50).Till now I got 6 bonus rounds which half of it were a non next stage bonus rounds.By the way, the minimum denomination of the coin is 2 cent, to me it's quite expensive because most of the time I bet with the lowest coin denomination of 1 cent but my curiosity of winning the jackpot made me do not care about it at all.The biggest win I won on this game was 850 credits (17 euro) and that's all actually.I'm just eager to win any jackpot from this game and that's why I will keep playing this game till I won 1 of their jackpot.I do recommend Cosmic Fortune to all my fellow gamblers and I hope someone from this forum will win the jackpot and post the screenshot here so we all can see that the jackpot is real and can be won with no problem at all.If I win the jackpot I will surely post the screenshot here! no doubt about it.Cosmic Fortune gets 7 stars rating from me because of the great graphics, sounds and gameplay. If I had won the jackpot this game might get 2 extra stars but unfortunately this was not the case.

Tarun Wiley
February 2, 2019

Cosmic fortune it is game made by Netent, and I think it is their recent game which have jackpot. I play this game usually, probably in 50% of my gambling sessions I visit this slot game. It is awesome one!First thing that I like with cosmic fortune - it is impressive sounds and music. Music is very relaxing, I really enjoy it. Also I do like how this game made - very nice ideas by designers, all features and animations are stunning good, and it is really hard to express everything with words, it is just more better idea to check it yourself.Also I do really like idea with avalanches. Apart from regular idea there is no any multiplier for second win and so on. But it is still good, because I got a lot of good wins due to avalanche, and also I do get third scatter quite frequently with this feature.Jackpots here is great. Looks like two lowest ones is always same, or I am just mistaken, but most times I see two lowest jackpots is 100€ and 500€ . While biggest one is quite different in each casino, I think biggest jackpot is different for each casino, and not like Mega fortune jackpot for example. Most I have seen was about 130 k €, which is great. Bonus game in which it is possible to win jackpot is awesome, check it yourself.I had pretty good and pretty bad sessions on this slot game. Sometimes freespins features goes like crazy each 15-20 spins and it is not paying huge, but constant 40-60 bet wins is really boost balance.I do like this slot a lot, so I rate it with 9 stars.


I declare that my review is based on my own experience and represents my genuine opinion of this slot.